Djinn or Demons?

Is it better to work with one over the other ? Or is it personal preference ?


From my understanding, the word demon has a negative connotation-djinn demons etc are all spirits who can be good bad or neutral .
From what I’ve learned what we understand as jinn can actually be the very ancient spirits/deities who were venerated in Persia and other places.
Given that my advice would be to deal with spirits on a “case by case” basis, meaning you speak to who you need to speak to -whichever spirit is drawing you to them . No matter if they are traditionally understood as demons,angels , etc


okay. I ask because I am planning on working with a very very very powerful djinn and just was interested in the difference. Thank you so much


I agree with @Gitana7; even the word demon comes from daemon ( which meant a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans originally in Greek) now the word mostly have an evil emphasis due to the pressure of the JCI for ages.

The Djinn, much like humankind, are beings of free will, capable of both good and pure, as well as evil and malicious deeds.

You must treat them with complete respect and patience, and only then, after you have shown the Djinn that you are not trying to abuse its powers, will it feel comfortable enough with you to possibly materialize in its own, natural form, and to grant your wishes.

In arabic islamic magick we do see seldomly or almost never the traces of Goetia. All the magicks are done with Djinns. The use of candle colors are similiar to cerenomonial magick but we may say generally they employ djinns for the casting of spell or talismans .

The djinns are are of various ranks and orders.

The lowest rank belong to the jann who are the least powerful.
The second class is called jinn.
The third class comprises shaitans.
The fourth and powerful class are called ifrits.
The fifth and most powerful class are the marids.

You may combine planetary magick and you may ask direct help from Djinn Kings in that case, and each planet has one.

S Ben Qayin has a book regarding The Djinns and probably it may be helpful to you for more information.


I will look into getting the book. Thank you so much for explaining.

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Put into a Search Engine the words, “Elemental Kings” to learn. Those Djinn are about Mental Sharpness and Morality. With this place explaining about the Djin, for judgment the Djinn are great to work with, possibly even clarifying the judgment of your enemies. But these hinder the Element of Earth in an area, for possibly weakening bones and flesh, so all can be clear and definitely moral, while plants and animals weaken and die.

Demons can be chosen for any Elemental Orientation, while the Djin can cause your enemy to dig-in their entrenched position, By getting the feel of them in the general area, either by yourself or having an evoker of spirits work, with sending them to reveal the truth and the morality of the situation. With this not having most of the repercussions of Baneful Magic, even though the intent is BANE-FULL.