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Hi guys, I’d like to ask you if I can do it before I upload things to avoid any problems. I have a wattpad account, two of my books there are spiritually themed; Buddhism and Wicca. And I have the idea of doing another where I collect knowledge that I think is important from this forum (about angels, demons, invocation, how to protect us, sigils, gods, meditation), obviously I will put to who belongs to each writing (with username) I will also place things that I have learned, but everything will be in Spanish (is my first language), I prefer to give credit to each one and ask.
therefore at the beginning of the story specify this codes
**= written/information given by ___ (user) .
:slight_smile: = written by author(me)

Thnx for reading <3

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Anything you gonna take from posts of people, you’ll have to ask permission each and everyone and for each different thing, before you can publish these things in a book or somewhere else. It wouldn’t be enough, to take and simply give credit.

I’m already saying, I wouldn’t agree for mine. I prefer to know and control where what I post is used or shared.


It also helps to have it more at hand, my wicca book at first was a draft of things learned and explained in my way to practice them personally, then I published only one part and many were interested. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of something magical if I forget something that book helps me


please contact timothy at becomealivinggod dot com (e-mail) about this, he’ll be able to advise you.

Aside from that, you may upload links to your own work if it’s 100% your own creation and free for people to download.

Asuming everyone accepts this, if everything is going to be in Spanish, who is going to translate it? Will this be an attempt to create BALG/CEUDiV en Español?

Ok… tell us what Timothy says.

Being honest?

You wouldn’t be the author, but more of a compiller and translator, so I don’t think anyone in their right mind would let you credit yourself as author, not in the digital age, that could be done up to the 90’s with books with jokes and stuff like that, but I don’t think it is the case anymore.

Also, most people who are willing to learn the craft can read some basic English, so having the same translated to Spanish would be redundant. I mean, having a basic grasp on the English language is easier than having a basic grasp in magick.


Hello, thank you for answering me, a pleasure, it’s an email right?

Okay, I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m going to copy some people because it’s not really what I wanted to do (I was going to give credits of every thing that was not mine), I wouldn’t want problems with anyone really, I’ll erase the introduction I had uploaded to my wattpad account if I was asked to do it and I apologize anyway before time.

Wattpad? Nobody is gonna look at that unless it’s got abuse porn or guy on guy action in it. :rofl:

It’s not so much about crediting, as that it is about getting the permission. You keep saying it, but this part somehow feels missed in your words…

I will tag them in this post

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You have my permission to use my post in your complied work. I appericate being asked first. I would still check with Timothy as the post was shared here, which is connected to their business.


Yeah okay, so long as I’m credited like you said.

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LOL :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

You know it’s true :grin:

The last two are published authors through Become a Living God, maybe DM them If they don’t respond here.

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