A quick and easy mind control spell taught to me by Lucifer


Oh right! I remember that. Thank you. I just read the whole thing. Okay, so even if I don’t see it “beaming”, or “flashing” from the pentagram, should I carry on with the spell?


Yes, but make sure you are in an altered state of consciousness.


My understanding of opening the pentagram is, after you’ve written your request/ command on the back of the picture of your target, you draw the pentagram over the words, then meditate on the pentagram in a relaxed way. You gaze at it and also picture the person being affected or reacting to your written command as if it already happened. Use patience as you look on to the pentagram, any little change you see you can take as a positive sign and you know you’re on the right track. If you for some reason can’t get it to change, just imagine you can pour your own energy, thoughts/will into the symbol and you will be ready to go.

I have done this spell about 5 times since last week and have already seen results in 3 of the 5 already. This is very powerful, I’ve used it to change 2 peoples minds about a project for my at my wife’s job, to a lust variant of someone I think is shy to approach us for a threesome (they invited us to dinner next week out the blue) I’ve seen before my eyes how this easy spell is life changer for me! The Pentagram didn’t alway change for me, but pouring in my thoughts and energy worked just as well.

Will keep you updated on the other 2 I’m waiting to see manifest with this spell.


I just looked up how to enter that state. I kind of understand it. There’s meditation and breathwork, etc. But I don’t know if I have ever entered that state. I’ve meditaded before, but I never felt anything special.
3 questions:
How would I know if I’m in it?
How does it feel to be in that state?
How do you, @DarkestKnight, enter that state?


Let me first say, when someone says a spell is easy or works really well…it typically doesn’t work for me…lol. I tend to have that effect on things, however this spell truly is amazing and has worked well for me.

I myself have trouble getting into the Theta Gama sync state, but I try my best. Despite this, this spell has worked for me. When I can’t get the pentagram to change, I just imagine a huge burst of energy leaping from my mind to the pentagram then picture the person doing what I want them to do. This has worked for me.

I have actually tried this on a group of people I have a picture of and can see it already has really hit 1 of person in the group very well. The others I havent been seen yet so fingers crossed. I also just did this spell less than a week ago.

I would dare to say there is no wrong way to do this. As long as your intent is set and you carry the feelings, emotions needed to power the spell it should work, however I’m a newbie so could be wrong. Again, things that work easy for most somehow don’t for me, but this has.

Good luck and blessing on your workings.


You do not need to enter an altered state as deep as the Theta/Gamma Sync to open a spirit seal (or, in this case, the pentagram). An Alpha state is all you really need, and it is really easy to get into that.

Theta is only necessary for a full evocation.

As to how I personally enter the mind state for magick, type “trancework” into the forum’s search function. I did a tutorial on some methods I have used.


Thank you! Will do. Would I know how it feels once I’m in the state? Can you explain to me how it feels to enter the alpha state as well as the theta state and the differences between them?


Thank you for your kind wishes I greatly appreciate that.


No one can really tell you how it feels to be in trance, because it is different for everyone.

Generally, there is a sensation of warmth, and of being lightheaded, sometimes even dizziness, but it is completely individual, so you won’t experience it the same way as someone else. You might not even know you are in trance until you learn to recognize how it manifests for you because it can be very subtle.

if you have ever “zoned out” while listening to a boring talk, or watching a movie, then you have been in an Alpha state. It is a state of relaxation, and most people move in and out of it every day.

Theta is also known as the hypnogogic state, and is the state of deep relaxation that you slip into just before you fall asleep, where your body is so relaxed that it is hard to move, but your mind is awake.


I will add my 2 cents to what @DarkestKnight has said, someone I’ve learned a lot from myself.

I think we as newbies tend to hinder our own magickal sucess and even procrastinate because we want to get every single detail down perfectly. I myself take tons of notes and even with those notes, my failure rate is high. However, when I just let it flow, still following the guidelines but not obsessing over if I’m in deep enough trance, did I pronounce the Demon or Angel’s name right ect, that’s when the real magick happens. Some of the greatest magickal discoveries have been through mistakes.

So I say, just do it. This spell is easy and if you mess up, it’s not like you pissed off a demon king or anything, just rework the magick until you get it right. You will come to enjoy your own twist and augmentation on things.

Hope this helps.


@Musta_Krackish, I can’t find red string. Will black work?


Hi…i also want to do can you please explain how is the pentegram and how to open it while i drawn it in tje the photo?


I think someone needs to make a video of this! I only understood when it was explained above!

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Hi…i love your spell but can you please give the example of pentegram and how to open it i don’t want to make a mistake


Gaze into it until you see it pulsing or flashing. Don’t stare or look at it just gaze as you would thw love of your life. That’s how I understand it. I’ll be trying this tonight in a difficult case and will report back


Thank you…i will do it once i fimd a red yarn


I think without circle “its open”


In your opinion, would the same procedure work if you changed the sigil to one of a being who specializes in changing thoughts or perhaps specializes in lust etc…
Also if I hsve the person’s name but not a picture, would that work?


I think it’s with the circle. Opening is the actual act of gazing into it. Perhaps ‘activating’ is a better term than opening


Yes —all sigils depending on who you’re intending to summon