A quick and easy mind control spell taught to me by Lucifer


Not sure about that but i think you should try to find the picture .


Does anyone else have any success stories with this? I’d be interested to know if this works remotely when you are not in contact with the target.


Why not just try it? It’s like $3 to get a photo printed out, yarn, pens… I did this a couple of hours ago, I’ll be posting on here once it manifests


I have tried it but waiting to see if it worked. I was also keen to know can this be done remotely on someone?


Fuckin beautiful


May use this to get my mom to stop taking alimony from my dad and possibly to open up communication with this girl as well.


@Dead - hey buddy - have you tried it yet? I’m interested to know how it worked


@naviola. hay there, yes it is work. Althoug i have try several times with the same request,lol. 1st try, i make a request without inverted pentagram in a circle. I draw it with pencil, so i can write my intend following the line and then i covered up with black marker.

Its about my old love ones who been missing these past 4 years. 2 days later she DM me on instagram, and asking me hows going on and all that stuff… but i found that she’s married now. That dissapointing. lol. But the magick does work

is anyone ever used this magick for revenge, i mean to make someone make bad decission in their lives?


Thanks, I’ll try it!!!


Post the results! It helps to know



I know this is an old thread and is probably a dumb question, but when the instructions say:

“Use the black marker to draw an inverted pentagram that completely covers the words on the back of the picture”

Does that mean I have to color in the image to make sure the writing is covered? Or just draw the pentagram on top?



I don’t think so. To me, I would think just to write in the info and then draw an inverted pentagram over it. I guess this creates kinda like a sigil to be conjured( charged).


is it without circle?


I drew a circle then the pentagram inside of it. I’m sure it works without a circle as well, all about preference.


So today I tried this again…will report back soon


This spell seems like it would be very helpful in certain things I’m looking for - reconciliation with an ex, and employment (for employment though I need a person to say “hire me” to, which I’m not sure of)

But I’m a complete newbie. Do I need some sort of relationship or anything with Lucifer or can this work with anyone provided I do it right and get into the right state of mind?


Why is your name a different color :no_mouth:

Never seen that on here before lol

Anyways, try not to worry about stuff like that. Worst that’ll happen is the magic will fail, there’s no danger in making an attempt here. The biggest thing that will kill your workings is doubt, so don’t think about it so much and just go for it!


Thanks for your insight and I’m glad you’re having success with this particular spell. Since the original poster hasn’t been on the site in 2+ years, I hope you don’t mind a few simple questions. Your feedback would be great as you’ve had recent success with it. You must be doing something right! :wink:

  • Do you know of those bizarre prints where if you stare at them long enough another picture appears? The only way you can see the hidden picture is if you don’t really focus on it. Is that similar to the “opening” of the pentagram?
  • It’s my understanding that when the picture is rolled up the picture is on the outside and the pentagram is on the inside, correct? Does the entire thing have to be covered or can you get away with the majority of it being covered?
  • What’s been the average time from when you’ve completed the spell to when you first start seeing movement in your subjects?

Thanks in advance for your help. Much appreciated!


Beats me about the colors. Because I’m new I guess?


I had an interesting thought. What if instead of drawing the reverse pentagram over the request or desire on the back of the picture, we instead draw the sigil of a specific demon or entity we would like to carry out the request?

Wonder what our magick veterans think about this? Already get success with the original way, so maybe no reason to tinker with the above.