A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer

Is Shiva in Hindu mythology actually Lucifer?. It is said that Shiva is the source of both good and evil. He is the one with many contradictory elements. He wears a serpent around his neck and holds a trident also. He is worshipped by Gods, demons and humans. It is believed that his followers are ghosts, ghouls and demons and he is their master. The tantrics (socerers) in India worship him to gain power. He is easily pleased and therefore he is called Bholenath (the innocent master). He ( Shiva) is known by many names and one of his other name is Bhoothnath (Lord of the ghosts). Seems like he has a striking resemblance with Lucifer. So, Shiva and Lucifer are same?. Please let me know.

@Phosphorus1: Just read your post. Shiva is very complex to understand, yet very easy to comprehend. I know that’s a contradiction, let me explain. Have you heard of the concept of “Advaita(duality)”. You need to understand about the concepts of Advaita to understand Shiva. Essentially, Shiva is everything, yet he is nothing. Is Lucifer a part of everything, if yes, he is Shiva.
The concept of god is little confusing to a few people. Essentially think of God as a massive energy. Now, we all know that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed but can only be transformed or re-arranged. We also know that all energy be it at an atomic level or sub-atomic level of particles can only exist if there is positive energy(proton +), negative energy(electron - ), and without this there will be no balance restoration, essentially circuits will get shorted out. That being said, if Shiva or God is the energy, he or she is a combination of positive and negative energies so that things are balanced out. So, demons aren’t all always bad, Gods aren’t all always good.
Back to your question of “Is Shiva Lucifer” - Shiva is everything - and Lucifer is a part of everything, you and I are also a part of this everything which means, you, I and Lucifer are all part of Shiva.
Sorry for the very detailed answer, but I hope this helps. :slight_smile: