A guardian necromancer?

Hi all. I have one spirit I am in contact with him for more than 8 years I used to think that he refers to Satan, then I thought to Baal. But now I am told that it is the spirit of a dead person of the category of necromancy. And that it is attached to me due to the fact that it contacted me when I had a negative moral state, and at that time I just lit a candle and turned to Satan. People think that it may have caused the appearance of such a spirit that feeds on my emotions or affects the physical reality, including the fact that it can contact other people. Is this possible? I have also been told that the true nature of the spirit can hide or cause illusions if the person doing the scan does not correlate with the vibrations with the spirit or the spirit itself does not give it permission. Some people tell me he is a dead spirit other people say this spirit is a deity that hides power. The spirit itself told me that belongs to Sumero-Akkadian mythology and works for Baal. And his planetary correspondences are Neptune with Saturn influences. And that he and I knew each other from a past life when I was sacrificed. People don’t like that I can’t always see him or communicate with him but I think it’s because I have low spirit receptivity in terms of health. Recently when I made an offering to Lilith I had an exit into the astral and the next day I was bleeding from my ear because my blood pressure went up. I think because of these facts the one who calls himself a keeper rarely goes out as he may have high vibrations which my body at this stage will not perceive. To be honest I don’t know who to believe and how to relate to all this. Everyone tells me different information. Some say it is a spirit of necromancy, others say it is the spirits of a god or goddess of death and others say it is a deity. The guardian himself has blue energy. There is a black mist around him and he has blue eyes and half of his face is covered by a mask. The guardian’s name is consonant with the goddess Ishtar.

It’s not really about “morals” as much as being in an energetic state that was attractive to it. People pick up attachments to the spirits of the deceased in hospitals particularly (there’s a lot of them there: they’re where they died), nobody has to do/think anything “wrong” or “immoral” for it to happen , it’s what the dead do when they are the ones who are attached.

There’s a really good book about this called The Unquiet Dead that speaks from a psychologist’s spin on it, but it’s basically shamanistic psychopomping.

Maybe, maybe not. We call those parasites. Ghosts can act parasitically, but most parasites are astral entities not human.
We can create parasitic thoughtforms ourselves, depression can be seen this way: it gains it’s own will to live and makes you keep the state that keeps it existing.

It can try, but a skilled reader only has to say “show me what is hiding” and that is instantly worked around. Nothing is really any secret from the subconscious, there’s always a way. Look for it in every level of your being. It can be removed from one level and still be in others. Get it out of all of them.

We have a lot of tutorials on parasites. Here’s some:

This is just speculation and irrelevant. UPG is UPG… it’s “interesting” but not true until you yourself feel it and can act on it. This I would say is unhelpful and you should ignore it.

Maybe but probably not… You know Ba’al is Sumerian for “Lord” and ALL the gods were “lords”, so there’s hundreds of these and this isn’t helpful.
This is typical of parasites though: they claim the most grandiose bullshit to throw you off and get you to willingly give them the authority they don’t actually have, and trust they don’t deserve. Ignore it it can’t be trusted.
It wants to eat you, you are yummy milkshake and it will say anything it can to get you to give it permission.

Or it’s hiding because it doesn’t want you to get a good look at it.

Yeah you need ore information that you can verify. This is where testing it comes in, and that’s covered in some of the tutorials.

  • First, get it to show you it’s sigil, if it can’t show you the sigil of who it’s claimed to be, which is Ba’al Hadid aka Bael of the Goetia, then it’s not him.
  • Then you banish it and if it refuses to go it’s not a higher being anyway, higher beings are not bothered or offended at being dismissed: it’s just for your energy maintenance and not a reflection on them.
  • Then you banish it for real, use the sigil of it’s claimed name and call that and askthat being if it’s the same one.
  • Then you ask it to get you some real results: most parasites can’t actually perfrom, they just make a lot of promises.
  • You also look for effects on your own system, tiredness, irritability, and compare with when it’s gone.

So I recommend a good banish and cleanse, get rid of it and call back the real deal and if they’re the same, great, no harm done, If it’s gone, gone you’re golden.


I’ll answer in order.
About the dead. I have never worked with them and was skeptical because in our country in the occult community magicians who work with the dead can be said not to be quoted by other magicians who work in the Western esoteric tradition. Despite the fact that I received information from the spirits themselves that I have established communication with the world of the dead, I did not work with them and at that time refused to do so. Yesterday I found out that I was under the patronage of Libitina. I asked my practitioner acquaintances to see this information by scanning me and on the tarot. Then I looked at the tarot myself and everything was confirmed. And I had an old dream where apparently she herself came

Further, I never thought that the spirit calling himself my guardian is a parasite because after contact with him my moral state has improved and I realized a lot on a personal level
About Baal. And that it just means Overseer. Yes I have read about it and studied this information that’s why it confused me

Once I decided to break contact with him and he came to my friend for three days asking him to be sorry about something and for me to make contact with him. He said I needed to improve my subtle body and health because of
Thank you for your reply. I’ll try to find out his sigil.

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