A demonic being called Beril (not sure of spelling)

Have you ever heard of this demonic being? Maybe I didn’t receive the correct spelling but it came across as Beril.

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Maybe Berith? From the Goetia.

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Is he also known as Beril?

I had to deal with Berith from someone trying to make me believe things that aren’t true.

No. Though I wouldn’t assume the person sucessfully sent Berith and not a lesser entity but I wasn’t there. There’s trillions of entities we don’t have the names for and some use the similar names anyway, it could be anything at this point. Not enough info to say.

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No, it was Berith and this Beril entity was not an imposter-type.

Thank you for your insights.

What I’m trying to say is Beril is new to this forum, nobody here seems to know him.

Yeah. Pity.

He gives off the sort of vibe associated with high ranking divinities.

I will work with him soon and then perhaps post some basics somewhere.


Your assumptions are correct. There are countless demons and even changing one letter can lead to another entity. Just because a creature isn’t in the grimoire doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Theory of probability.
We are waiting patiently for your gnosis on this demon.

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Are you sure it’s not Belial? The name looks similar.

Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon :smile:

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