A book has the supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it - Journal

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Does anyone know how to make a book ? That has supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it!

Would it include sigils or a dedication?


A book has the supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it.

The Devils Diary Movie

Well…I think it’s just a movie. The entity or spirit that you wish to work with will grant the request, if you were to write in a book it would be just a conduit, not magical or evil :slight_smile:


Is it like binding an evil jinn to a book

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I’m sorry this is pure fiction, there’s no such thing. If it were that easy they’d be selling like hotcakes on Etsy and a lot of people wouldn’t bother learning magic for themselves.

What you could do, based in practical magick, is enchant a book to act as a talisman.

Only if you want and not f you don’t. You’re making this up from scratch so the sky’s the limit: design it to suit.

No it doesn’t. It’s not real, it’s a movie.

I’m not sure Djinn binding is what you think then. :thinking: You don’t want an “evil” Djinni, you want a friendly Djinni who is dedicated to you and your personal wellbeing. An “evil” Djinni will just try to kill you not do work for you. (Note the singular for Djinn is Djinni, one Djinni, many Djinn.)

There is a name for these personal Djinn but I forgot what, and the methods involve months of incantations to build your ability to work with them. And then if you haven’t developed your spirit communication then you can’t talk to them and that’s quite difficult.

If you want “evil” Djinn try the Book of Smokeless Fire aka the 79 Deadly/Unspeakable Names.


To win in life, you curse a situation to win as a minority.

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Is this the book ,“The Book of Smokeless Fire S. Ben Qayin”.

Look into the Book of Agares by S. Connolly.

It’s not the same thing no, but it’s real similar. I created one around the time I began intentionally practicing and found it was a very valuable tool for me then.

Basically you get a journal, decorate it, consecrate it with a special oil and maybe some blood, charge it with your intentions and Agares and voila!

A magical extension of your will, I think is how Connolly described it and with intentions that everything you write in it will manifest… it’s not the same as what you are asking about, and I think we’ve seen this question or similar a few times and my understanding is it doesn’t exist or there’s no so thing (or whatever the true story) is…

But you can make something real similar and empower it as a magical object to do real similar things as this.

100% of what you write in it probably would be considered real luck or not realistic, but I always figure if you are increasing odds to be in your favor… even the small percentages of an increase can be a lot.

So if you hit 50% manifestation just by following creating a journal and writing down the things you want to happen… that’s be pretty good imop.

I mention this because we should have realistic expectations but sometimes we are overly realistic and don’t realize the minor shifts in our favor add up quick. :blush:


Thanks for the book I bought a copy now from ebay.

This is what I want to accomplish rite below

I cast a circle of protection
I open the four portals grant me thy evil wish
I call upon the supernatural powers

"I conjure thee, Lucifer and lucifuge

I conjure them to do my bidding,

Grant bad luck and losses to these Thunderball main numbers from 6 to 39 and Thunderball numbers from 2 to14 to be out of competitions never to win never to be famous in any Thunderball competition from tonight 8th August 2023 and every Thunderball draw in the future.

Thank you for your help

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I would also recommend making your own paper with added drops of your own blood, sacrificial paper. That can only help.

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What is the special oil called ?
Are there instructions in the book about charging it?

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Yes there’s instructions for everything and for creating the oil- it’s oil of Agares. At the time I couldn’t get all of the ingredients for the oil but I made it with what I could get and what I could substitute and it turned out well.

I look forward to reading the book when it’s delivered by Amazon


Good luck! It’s a fun project. At the time I thought maybe I’d make separate books for different types of magic- like baneful and love but I didn’t actually do it, I just made one book for everything and kept my intentions that it was indeed an extension of my divine will and thusly a magical object that would manifest what I wrote in it.

I don’t think it worked any better or lesser so than dividing up the types of work due to the need to charge book with your intentions. In fact I needed up figuring spreading my eggs into too many baskets would be too hard for me personally- and it probably would have been.

But if you end up dedicating this one to negative things you might not want to mix energies down the road- so you can always make more to suit your needs.

Oh and it does call for a small mirror to glue inside the journal.

I did this, but I was traveling a lot and it broke- I left it in the journal broken in half, because I couldn’t remove it without ruining my journal.

I only use the mirror during the initial charging ritual- I did not use it as recommended due to it breaking.

How many weeks does it take the resolution to your problems ?

I watched a youtube video about Agares and how he could help me to excel in 2023.

  1. Agares brings backs loved ones.

2 Agares cause enemies to flee, no problematic people or opposing numbers in lottery.

  1. Agares makes you have status Lucky winner, head of department, He can exalt people.

  2. Agares improves academic writing, teach all languages.

  3. Agares makes confident speed decision-making.

  4. Agares improves your memory

7 Agares helps with Gardening

8 Agares helps with friendfinder

9 Agares business marketing

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I need a compact mirror? Like this below hinge needs to be broken oof and glued or Sellotaped to book

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That will vary by situation- some things are very easy to manifest and results can be right away within hours or days.

Something’s are complicated and a lot has to happen for the magic to get you results- these things might take weeks or months.

Usually you’ll know where the situations are more complicated and which are simple things, but sometimes our perception isn’t big enough to know everything and we don’t realize this or that so things take longer than we think.

Imop it’s best to just assume your results are coming and you are just waiting on them to arrive- no matter how long you think it should or shouldn’t take.

Yes something like that would be perfect- I could only find a bigger square hand mirror (I only had the dollar tree to shop at where I lived) and popped it out of the frame and glued it in. I should have broken off the handle or something and glued the frame in or been more careful with the book as a whole because it was very disappointing when I ruined that part of the project.

I also sewed two pieces of felt together on three sides and made myself a slip cover for it- that is not part of the process but I liked it better than wrapping it in ribbon or cloth.

My understanding is that in addition to your list, Agares can be vengeful and I used my book for many baneful applications- but once you’ve learned the process you can always choose a different spirit and make another if it’s more appropriate for you to do so.

I start my nursing degree in October and I will be on placement I need friends nice patients and A grades Plus prefect health and fitness aged 50. Also a lottery win to buy a house and fund my travel costs. I am in rent arrears for ÂŁ7000 since the death of my son. My landlord has treated me with eviction I made a payment plan but my income is not enough to pay more from the debts, and I have more debts with the local councils property taxes ÂŁ5000 of arrears and water rates.


Once you create this book you can divide it into sections for each thing and break it down into what you want to happen- or whatever works best for you. I’m obsessive with everything being organized…:rofl::rofl:

If I did rituals I wrote a summary of what I was doing, but I often just wrote that blah blah blah will happen.

It was very useful for tracking results too- worked out a way to make the entries once I got results so that it was easy to judge how I was doing with it.

I didn’t think to that until I had been using it for a year though, so I was really surprised at how much I had forgotten!

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I only have about 7 problems and life will be prefect after Agares intervention.

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Awesome, please update us in a few weeks or months and let us know how it goes for you. :slight_smile:

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