72 Songs of Solomon (updated & fast-loading)


wow super


Is there a song and enn for Lucifer?


Don’t underestimate the power of sound when it comes to magick


I love those so awesome!


This looks and sounds really amazing! I’ll have to give this a try one of these times.

Looking for Enn Chanters

Sorry for the late reply, yes I do: https://soundcloud.com/balgsongs/song-of-lucifer

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Doing all 72 is quite the achievement! so much energy and time!


Great idea. Thanks


Hello @deathreeper
Thank you for giving an explanation, I have wondered a long time what this could mean. I am however sad to say that I’m still not sure that I understand.
For each decan of the planets there are two talismans, who’s purposes are opposite in most cases. When would I make and / or use one of these?
If, let’s say, I am targeting someone with Venus in the first decan of Scorpio in their Natal Chart. Can I than only make one of the two Talismans for the first decan of Venus for this person?
AND when would I make the Talisman?
(I know most will say that you can do whatever you want, I ask this as an attempt to see if this is how it is meant to be done :confused: )


Hmmm. Inspiring did you just play iit?


Thank you. Wonder also if any can be watched offline to save Internet data?


I’m not sure, OP would know better because he chose the media player for them. :+1:


Basically yes :slight_smile: … did pre ritual meditations then hit play


Cool. Now that’s a power


Yes, all of the songs are downloadable


So, can Raum be asked to steal the wealth from your enemies? Just curious if he can be called for helping me gain wealth and destroy my neighbors’ wealth.


Yes he can


:smiling_imp: Thank you, that is all I require.