72 Shem And Goetia Challenge

I said F*ck it and so it begins

I started the 72 challenge today to activate my mind

I started with Vehuiah, and it was quite interesting, the second I chanted her name, she said;

“I’m here”

I requested that she activate the aspect of my mind she corresponds too, and she said

“you’re too young do more research” (I’m 21) but she still did it anyway…

I saw her colors which was like a slightly darkish red and pure white

I briefly felt pressure on my forehead but it was more like a gentle touch of white like and it felt something very subtle

I asked what can I expect and she said;

“Blessings, clarity, hardships, tribulations…”

I asked her if there’s anything else she’d like to say to me and she told me to focus more on my creative writing as I’m aspiring to be screenwriter

I thanked her and we parted ways

Next up is Bael which I will probably do around midnight

And I also did feel like there was white light in my head after I summoned her, I did feel more clarity as if there was more awareness or light in my head, and it felt like I had the ability to face any challenge and overcome it

Overall I was surprised I felt anything at all because most peoples experiences I’ve read on the forum don’t see results the first go

Will keep you guys posted on the progress, and if you’d like to give any tips or suggestions I’m very open to it :slight_smile:


Just got done with Bael, When I summoned him I told him about my request and he said:

“That’s interesting… I’ll do it”

He was messing with me, the visuals I was getting was he was working on a car like a mechanic and i was just waiting and I told him Vehuiah was much faster than he was, he just smiled as if he was pranking me and then he said oh I was done a while And that he just wanted to see my confusion

He was always “I’m almoooost doonne” like 5 times, but he was done long before, Vehuiah said “ he’s just messing with you”

Again I felt a slight pressure on my forehead, felt like a semi trance almost, clearly something happened even though it wasn’t as noticeable as Vehuiah

I asked him what I could expect and he said

“Misery, torment etc. and a bunch of other negative things

Would anyone be able to explain why both Bael and Vehuiah both told me about suffering, is the challenge itself dangerous or smth?


The challenge is time consuming, arduous, ad lifes circumstances make it a real challenge to actually complete.

I completed the challenge fairly recently but I do not agree with the Shem method and I don’t use it.

You will change over time from having so much exposure to thier vibration. It can be very challenging to get used to at first. I believe it makes s magician much stronger with time however.

I’m not telling you not to use Shem angels, f that’s how you want to do it proceed by all means. But there are many who are afraid to face the demons without some kind of angelic counterbalance or protection. I did it completely without and I am fine today.


Well I’m not in school or work until next September when I go back to school, so I have free time in terms of life circumstances, have you faced any turbulence or any kind of negative side effect from this challenge or is everything more of an internal change

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The sheer mass of the work, 72 evocations was challenging mentally. It felt like it would never end. There were times I felt hopeless or despaired I’d never complete it. I didn’t pay attention to these feelings though and just marched on with it. I was doing two or more evocations a day and as I look back on it I think that’s too much. It runs you ragged energetically speaking, well it did me anyway.

I didn’t encounter any major depression,mood swings or mental issues from the challenge though. I am did improve my ability to hear and interact with spirits tremendously from it. My intuition became much sharper also.


Was there anything that caused your depression or was it just a simply an internal experience or some spiritual recalibration of some sorts? what has the challenge added to you?

For its not really evocation, Im simply using sigils and calling them ethereally and just communicating via astral senses, I can imagine how frustrating evocation of all of them would become however thats without the shem

Angel Number 2 Yeliel

So I got tired of sigils and decided to do it my way

Started off with a dragons flame ritual

Assuming Godhood

Archangel summoning

Then drew an invoking pentagram to summon

After chanting it’s name the second time I almost felt like I was seeing myself through the angels eyes, it was as if I could hear myself calling the angel as the angel…

He asked me why I wanted the activation and he seemed pretty okay with it, this one took a little longer than Vehuiah

I was guided to just meditate for a few minutes and as I started meditating I felt like I was on DMT or Acid trip, there were swirly patterns and I entered this orange realm and I had a pharaoh headdress on sorta… I could feel the energy coming from my pineal gland and then it faded a little

Yeliel also mentioned that it would take time for me to integrate the activation, and that things that meditation that renew the bodies programming would help the process

I asked what I could expect and he said “Discoveries and divorces” even though I’m not married lol, over all it was pretty good


Just got done summoning Agares

It’s strange because when I summon these demons with the Shem angels and angelic emissaries it’s like they have the demon on a leash, the demons don’t seem to have a problem with it though they seem like they’re just chilling

So I summoned Agares and this activation honesty didn’t have much a noticeable affect but I know something happened because I did make contact

However I noticed that ever since I started this challenge I’ve been getting massive mental distress I’m very hyper in a dark way, I feel like this like bringing things out in me because ever since my first suffering they did tell me I would suffer and stuff so not sure what that’s also about, would anyone like to explain?

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Another thing that was mentioned to be in the ritual was that I would have to be focused on my qigong practice now more than ever, they specifically showed me to focus on the microcosmic orbit because it is a circulation of the descending light- consciousness aka Shem angels and the ascending darkness- unconsciousness goetic demons, so appearantly microcosmic orbit and improved chi flow helpwith the process

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Just got done summoning Sitael And Vassago

They both asked me why I requested such a thing and I told it was because I wanted to become full totality and what better way to do that by calling up the associated spirits…

I’ve noticed with the activation with Shem angels, that it almost like put your third eye into a semi trance state and you can feel like a gentle touch of energy on it, I also saw the planetary sun sigil and then it turned into a golden star in a circle and the background of the star was like a royal red, it was pretty cool

With vassago, he was a little hesitant, he did it because I insisted, and then I saw how the unconscious reptilian brain had strings connected to the higher higher Perts of the brain, the reptilian brain had this dark foggy energy while the upper parts of the brain were pure white light, somehow they complete each other and see themselves and understand themselves through each other, but he wasn’t too optimistic about that for some reason

They both gave me the same answers as to what I could expect and they both gave me the same answer…

“Truth, Clarity, Insight”


I like how you’re progressing.

Your facing your own demons and your shadow. This is a big deal. Face it bravely. Let your lantern shone the light of truth on shadowy corners and handle what you find. This is in reference to what’s within you.

My friend when you use Shem angels to make them behave they’re going to behave until the exact moment that your control ends. If you’re disrespectful of the spirit and think you’re safe because of the Shem I assure you that this isn’t the case.

Further in my view use of the shem prevents mam and spirit from making a strong connection and genuinely being friends.

Your call however.

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That’s something I’ve noticed also with certain goetic spirits, some of them are actually very friendly, but I’ve also encountered some that can be a little tricky to work with, I call on protection in all of my works, I summon archangels guardian spirits and the 4 draconic rulers as a safeguard

I see it as interacting with any being including humans, as you get to know them, you build trust, but going in unprepared while facing the unknown in my opinion is unwise

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You’re on point with the facing my demons part tho, I know I’ve had past lives as a very malevolent spirit, would just curse people for fun, and that was something that came up heavily even though It wouldn’t express itself as cursing people in this life, it just made me more aware of the energy, and after that for the next 2 days and even now, I feel quite, slowed down in a good way, less hyper, more emotionally balanced, I feel masculine in a healthy way and I can feel shifts in my magick and my mind, it feels strange when I integrate them because I feel like I’m retrieving aspects of my soul in a way


That’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.


Just because I didn’t use shem angels didn’t mean I wasn’t prepared. I had a tool called a blasting rod ready in case the spirits misbehaved.

Duke Agares actually left the triangle and tried to get behind and inside my circle. I pointed the wand at him and redirected him back to the triangle to be seated. I was really scared I’d never had a spirit test me before.

Now I have a great relationship with Duke Agares. I just use Solomonic methods to make contact with him.

It’s like this with the shem.

Prince Orobas is a fallen angel, as in he left his angelic choir and became an infernal spirit. If he didn’t want to be a part of the angelic choirs anymore why would I inflict Angelic supervision on him. It would be an insult to him and it would speak volumes about my abilities as a magician that I felt the need to constrain him and have him supervised. Like I couldn’t get him to behave properly on my own. That’s what I don’t like about the Shem approach bro. .now for the record Prince Orobas said he doesn’t care of people use Shem angels but other spirits it can piss them off.

What that means is your going through the Goetia yes, but you’re not making any friends with them.

They aren’t going to hurt you most likely without a reason. Though You’re right to be prepared though for the unplanned on.

I won’t spam up your thread any more. Mostly I think you’re doing a good job because you’re actually doing the work even if I don’t agree with or care for the method you chose.

Keep it going my friend.


Just got done with Elemiah and Gamigin

I summoned Elemiah and again I felt the subtle touch to my third eye, it was like a semi trance again and head actually tilted backwards from it, it was interesting, I had no control over my eyeball movement, my eyeballs were doing strange movements yet somehow it was connected to the top front side of my brain, after the energy settled, I remembered this peachy color energy I used to see in my childhood, it was like I remembered an aspect of myself, it was a very peachy color, overall she was very soothing and feminine

When I summoned Gamigin, he came through the pentagram, I gave him the instructions, he looked a little goblin like, sort of like depictions of belphegor, he stepped forward and he was like “let’s see…” as if he was a mechanic or smth lol, he turned both sides for my head towards my earlobes like clock gears, he seemed a little pissed, but he was cooperating so I respected him for that

And again… the Shem angel activations seem to be more apparent, you can clearly tell something is happening because you feel it however with the goetic demons it’s not as much of a feeling more like blueprint or a visual design, which makes sense because they are aspects of the “unconscious mind”

When I asked them what I could expect they both said “ truth, clarity and clarification”

We went our own ways and then I closed the portal

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Just got done with Marbas and Mahashel

I summoned Mahashel first, it was very to the point type of process, he put his hands on the sides of my head and I saw an egg with black and white squares on it and I saw the triple moon goddess crescents on the sides of my head, while suddenly realizing the inside of my head became a nest…

Marbas was very calm, he was like a person that does computer coding, he put his claws into my crown area and it was like he was typing computer codes into a computer, no bad vibes or anything

Something I’ve noticed with my current way of summoning is, these activations aren’t hard to request at all, in the moment especially for a person that doesn’t do evocations, and goes off of astral senses, magical doubt tries deep in but it is clear that something is happening especially when visuals do become vivid specially with the Shem angels in my case, I personally think it’s easy as tracing the invoking pentagram vibrating the spirits name and making the request telepathically or even verbally

I’ve noticed a significant difference in my ability to visualize and I can almost tap into other dimensions where I can see my magick just as tangible as the physical, so I have noticed major changes since starting this challenge

They told me I could expect “truth, clarity and clarification”

Just summoned Valefar and Lelahel

Lelahel came in with pink color, and told me to mind my own business in my interactions with muggles or unconscious people, and to have more energetic boundaries by doing so and then my sacral chakra turned into a very sweet orange and felt very comfortable and then it created a heart in my head

Valefar did some work on my left brain and I felt tingling there while i was getting the activation

Not too many visuals with the goetic spirits

They told me I could expect truth clarity and insight

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On a side note, something I’m beginning to realize is how much humans tend to doubt their magick…

So my last 2 summonings I’ve had this feeling as if the magick isn’t working and that I’m creating all of these summonings in my head when clearly that’s not the case

I can feel the difference in my aura from all the summonings, and most of my summonings have been mostly about, trust, clarity and insight so far as the spirits told me expect these things…

I think its helping me realize on a deep level how there tends to be little traces of doubt when it comes to magick, I don’t do full evocations so I just call them on astrally into my space, and I definitely feel a difference during the ritual, I can literally feel the physical changes in my brain as their activating me, so it got me to realize this old dogma that spirits barely show up when summoned, on the contrary I feel like they’re watching us and waiting for us to call them, especially in a challenge like this I feel like it can be as simple as using an invoking pentagram and chanting their name, it feels like the conversation is all in your head but the results you get from the ritual say otherwise