72 angels of Magick

Those of you who have utilized the 72 angels of Magick by Damon brand to change Things in your life, how long before you saw change? Does it take a long time? I’ve heard demons work faster. Share your experience!!! An enquiring mind would love to know!!


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It’s been done!

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It depends on what you asked for, and how many obstacles are in the way. There is no way to tell how long something will take to manifest.

Each ritual in the book is to be done for 11 days, and even if you get a result within that period, you are still supposed to complete the full 11 days.


There are so many different ways and lengths of time it could take. It really depends on what’s best for you and what physical blockages are in your way. Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to open up the path as well.

could you share your own experience with 72 angels of Magick?

@DarkestKnight could you share your own experience with 72 angels of Magick?

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It’s a good beginner book straightforward and simple , shouldn’t take more than a week or a few days to see some results , for manifesting stuff depends on where your energies at too

I have only used 72 Angels of Magick a couple of times, and none were successful.


I see it play out over months, which is fine, I have patience.
I tended to be fairly successful, but am slowly coming to the conclusion that
we are better off with making our own servitors rather than angels and demons.
Though they both have their bright side too I suppose.


I found it very useful, especially when I was starting out. It’s a good way of looking at the structure of magick, and I’ve had good results (though not necessarily speedy) results.

There are definitely more complex books out there, but I found these really useful for diving in and building confidence.

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When you say not speedy, how long did it typically take you to see results.

That was the book that got me into this. I came across the title in the beginning of July and the first question that I had was what do angels have to do with magic? I never once heard of angels having anything to do with magic, so I bought the book to find out.

I did everything the book says to do, but nothing that I did at the end of Aug or beginning of Sept has had any results. I was careful to not give more than one asignment to each angel that I called. I still have not given a second task to any of them except one.

I don’t think I would call that book a beginner book. It makes a lot of assumptions that there are things you already know.

This was actually the book that allowed me to get results with angels. I’d tried a few different ways and had zero success with angels, and used to joke about how they must just not like me. I did a really intensive program with the books methods however, so while I don’t advise doing 11 rituals each for 11 days whilst only using the main ritual as an opening ritual, then going through each angel and request as given followed by then closing with the closing method, this book was game changing for me and angels.

I never knew if I just couldn’t sense them, or if my energy didn’t align with them or what. But it was suggested by Azazel to incorporate it with the other rituals I was doing as part of the intensive and with a few days I started noticing significant signs of presence while doing that portion of the intensive.

I don’t recommend this, because I often call on many spirits in a small time frame, and beginners can have issues with the energies, and even make themselves physical ill from over doing it until they adjust.

I’d have to say if you haven’t used the book but a few times, or you’re just starting out and haven’t seen results, it could it be the wrong magic for you, because no we don’t all work equally well with all thing. It could be that you’re just new and this happens no matter what we start with when we are new, or it could be your result is going to take longer than you want it take or even that for whatever reason the angels didn’t decide to align with your purpose.

I just got in April of 2020 the full and final result of a working I did in October 2018. Then I repeated in November and December and January, and then February… I got a big portion of that result prior to 2020 (complete and total removal of a relationship) but February 2019 I had a dream that said it would happen on the 20th, and guess what. It didn’t. But in March 2019 the process began, most of the relationship dissolved over the course of months and then I finally got my full result, on 4/20/20, long after I’d forgotten it.

It wasn’t with angels, It was with Abaddon. It was a complete and total life change to completely and totally remove a man from my life, and many things had to come before the divorce papers did, I just wasn’t aware of most of them.


It was one of the first books I brought and found that everything worked like clockwork. I used it to get rid of a shitty neighbour it all happened very slick three days after the ritual started she lost her job and could not afford to keep up the mortgage on her house and had to sell, seven weeks to the day after I started the ritual the removals lorry was removing her goods and she was gone on the same day. Seven weeks to put an english house on the market and sell it and move in seven weeks is pretty damned cool. Go into it with all the enthusiasum of a hollywood actor and selfrightous indignation that the universe has got it wrong and it is right that things are changed to what you want and it will happen pretty quick. When you come out of the ritual forget all about it until the next day Happy magick


I’ve had stuff take 2 years to hit but the effects started immediately and ramped from there. They just took that long to unwind.

Angels paint masterpieces that would take several if not dozens of Goetia workings from Demons of Magick

Angels are great in that they’ll shape reality to match the emotions you broadcast with. I have a hunch that the wording of the pact you draft up is more for the subtle shifts for you to perceive about the situation and less about the exact wording to telegraph to them. Like fine tuning an audio mix that already sounds great

Some rites hit hard and fast because they can, though I’ve had some take 2 years to realize and they continue to unfold. Be willing to wait this long and just know it’s in the mail

Love workings can take even longer but they’ll most assuredly deliver if your request is sincere. Eshaliah is a baller badass for this. He’ll also tell you what you’re in for so listen up and enchant the situation accordingly with what insight he brings

(assuming you’ve worked for love or money, it’s why most people look into stuff worth lusting for)

You’re going to love this book. Throw at least 5 big workings and see what happens before 2025. You’ll live a completely different life with those few weeks of ritual in place


Be careful what you write off with long range workings like Shem HaMephorash stuff. I always assume it’s still on it’s way in the background even years after the matter. It’s almost 2021 and my living situation now matches a subrequest from Poiel I asked for mid 2018. It’s freaky how well it matches actually… It’s no coincidence, I’m still receiving that result as my life develops and it’s been quite a while after I finished it.

If I wrote it off I very likely wouldn’t live here right now. The place just keeps getting cooler too.

Did you hold to your end of the pact on the action and emotional part? You aren’t someone I’d try to patronize though I’m very hardcore about the fundamentals on everything and that subtlety is easy to forget with how broad your range is.


I love servitors. Absolutely love them.

My go to is when I need hyper specificity or consistent reoccuring results I’m fine ramping up over time

I don’t see too mach chaos magick discussion on here so I might want to pick your brain a bit in another thread discussing them. They’re one of my favorite types of magick


Tell me more about eshaliah! Please and thank you.