72 angels of Magick

They’re excellent for intuitive divination if you aren’t skilled at it with a traditional form. What’s cool is they can use this to guide the rest of the results you get with them so you know how to act to help the ritual if it needs any.

If you’re in a situation where someone is afraid of loving you they can help stir those feelings so long as you’re completely sincere in wanting to be with them. They can do this to the point of generating love where there is none and it’s beautiful. They talk to me through lyrics and other signs I personally recognize and it’s quite cool. They’ll speak to you in a language you’ll understand and give you a heads up if need be

One thing I like about the book is it’s far more beginner friendly than say, Demons of Magick. Which is a master work yet requires some discipline and comfortable mastery of a high ritual to get through to where one is confident enough to call the level one ritual a “quick fire” rite. I love that book and it’s got tremendous scope but this one is fantastic in that you can literally just read the ritual as you go for all 11 times and get a response.

Angels fill the room when they show up so if you don’t sense anything at first keep calling their name and then sit back and let them arrive. You’ll notice a pronounced feeling that’s hard to describe but it feels like an etheric river flowing through you and it’s quite peaceful

If you don’t feel this after some while, know they hear you and proceed. I plugged this in after probably my 3rd or 4th Shem ritual and got some great feedback and it helped my confidence a lot with the rites.

Just be sure you want what you’re asking for and dig deep into the nature of why you want what you’re requesting. They’ll give it to you, though they might show you the deeper drive as well



Could you explain more about this ? Thanks

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My friend has this book and has manifested results for others, the workings for himself too longer than he initially would’ve liked but now he’s a total winner and his life has 360ed.


For sure. It’s very similar to exploring different chord voicings in music when talking to angels.

Even if you’re not a musician there’s a precision to angels that’s hard to beat in other ways if you can simply imagine what it would be like to get what you desire. When I write music I’ll explore the chords and change one note at a time until it’s exactly what I want to say musically. Emotions are just the same way

You can begin with one quality, and add another, and then add another undertone that puts it in a new context entirely

For example, a sexual undertone, yet romantic, and yet further there’s a sense that you’ve known this person for lifetimes over and over again and it’s hard to explain with words yet apparant to feelings.

That’s the level you can ask for with angels, if you can think of the emotion you desire to feel they’ll make reality match that emotion. It’s profound. In my request I desired a place that simply feels like home, that’s perfect for building all my goals, in a nice neighborhood, where I can thrive as an artist, innovator, and dreamer.

I got exactly that and then some in so many strange little ways it’s astonishing. I won’t go into it but Shem angels can bring some ridiculous nuance and even though it took a while I got exactly the chord I asked for. This place is perfect for me and every part of my request has come about


That’s wonderful, thanks for answering.
I bought the book recently and I’m on my 3rd day of the ritual with the Angel mentioned.
My imagination I guess is ok/well. But emotion I must work on, I know what for sure, maybe that’s the 11 day ritual to help build this emotional.


Just authentically talk to them as if they were an actual person and that’s the medium you have. Like astral Walkie Talkies. Something shifts and it’s “only when you press this button do they get the message”

In this case you’re showing your plain desire, problem, your solution, and what you’re willing to do to help the situation.

The words are more for you than them. They elicit the exact emotions from you necessary for it to work since angels speak emotion far better than they speak with words.

They’ll understand if you can really go into your situation and desired outcome.

11 days gives 11 chances to think about different parts of the situation, problems, solutions, etc. Let it be an opportunity. This magick is astounding when you can see it that way. The words are just a side step for the inner emotional language you send them in the rites


Gone past the 4th day, and my mood And feeling positive energy from the ritual.

My desire is there for what I want and need. I’ve been opening ways in my reality for them to pursue what I asked for.

My own words to them is to the point. Short but to the point. I have belief and trust.

Thanks again for your input and help.


same here.
from start to finish, I felt nothing, no energy or results.

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Have you had any fulfillment of your requests since this post about the 72 Angels of magic?

I’ve done two rituals from the book,
One cane to fruition, the other is more a long term goal.

I’ve just started my 3rd ritual from the book, so let’s see.


Was successful :pray:

I tried something with these 72 angels and djinns,
The thing is - it worked, like I asked for specific ‘out of all odds’ things which made my jaw dropped lol,
but the thing being that I used both makes it that I don’t know if it specifically worked through the angels or the djinns,

It can take time but the results come; at least I can only speak from my perspective.

I plan to experiment and play with the traditional template soon.


Will Eshaliah still deliver if the person is with someone else?

care to share your own personal method and practices for servitor creation?

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