6 months learning under ETLI’OSH

Hello everyone. I decided originally I’d do EA’s challange working with a demon for 90 days and I picked to learn under ETLI’OSH.

But I want to take it one step further and do a whopping 182 ish days learning under him. Not sure if I’ll master harnessing pure omnipotent power in 6 months completely but I am sure I’ll learn A LOT and perhaps as the months go by I’ll be posting successes using the teachings I learned!

I’ll be treating this formally like an actual journal. You all are free to heart and reply but what I mean is dates. Times. Ect.

Thinking everytime I do any working with him I’ll lay out a reply like this.

Communication Transcript between me and him:
My personal thoughts on said experience:

I realistically due to my night shift job won’t be able to do a full on evocation every single day with this spirit as much as I would LOVE to. I think it’ll mostly be things such as sigil charging, meditating, lucid dreaming ect.

I do want to get a good plenty of evocations and invocations in these 6 months too.

My journaling starts today after I do my first contact with him.


This was day one out of 182. And the journey begins! Wow. That’s going to be awesome reading back on this 6 months from now. It may all be novice information to me by then! :wink: :blush:

I’m obviously again aware it’ll take much longer then 6 months to completely master omnipotence itself but 6 months with him will get me through a big door step. I’m excited and expect to learn a lot!


Wonderful path you have ahead, Hetli’osh mentioned how exactly to draw omnipotence into the candle flame?

Visualization seems to be most of it

:wink: :black_heart:

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Date: September 4th
Time/ was around 11:00 am ish.

Experience. I couldn’t find a red candle so he said it’s fine as the candle was just an external focal point I could use. But we will just change plans and invoke omnipotence I guess.

So without a candle I’m sitting there with my eyes closed. I listened to every word I heard telling me what to do.

  • take some time to Focus on my breathing.

  • when I felt I was done with that I started focusing on every bit of air around me buzzing against my skin. Then letting that buzzing feeling sink deeper into my body into the very center collecting into one big energy circuit connecting me and every bit of me to the universe around me.

This buzzing sensation was omnipotence being pulled within me. I started to understand after a few inhales. Almost seems as if we are just doing a tweaked version of the invoking omnipotence from the evoking eternity book.

I started feeling waves of energy in like ripples in reverse closing in on the center of my chest like I could feel energy rippling around my sternum going through my shoulders and arms.

As I was doing this he was explaining to me this should be done before any ritual I do where I’d want to manifest change. A suggestion but a good one. I may start incorporating this into my future rituals then.


Sorry everyone who’s gotten into this thread that I haven’t posted. I will be honest I have not been keeping up with any of my magick the past few weeks but I am getting back into it because life feels empty without it😭

So no I didn’t do anything new with ETLI’OSH and I can say as a promise wether it’s a tiny ritual merely opening a sigil and meditating in the bathroom at work or I have time for an entire evocation I’ll do something because considering I work night shifts my sleep schedule has fell off the face of this earth. So I’m asleep most of the days. But yeah maybe that’s why we are doing six months I fell off for almost a month lol.

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My notes. I procrastinated obviously but am getting deep into it finally. I have a wooden sigil of his I opened last night and traced it with blood.

But yeah I’m finally being put on the starting track cause I decided to stop being lazy lol.

Yeah I procrastinated for 4 months but that’s what I get in return. No excel lol

I thankfully have this app! especially made for procrastinators like myself so its ok now🙃

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The technique above works. And it works well. I don’t have a lot of time here I want to make this quick. not sure other then what I have done as I done it only 1 time but I took my time to meditate getting rid of my anxiety. I then invoked omnipotence, I used the method in evoking eternity. Then I continued the instructions. Saw a POF of me folding money. Kept seeing that in deep meditation until I couldn’t anymore. So then as per instructions.

I moved onto the emotion. How happy would I be fanning a stack of money out like I’m seeing.

I also. Completely unrelated had no food my entire 8 hour shift so I was starving with zero energy. It sucked! Anyway ended up doing this during my shift at work hiding in a laundry room lol.

Once it was done I released all the omnipotence out of me like a shockwave. I initially filled myself up with the light to a point I literally couldn’t focus anymore in. So I pushed all that out into this world as he told me to at the end.

A few hours after my shift ends I just remembered the $8 left I had in my wallet was EXACTLY enough to buy 2 brownies at Starbucks :rofl:. I just think it’s funny I mention Starbucks but whatever. However I was very well satiated lol.

I take that as a win, it came in an unexpected way but I immediately felt and knew that was what was being handed to me. An interesting set of circumstances.

Perhaps I subconsciously had the desire to eat anything in sight. I’m not sure but I will be playing with this method a lot more. Doing more minor stuff and documenting it. Eventually I should see a pattern in this thread of continued success.

But again I take that as my first win.


For reasons I will not disclose. I have decided to end my journey with Etli’Osh early, the technique you have above is a working method it will just take time to practice.
I told him before closing the wooden sigil I made for him. That I would continue to learn this and try to adapt it into my life.

Thank you ETLI’OSH