Suhn’tal’ock 90 Days Demon Challenge - Journal

Saw this challenge here:

Since commitment and self discipline are my current challenges, this is a perfect start. I can dive into the essence of spirits deeply with ease, but continuous workings are a different game. Time to level myself up.

I currently have a few considerations. Looking at all of my blood anointed sigils, a few Demons stand out to me:

  1. Archaelous
    I have initially wanted to work with him since a few days now, but my Soul told me that this is not the time for that. I want to master physical reality before I move on to Self Deification.

Which brings me to:

  1. Belial
    Me and Belial have a close relationship. We bumped heads alot initially, nowdays we respect each other’s unique perspective of Freedom and Empowerment. However, I have had a few months from permanent invocation to what I can only describe as a “Semi-possession” and I feel done with his reckless energy for now. He is, however, the master of the Physical Realm. That’s why he is really good with the law, money and anything physical. This includes the carnal aspect of sexual attraction. Hence my initial consideration :black_heart:

  2. Suhn’tal’ock
    I love him. He is such a great teacher of building lasting structures that sustain the tests of time. I can feel his presence already building up in the room as I speak of him, so that’s a big plus. He also came in a ritual which C. Kendall did for me before he could even finish his summoning incantation so that’s another strong point to work with him. I also had a dream where he visited me in his Draconian Form atleast one to two years before I have even touched “The Book Of Azazel”. We both have a strong liking for another :black_heart:

4.B :black_heart: E L
Bael is hands down the Demon I trust the most. I have done hours and hours of Shadow Work and Trauma Integration with him. This would be a good opportunity to deepen our connection. However, I fear that I may become too reliant on him as an entity, so venturing into the unknown might be the best move here.

Yeah, I think that narrows it down to Suhn’tal’ock. I just did a quick tarot reading and it definetly checks out.

I will not evoke him tonight due to emotional turmoil making self care a priority over evocation.

In time, l will also channel a Sigil and the name of his Draconian Form, since I have had enough of Demons for now. I will start by letting him give me an incantation for calling him in this form, since my Demonic Tounge is Aces already. Or maybe I will devise my own incantation to call forth the Draconian Form of any being. We’ll see.

Looking forward, I am feeling so excited! :black_heart: :dragon_face: :fire:


Any updates?

There is alot happening and I dont feel comfortable sharing it. I will most likely do an aftermath once I have worked through everything.

But the intensity is too overwhelming to make any gurantees right now.

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Ok thanks. Hope everything goes well.

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