Etli'osh From The Book Of Azazel Teaches Me Method Of Raising Power To Omnipotent Degree Using Devotion

Evocation Of Etli’osh.

I was looking through the book of Azazel and came across this demon again and again, this time I felt the demon calling to me.

As it states this demon can teach you how to raise any amount of raw power to the level of omnipotence.

I set out my universal circle, placed four black pillar candles at each cardinal direction.
I then lit three coals in the form of a triangle on the outside of the circle.

Upon each coal I placed dragon’s blood, Frankincense and Sandalwood, great mixture for demonic Evocation.

I brought the Tibetan singing bowl and the sigil and my journal in the circle with me.
I began sounding the bowl whilst performing circumambulation, reciting the incantation of summoning all magickal powers.

The combination of the vibrations of the bowl and the words of power, created the nessercary environment of power.

I held the sigil of Etli’osh in my hands, scrying into it and reciting.

“Etli’osh hear my voice,
See my signs and do not forsake me,
Etli’osh come, Etli’osh come”.

As I kept reciting Etli’osh come, the sigil began opening the rift between the world’s.
Astral winds could be heard from the borders of the circle, getting more and more intense as I called the demons name.

I placed the sigil upon the altar outside of the circle, which then sat in a minature version of the universal circle anointed in semen, menses and my blood. I held my hands in a prayer mudra towards the sigil stating.

“Alash Tad Al’ash talashtu”.

I faced the direction of the incense smoke and began reciting.

“Etsel Mala’Kel Test’Zel San’tan’el
Itz Retz Nama’tel Itz Hel Asta’Rel
Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala, Kama’Kala
Satan’el, Etli’osh Kama, Etli’osh Kala
Etli’osh Kama’Kala Vel Me Vaskalla
Me Solvalla, Me Res’Alla Ahn’tan’tel”.

As these words were spoken the smoke began spinning upwards as if a minature tornado began manifesting.

I gathered the energy from the area and from myself, funneling it towards the smoke and stated.

“In The Name Of Azazel,
I call you forth Nether Lord
Etli’osh By The Song Of You’re King
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel,
I compel to rise,
I call you forth and I summon you
Etli’osh come to my calling
I give you liscence to appear,
I give you power to manifest,
I give you this call to come,
Manifest before in beholdable form
And speak to me in a discernable Voice
Etli’osh Come, Etli’osh Come”.

The demon manifested before me,
Appearing as a hunched over grotesque figure.
Skin peeling, darkish green about a hundred eyes covered his face.

Each eye burning with demonic power, his aura surging forever growing in potency.
Arms and legs looked like that of a decrepit dog, a tail I have never seen before.
No genitals, however a bee like lava could be seen glowing from inside his flesh emanating a red energy.

His horrid misshaped head had very little hair, only hair visible was that at the base of the skull.

I stated
“Demon I thank you for you’re materialisation,
I have called you in attendance tonight
To discuss you’re expertise on raising power”.

His head tilted, whispers of demonic tongue came from the air.
His words began creeping through the onslaught of demonic tongue.

“You are power, be you,
Be powerful”.

Pressing him for further instructions, he grinned.
Just before I could speak he interjected.

“Self Discipline and Self Devotion
Shall be the keys to unlocking
The chamber of power,
Use the words of rousing
Untapped limitless power”.

I stated

“Etli’osh can you give me
Further instructions”.

He stated for me to go and get my ascension beads and place them upon his open sigil.
So I did i then housed him in these beads, as I did I heard his voice state.

“San’ash Itz Waleep Aye

Those words made me shiver, not in fear but from a surge of power rising through me.
He spoke again.

“Say this incantation
No less than 100 times a day,
Using the beads as a mala
Of raw power”.

Results Of The Method - 3 Days In.

I’ve been reciting the incantation, whilst connecting to the presence of Etli’osh in the beads.

Each time I recite the incantation, whether in the temple or in mundane areas.
My vibration rises so intense my body will sometimes spasm.

Shifts in tempature high and low occurs frequently, the actual flames of my Godhood can be felt spreading across all fibres of my being.

The flames touch my body, my blood, my chakras, subtle bodies and aura.
Feeling like a walking talking erupting volcano of Omnipotence.

The effect this has had on my Magick has helped greatly. My desires manifest rather faster, spirits come quicker at one point I spoke an enn of a demon.

The first recitation the demon manifested.
Etli’osh also explained there are other techniques of this goal.

However self dedication, self devotion is the best way to go forward.

Thought I’d share this with you all.




Wow thats great brother
for some time i had felt etli’osh with me too

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can you explain what is evocation in a post
and some evocation tips?

in my journey i had found some interesting tips
like authority,not a cocky one,but rather seeing the deity like a brother and friend as we are separate yet the same,as the spirits are aspects of our souls
but i would really like to hear yours


Yeah when I get some free time.


will the incantation still have the same effect if you have never evoked Etli’osh or have beads?

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So much for appearing more beautiful than any angel.

I wonder could I use basically the same platform to summon Froag’ Latash? I’ve been dying to contact that entity but can find a sigil anywhere. @Xag_Darklight,

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Yes agree.

Hey my brother, forgive me for requesting such a mineral task, I Don intend to waste you time, nor disappoint you with what I have to say though… Firstly if you by chance have worked with the Demon Frougue’ La’Tash… From the book of Azazel? If Not how much of your time would it take up to channel a decent sigil for me? My proposition is I can now ( or after April 6th my birthday) want to follow through with that necklace pendant I inquires for u to make and conjure for me? I wonder if I ad 20 or 30 bucks for you to channel a sigil for that Demon for me? I don’t know how to explain it bro but my Magick is soo much more potent when I learn through your work specifically and a few others ( aside from BALG authors and other pros like u I guess…)… I just realized the common denominar actually lol. Anyway. Holla back when your free to discuss it further. I think it was 60 bucks for the necklace and if I add 30 90 dollar e transfer sou d like a good number? Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need or deserve more I only estimated off the top my head and my main concern is to follow through asap and confirm on both ends because this is important to me.
Thanks so much my brother… I also do want you to understand I know and respect the time it tKes and how valuable it is… Especially since your “Level up” and your semi-famous / infamous in your or our field now which has set such a fire and motivation under my ass and makes me proud to call you friends.
U till we chat next be well
Darkest blessings homie.

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Hello, can you please dm me? I have many questions for you :))

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check your pm’s

does this mean when you were in trance all you had to do was say the spirits name once and it showed up?

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It gets to a point where you dont even need to be in a trance. You says their name or enn once and they appear beside you.


Is this would also increase the manifestation power by using law of attraction?

Can I still use the mantra even though I don’t have beads but I got another form of bracelet?