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@Onion In that case thanks for saying yes it’s still open and saying yes you’ll give me one😀


Hey Onion can i get a general reading please (if you are still doing them).
Thank you


5 done. I’ll start the readings in some time.


Ah well if ya got a spot then a general reading if not then maybe another time. Haha

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Your Cards: 4 of Cups and Justice

The first thing that came up when I layed down the cards was that you overcame some of (a lot of) your bad habits, or habits that were not helping you. Be it not doing things, stagnation, not getting up, etc. Like you transitioned from a slow to a more active lifestyle. And this change that was brought about seems to be a point of attachment to your ex. The imagery in the Justice card has a monk with no blindfold, symbolising to see the situation for what it was and to not lie to oneself or think that the situation was something else. You know the truth, look it. Don’t try to change it by changing your perception of what happened.

The 4 of Cups has a papal figure who doesn’t look very happy even while being balanced by different forces. This card is to signify the relationship from her side. There’s an unsettling feeling in this card. A falling out but not very volatile in Nature. It feels like growing apart, differences being born because the roads are diverging and you must go different ways at the crossroads.

I feel that it wasn’t filled with too much toxicity tbh. It feels like a stable relationship after a really long time, but you separated because you grew apart. And sometimes the growing apart hurts more than breaking up over a fight because it’s something significant, especially if you’ve been hurt before.

Reflect on your attachment, you growed. You taught each other lessons you both needed to learn. Be grateful, and let go to flow with the universe.

This legit feels like a very intimate reading, so thank you for trusting me to do it :purple_heart:


Your card: Judgement in reverse

Were you ghosted? Or did you ghost them?

I feel like someone here was ghosted or stood up. There’s a sun in the imagery but the sun looks very pissed. Delay, not reaching expectations and quarrels because of it. Someone here, it seems to be your then partner, who was always late or stuck somewhere. Not rom-com cute, slightly irritating. They would come back, apologize and try to make up. You tolerated it for sometime but there is a limit. Tbh it feels like they didn’t yet have their life together in a sense that they were very disorganized. This relationship was not a lesson for you to learn something imo. This was just, you knowing that it was a little out of your hands and not the right time for them to be in a relationship. I also don’t feel a lot of attachment so I’m guessing you separated early on in the relationship. It seems to be a filler chapter for your life.

Thank you very much for reading, as always you are right
Besides being a nice and kind person, you are really good at reading and have a natural gift.
I feel blessed to share the same space as you on this forum.
Thanks again. :hugs:


That was completely accurate.
Thanks for this reading


Your card: 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of pentacles is a card of abundance, specifically material abundance. Enough material for you and your loved one. This one feels like it comes from something ending. Say, a debt being paid off or a deal closing or a loan being paid off, something like that. Things that worried you for being unfulfilled, or “open”/open ended will close soon and you’ll reap the rewards. This may not necessarily be money, but can also be weight coming off your chest or your shoulders-relief and satisfaction. The card has a crown, and the background has a lot of geometry which I haven’t studied yet. You’ll come out on top in time.


Welcome :purple_heart: Thank you for the feedback :purple_heart:


Thank you, it means a lot :purple_heart:


Interesting. My partner and I work a job that pays fairly well, so I do see more material relief than we had a year ago. As for the possible other side to this card, I have a few hints to what it could mean, but theyre a bit personal so I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks for your reading I really appreciate it!


Your card: The Queen of Pentacles

First thing I heard,“Get your shit together”. There’s something that feels like it’s threatening to go out of hand. Like when something goes wrong in Master Chef and they’re panicking and rushing to fix it.

The Queen- the queen is intelligent, she is smart, she is precise and she is intuitive and caring in my understanding. She is a ruler, mother, sister and daughter. She is powerful, an all-rounder.

Breathe, take a step back, and analyze. Make a checklist of what you can influence and get Under control rather than looking for quick fixes. The pentacles here is a lot more practical than it is finance related. You need to breathe to swim, don’t sink. Breathe, you can do this, you got this. You can get this back in control. One step at a time. Whenever you’re getting too stressed and anxious take a break and rest, then go back. Change the way you’re looking at the situation (I’m literally seeing a broken water pipe with water running from a tap of a sink) if the previous one doesn’t work. You change the shoe, you don’t change your foot.

One step at a time :muscle:

I couldn’t get anything regarding your knee pain, but Marbas’ name came up.


Your Card: 9 of Cups

9 of cups is “almost” emotional fulfillment imo. Because it’s 9 and not yet 10. Yet is the keyword here, I feel. You may be invited to a party in a big building. I’m seeing high chandeliers and golden lighting. You’ll have fun, but be alert of people who may try to win favors. It feels like a work related party, so you might get a lot of attention from a group of people who want you on their side because you have a veto or something similar? It’s like a “we need them on our side”- like talking and whispering in a room to come out and sweet talk you (like they show in the movies). Enjoy the attention and honey, but also be sure to think practically when the situation arises.

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Thank you for the reading :pray:t4:

It makes sense and seems very very apropos to my situation right now.

I totally get the “get your shit together” part , it makes sense and I’m pretty sure I know exactly what that’s about.

The sharpness of it is definitely appropriate if of what it’s about has a bearing on the knee issue since if I “don’t get my shit together” in that area it’s likely the knee won’t be healable til I do or else even if it heals it could get reinjured.

The water pipe I’m going to have to think on to see how and where it fits because it could be either symbolic or literal in my life right now (though so far no actual water pipes have burst so it probably is symbolic). If it’s literal then I just got a good heads up reminder about a plumbing issue I should address before either. If symbolic then it’s a warning of a possibility of a flood of trouble if I let things slide too long.

Marbas makes sense because I’ve been trying to figure out how to petition him to get healing of my knee (I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how because so far every method I’ve read says to burn stuff and I can’t. I can have candles but anything with smoke like incense or burning the petition is a no go). I’m hoping your seeing Marbas in the situation is a good sign.

So a very good read👍thank you very much it makes a lot of sense, gave some good advice, gives me hope and a heads up reminder about a pluming issue that I should address before winter sets in and a light kick in the rear to say get to work on this about some stuff in my life

@Onion Thank you for the insightful read :grin::+1:

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Glad I was able to help!

Fire is just a way of releasing/disposing the petition. In my practice I associate the elements with speed. Fire being in the quickest and earth the slowest. You can flush a petition too imo. Or let it flow in running water, the importance is that the water should be running.