5 Free Readings [Closed]

Hello Everyone!

I need some practice so I’ll be doing 5 one card pulls. No questions regarding time please.

Deck: Nostradamus Lost Tarot

Edit: if you have any question please mention it, the default reading will be a general one.


Any question?

I’m in!
Is there any specific reason why I’m still trapped in this city? Is a curse or just for protection?


One for me, general

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Nothing specific. Whatever the card wants to tell me

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It’s about how demons think of me if it’s okay.

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can i have one

edit - love reading

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:raising_hand_man: :pray:


All for now, I’ll get to your readings soon!


Should I pursue a career in music/entertainment ? Or Politics? Or a different field entirely??

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Your card: 10 of Cups in Reverse.

The imagery in the card is of a sun behind a building which is similar to the Tower Card. Emotional disruption or quarrels may be having you feel a little low, so you look for hope or some brightness outside of the box like situation. I’m sensing a feeling of being trapped in a place where you’re not able to find a way out because you’re so emotionally tired. You need rest, you want rest.

I’m seeing a figure go to a park. So if possible, spend some time with nature and with yourself. Relax and connect with Gaia to rejuvenate your energy and get some peace of heart. Don’t hold on to anchors, you’ll sink. Drop them and float up.

Edit: I forgot to take a picture of your card and put it back in. Sorry :sweat_smile:


Thank you very much!!:blush:

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I’ve never done a question like this before, so I simply write:

Your card: The Queen of Pentacles in reverse.

The book says,“Reversed, all her good intentions dissapear, replaced by a slovenly, careless, laissez-faire attitude to life. At the extreme, she will be vengeful and a sower of discord.”

It doesn’t feel like a curse, more like a hex imo.


welcome :purple_heart:

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Lucifer came through.

Your card: 6 of Swords

You might receive a message soon, causing you to “move” or go on a journey. I write move in quotations, because it can either be physical or internal. But I’m gravitating more towards internal. A new path, or a new current or simply anything new you’ve decided to undertake or try. A period of harmony awaits after some tough times :muscle:

Forgot again, sorry :sweat_smile:

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He showed up? Damn :heart:

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Two cards flipped out for you.

Your Cards: The Devil in reverse, 4 of Cups

Tbh I feel like you just dropped something-an attachment maybe? Or an expectation. A break of trust or just accepting that things aren’t what you thought they would be. An illusion broke, and you’ve let go of it. Like you came home after a long day at school, dropped your bag on the floor and whisper “finally” to yourself. That kind of feeling. That kind of freedom, you know? But followed by the 4 of Cups I only felt a brief moment of happiness. That one spark of happy before realising you have homework to do.

You dropped the weight, but you’re sore from carrying it with you for all this long. It’s a time of reflection and reassessment. Pace and look after yourself. You got this :muscle::purple_heart:

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Yes, I almost got distracted till he told me to focus :joy:.

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