11:11 and 3:13

Seeing these everywhere, can someone offer insight?


For me 11.11 is when Lilith is nearby.


That’s interesting :thinking:…hmmm.

13 is my lucky number so may be that ties in to the 313.

There might be another reason for that i will PM you something.

11:11 is a huge one for me. When I notice it I stop to think about what I was just thinking of. My guides and familiars use this number to inform me of things that I need to know. So next time you see these numbers, try to take a moment to analyze what you were just thinking of, sometimes it is the answer that you have been looking for :grinning:


I’ll do that next time thanks!


11:11 is a well-known “activation code”. The spiritually-inclined tend to see it a lot, regardless of path or belief system. I use it here and there on the internets as an intentional trigger for those who may still be sleeping.
It’s a call to action to enlightenment and taking up your mission in life. It’s a sign that you’re on the right track as well.

313 means something specific but I forget exactly what, off the top of my head. I’ll go do some digging and report back,

Any repeating number pattern is worth looking into. They can give you insight regarding your current path and what’s working and what’s not.


Great that helps alot thank you!

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I knew this had importance to me as well. My notes, from November:
black papers 13 items November 3-13
Nov 13 10:31 pm

It’s a repeating 1-3-1-3-etc sequence.

There is a 313 “angel code” that indicates, more or less, that you’re in a good place, moving forward. You have to slog through a mire of hippy saccharine bullshit to dig the core information from those angel code sites, though. XD


Perfect thank you for looking this helps!

I have seen 11:11 repeatedly for a few years … yeah would be interested to know…

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  1. Ascension of you true self, divine. Higher self.
  2. Pay attention on your thoughts.
    @levilevi, said this and it’s a good time to manifest your Magic and get results.
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Thank you hun!

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And what about 66?
I see it two/three times every day…
And since I embraced Lucifer, I often see 11:11

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More information here. Number sequences in general.


Angel number 66 can mean love and compassion. Reconnected with a loved one. Or a new love in your way. Helping others.

In work angel number 66 encourages an healthy focus and positive thought in change at your work.

Be careful in helping others not forgetting to help yourself.

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@Vovin, It’s important to focus on thoughts and a combination of number to see what it means.

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I keep seeing 11: 11 every time I check time on the alarm, the clock on the wall, my cell phone, the cafe I went to… :open_mouth:
I googled what it means and it was kinda driving me insane not knowing .
It says. That you have to make a wish whenever you see this number… mannn…
Been happening for like this whole week… very weird


Hm. That’s interesting . I’m not one for making wishes though, I make moves :wink:. Maybe I’ll try it tho :sparkling_heart: