100 Day Kundalini Challenge

Babygirl, has to give Daddy a hard time :smiling_imp::wink:

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I find sitting cross-legged to be pretty uncomfortable as well. For what it’s worth I’ve been having good results with the “God” position: seated comfortably with spine erect in a straight-backed chair, both feet flat on the floor, hands on knees, head up and facing straight ahead, eyes closed.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That is one of the asanas recommended in Path Notes as well, but it is said to be not as powerful as the “sage seat,” which is the one with the heel of the right foot pressing into the perineum. Unfortunately, I lack the flexibility in my hips and pelvis to do that one properly.

I think moving into the “God” position might be my best bet.

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I thought it was Daddy’s job to give baby girl the “hard time.” :wink:

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Any updates lately?

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Where do you find information on this Brain Scrubbing? I am very interested.

at university - very little time ??? - are you studying medicine it doesn’t sound like your studying a humanity subject. Or do you mean you feel the awake state is a waste of time and more trouble than its worth ?

100 days is renownably a qi gong parameter. Look it up 100 days qi gong



No lol, I study mechanical engineering and physics.

And when you’re not some super nerd, with gifted abilities, yeah you spend lots of time doing problem sets of mathematics and physics. It takes alot of time to practice and to gain proficiency and speed in various science subjects.

I’m doing kundalini yoga though, when i’m in my dorm room, it’s great to circulate and rejuvenate / invigorate your (sexual) energy pathways and chakras.

Mechanical engineering and Physics lol … now wonder you have no time whilst at univeristy. Thats like science isnt it ?



Yeah it pretty much is lol. Most people struggle unless you have an IQ of 160+ and are the next Stephen Hawking / Sir Isaac Newton :joy:

It is a meditation given in the book “Path Notes of An American Ninja Master,” by Glenn Morris.


Ok awesome. thanks.

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Ive been working on this for about 3 months now tho ive been formulating the meditation for over a year. I found that merkaba visualization is a good method for this.

I posted my meditation on another forum ill link if youd like.

The meditation involves tracing your meridian network and then visualizing a merkaba to stimulate all your chakras at once. It results in a very vibratory state where clairaudience and clairvoyence are keen.

I can not usually hear spirits but using this method i heard them for the first time. Im still imrpoving it so criticism is welcomed

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Hi. What do you mean it will fry your brain?


How did you get on with this over the 100 days if you went that long?

Interested to know if your progress using path notes of an American ninja was fruitful?

I did not complete it due to life circumstances.

I am going to be resuming it though.


I think I’ll join you. I just purchased path notes.

I just picked up the mastering kundalini and energy works course as well so I may try and see if I can blend them. If its possible.


Ok, so my path notes will be here tomorrow. Neph runs on amazon.

So for tonight I will be going through the energy work primer from Robert Bruce. Me personally I am horrible with feeling and sensing energy… atleast I thought I was. This is a very newbie friendly technique that is supposed to help you start your journey toward mastering energy work. So this is a good place for me to start. I tend to go overboard with stuff I’m eager for. So I’ll be trying to keep these sessions short and also the amount of time I spend doing research. Gonna try my best not to get burnt out.

So his technique is called body awareness tactile imaging. You’re supposed to move your conscienceness around inside your body In such a way ( he has multiple different methods.)that it energizes your body. Now he recommends starting by running your fingers slightly against the flesh of the area you want to start with. hands then feet being his recomendation. He said this was to get you uses to the sensation and to help with your awareness in that location. So I’m not sure if I can skip that step if I’m decent with moving my awareness around. For now I believe I’ll keep it in untill I get confirmation.

I will come back and update as progress is made.

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Apparently, I only get 2 out every 3 Amazon purchases lol

I just had a book on qi gong internal energy exercises get lost in the mail.

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Ouch, if I dont have to go to a store I dont lol.

Ok so, just finished an awareness meditation with my wife. She is trying to show interest in my life, A+ to her. So in this I had a lot of tingling and I could feel energy moving into these areas I put my awareness into. This is all new hat for me so I’m enjoying it. When I moved my awareness into my hands I had a lot of sensations of heat. It was really cool, they were gentle waves of heat like if standing at a perfect distance from a fire and you get those heat sensations that hit you as the wind moves them. I kinda lost focus on the guided meditation and stuck on my hands for a while. A-hole cat decided to scream like a banshee down our hallway about halfway through because cat. Also hope my back can get used to sitting up straight for long periods of time. I got back issues from the militar. Yeah fun.