Zozo - Ouija Board summoning

Above is the set out I used to contact this entity ZoZo.

From my experience with this entity ZoZo seems to be a man made spirit, let me explain.

From the what I learned from ZoZo, when beginners or amateurs use the Oujia Board they believe it’s going to kill them or they’ll be tortured by demons.

Blah blah blah.

That fear is a huge amount of power and from that, the human mind comes up with concepts of evil, violent, wicked things a bad spirit will do to them.

Sending out these thoughts along with the energy of fear, but bare in mind many MANY people send out these thoughts and fears.

When these energies and subconscious programs of evil are sent out into the void of astral or whatever.

You will get what you wish for, ZoZo was born.

So much fear and assumptions of evil, created this being, people believe a entity will attack them, kill them or even perform poltergeist activity in their homes.

So for this spirit to stay alive it’s follows it’s orders it attacks you and scares you to feed of your fear.

Why ZoZo the spirit attached itself to a Mexican lore about some demon called ZoZo.

Before the spirit was manifested by fear the story about the Mexican ZoZo was just a myth.

But this entity took upon its self the mantle and name ZoZo, plus the Mexican tradition are very superstitious so good job picking that I guess.

When I communed with ZoZo he tried hitting my candles over even bang on my walls.

I placed my will over the board, channeled my godforms energy and power and displayed my strength to the entity.

After our communication about his true origins
He later on tried to say he’d kill me.

I told him " I fear nothing especially a parasite ".

The planchette went to H and A repeating it over and over saying " HaHaHa ".

The entity tried its best to intimidate me but I wasn’t having it so I banished it.

This was just a experiment to explore the internet craze known as ZoZo, hope you all enjoyed.


https://youtu.be/KOnLehI2tTg here is a video of the supposed entity zozo who is powerless to intimidate the summoner. Who claims to be satan,bael,lucifer, and humorously a rape ghost


“and humorously a rape ghost”


Definitely an “only on BALG forum” sentence there. :+1:



Hahaha…that meme though

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I got this exact same little shit the first time my wife used a board with me. The repeated laughing and shit. I was so annoyed. However he is also a timid little shit and will run and hide when legitimately threatened. Annoying little imp. Any threat. I started reciting a Kali Mantra and he noped right the fuck out.

Sorry. I legitimately hate this thing.


Lmao right!!.


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