Your recognition of your Anger/Rage- Feel welcome to share it here

Exploring darkness - As self-denial is the worst of vices to oneself…;

What is there that most personally enrages you,
and what video/music clip would most perfectly put in words/sound or image what fits the intent of the Archetype of the God-Mind that would display what you’d like to send to your enemies.
That being said, it doesn’t mean you are evil, it just means you are sensitive to moral values, a lot.
What would you send to these bullies…that crossed the line, not giving a rat’s *ss about the value of your life…; MIND YOU, dear friends, names cannot be named in relation to curses or anything that may lead to it as forum rules. (but you can describe how someone screwed you over and you still haven’t handled but would like to.

The intent of this is to help you recognize what blocks you and, to hopefully inspire you to take on what keeps you feeling small inside, so you can grow- The idea in the end is to walk talk and to become fearless towards your bullies, or bullies.

“Both Angels and Demons are equally a part of the One God-Mind”

Vileness sometimes must be repaid with adequate vileness - forgiveness is just one of the many options… Even Archangel Michael kills millions, when needed, for the sake of justice, justice based on the same core values than demons do, that are about standing up for yourself, believing in yourself, and complementary counterparts of the angelic.


This relates to a guy that took away my 2 relationships, (and destroyed many other in a greedy absolutely vile bottomfeeder style, calling me a liar, sexually abused at least one of my best friends, walks around as if he’s innocent…thinking he’s too smart for everyone…; After I forgave him he told me I was psychotic, he doesn’t know the difference between benevolence and vileness, after I said , I love ya bro, after all he’s done, he still continued. He pretendend nothing is going on after he did all he did…; He’s ripe for gaining more self-knowledge, through suffering…; (the spirits with me confirm this by tapping on my body, -right side for me means, ‘affirmative’…; I’

To things come up:
An Angel of retribution is what I’d send to this guy, preferably in this form.
It’s going to be violent… I’m thinking of Abaddon… or Lucifuge Rofocale…;

This is the moment where ‘what is fearful or devastating’ is being most desired because it’s
adequacy in being sure to fulfill the deisre of the magician…;


I cannot tolerate stupidity.
It is not a right, and I would love to destroy the 95% of the population whose principle of life is such.


People anger me in general shrugs


Nothing angers me more than fat headed ignorant n’ proud of it followers of YWHY. I speak from personal experience as I was once one of them. Most of them can die for all I care.


There is one thing I can’t stand.
People who belittle others and expose their lack of intelligence, experience or skill just to put themselves in a better light. Someone who is truly great does not need to belittle others.
What I send those kind of people? A mirror.


Thanks for sharing everyone.

Would you like to share particular examples of situations that come the most to the foreground while you wrote your statements?

(you can add media to it if you wish)

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Deep down what really makes me angry is not being appreciated. I’ve made countless sacrifices through my live being a happiness pump. It especially bothers me in terms of romantic relationships. In that regard kindness and care has sent all the women ive dated into the arms of some shitty waste of life, or they walk all over me and when i put my foot down suddenly I’m the fucking devil in the eyes of everyone we know. A true alpha gets first choice and food or mate with the agreement that they will put the ones under their care first, these fake ones will abandon their tribe for even the smallest hint of comfort. Hell itself is too good for them


Honestly, failures in dating. I secure victory in many other areas of life effortlessly. What makes it weirder is the glamor charms ive used are hypereffective on old women and men, neither og which interest me. It’s a really petty and loser-esk cause to behave this way for that reason although its a deep and visceral frustration.


[human imitates cow] “moo”



I don’t really have a constantly burning anger or hatred. I just have a cold, clinical lack of compassion and respect for the majority of human life, which sometimes evolves into passionate anger upon direct observations of drone behaviour.

I do however have concepts, activities, desires and now, unique individuals, who keep the embers burning. And in so having these, I achieve polarity.


This song from Disturbed pretty much sums up a lot of my anger. I am comsumed by anger to the point it fuels my whole existance and don’t know any other way of life. My anger runs deep however and I am afraid of what letting go of it will do.
So yeah this song and pretty much the whole album really.

This one as well by Seether

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People who are in a position where they have power over others, who then use that power to take advantage, steal, lie, whatever…they take the advantage they have and use it against people who have not got the power to oppose them.

I think that is the definition of a bad person, and it doesn’t matter how awesome a parent they are, that they donate to charity, that they care for an aging parent, etc. If you can’t manage to be just fair with someone you may dislike or see as an outsider, if you can justify using your power over someone because they aren’t part of your inner circle and because you CAN, that negates any other good you may do.


I get angry a lot, sometimes im just like a ticking bomb ready to explode, but I do calm down quite fast after getting angry.
My anger comes from my hypocrite parents with who I will argue with and when I have a point, they just shut me down and keep yelling more at me, from a group of friends who betrayed me and another friend of mine who we thought we can trust and I sometimes get angry at myself when I wanna change myself and do nothing about it, also I get angry when I am too good with people sometimes (im sensitive and good hearted) and when I cant just for once try to act bad, it sort of gets me angry.
I do sometimes feel a sudden adrenaline rush hitting me when I speak with anger againts the things I dislike, it sort of fuels me, I also channel this anger and hatred whenever I workout, but most times I feel as if im not utilising it correctly.
A song that can sum up my anger is Subhuman, that song is literally about erupting your anger and just letting it all go and explode, everytime I hear it my body starts to shake and I get aggresive whenever listening to it.

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Sounds dangerous.

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Hah, it really isnt. I play it randomly during the day and it always puts me in a good mood, whatever it is im doing, its even great for night walks!

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Emotionally unfulfilled :pensive: I have lots of friends , I’m life of every party , hear compliments left right and centre but I’m completely detached and don’t give a shit about anyone ! I gave love , care and tried everything but never felt emotionaly fulfilled, I have never seen myself and another as “Us” and wonder what that feels like . I’m so angry and dissapointed that don’t even try anymore :frowning:

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Anger and Rage, welling up in my Throat.
The Targets ?
All of the “professional” people who allowed the death of an “innocent” teen to become a part of a political game rather than allowing justice to take place. The fact that I can’t write what is really on my mind for fear of my life changing drastically.
The stupid dross who shout, with their petty pains and useless winging and whining, regarding their small lives. Hate the fools who cause their own pain.
And the Christians . . . (don’t get me started on those fuckers!) Ignorance en masse’. Games of Wolf and Sheep.
RAGING, since I was born, force fed chemicals, lies and truths about the PLAN to Enslave us all, New World Order.
It’s all written in plain English.
I’m mad as hell right now !
Thankyou for the chance to vent.

Ah OK. Easy one.

I hate, and absolutely abhor, people who smile to your face and stab you in the back. I have met a few and cannot empathise or understand them. If someone hates me or dislikes me, or harbours negative intentions, I’d rather they tell me to my face so I can defend myself in a fair way, and at least I would know who my enemy is and whom not to trust.

Anything underhanded, with no warning, is betrayal.

It doesn’t matter if you knew the person for a while or not - if to your face they were pleasant and then stabbed you in the back unexpectedly and with no warning of their intentions , then yes, it’s betrayal.

I give anyone the benefit of the doubt and don’t think any less of them, in the face of gossip/ unproven accusations etc. I think no less of them until I have definite evidence or they personally give me a reason to do so. That’s how I can’t undertand these types who are so quick to turn against a person at the first possible chance to do so.

The types who, although they have no proof someone is worthy of their scorn, jump at the first chance to grab themselves a piece just because everyone around them is doing so and they find it fairly amusing to join in.

So in a nutshell, I hate people who stab you in the back with no warning, abuse your trust or rejoice in kicking someone when they’re down, just for the communal amusement.

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I’m always angry because I’m a fucking bitch. Not much in this world fails to make me angry.

But you don’t look angry. What gives?