Your own laws with baneful magick?

This has always been a thought of mine. How do you guys think on the spot when someone does something to you to piss you off? What I mean is when planning for whatever baneful ritual it may be, how do you dictate what type of “punishment” is right for what offense, or does that not really matter at all because that almost seems like a grey area to me:

  • “control your own reality. You’re your god” blah blah the entire speel on godlike autonomy.

  • but for example, a hit and run, and everyone is ok it just financially screwed you over big time, you probably wouldn’t full on bring them to death for something that petty, even if nobody got severely injured and he or she just sped off. Not saying I’d do some crap like that ( as much as I been tempted to before ) but I’d like to know how much pettiness goes into magick. If you had enough desire to say, bring this person death would pettiness not even matter? I have always been living with blockages I put on myself. “They don’t deserve it that badly” even though I know in the back of my head somehwere I want a lot more to happen to them, something others may call too drastic. Or whatever the case may be. What are your thoughts? How could one step over that kind of blockage “there are no morals telling me not to do this wether it’s seen as right or wrong to others” I mean I typed it out with firm belief so it’s definitely like I said in the back of my head just consciously if I were to plan baneful magick on someone I would literally force myself to sit down and for example think “I’d love to watch this fucker vomit all day over the toilet but then again they onlyyy did this to me. So I’ll do this instead”

Now I understand intuition can tell you if it’s a good idea or not but I have came to visualize that that’s a main obstacle for me when it comes to baneful workings specifically, I have enough desire and put enough emotion into my rituals to see results to some extent that IS up to satisfaction, but sometimes like when I do have pure rage leaking out of me during ritual I still have that little devil on my shoulder “noooo noooo they don’t deserve anything THAT bad” and the angel “no! You want them to suffer that badly!” So I am almost always in a conflicting head space with this. So if anyone has some insight on all this that I could apply to reap more success i would be greatful.

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Typically when it causes me damage to the level where it affects me heavily (i.e getting suicidal thoughts), you can be assured I will get revenge with magick. I also make exception to family members and friends, I will never cast spells on them nor send a spirit to attack them.


So basically we can conclude that it IS in fact the sorcerers complete decision what deserves what? I guess of course depending on their own will power and morals

You’re not a god or even godlike until you’ve completely stripped yourself of everything that makes you petty/ inauthentic or just in general isn’t in alignment with your True Will/ True Self. Everything decided out of a “godlike autonomy” before that is just bloated ego and a heightened sense of self importance. It’s my not so humble opinion, but an opinion nonetheless ^^.

All of us have our own perception of what to do when. I’m not even going to pretend to be a better or even wiser person than those that just throw death-curses at everything that even slightly irritates them. It’s a part of your spiritual path and what’s right and wrong while walking that path is highly personal (as are possible repercussions). I would just like anyone on this path have consider that a reaction should be proportional to the action that makes you react, despite what your emotional level on the moment of reacting is.

I think your “They don’t deserve anything that bad” voice of reason might be very valuable in making sure you don’t do stuff out of pure rage that you might have trouble coming back from, so take that in account too. It might not be just an annoying blockage. You probably don’t have to always listen to it completely, but it might be good to take it in account when deciding your course of action.

I have a few rules for myself when it comes to baneful stuff. These are personal and I don’t mean for them to be rules for anyone else but myself, but maybe someone can get some inspiration out of it.

  • First, of course, it has to be in proportion of the perceived wrong doing.
  • If taking action in reaction to a personal attack or situation, it has to be a reaction to someone or something done that actually stands in the way of my spiritual growth. Otherwise I can just find mundane ways to react.
  • Never strip someone of something that seems authentic to their being.
  • I like to ALWAYS include the opportunity of a teachable moment for my target. (I only include a chance for growth, whether they make use of it or continue to suffer is not my responsibility)

With these parameters I have the idea that it keeps me acting in alignment with the universal laws (or Source), but it does allow me to be creative enough to still make my target suffer, if I wish it so.

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I’m very goal and result oriented, so I do no “punish” because that is a waste of time and does no directly beneficial outcome for me worth putting the effort into.

Maybe I’m just too supercilious, but I don’t care about these people, I’m not emotionally attached to them and I certainly don’t need to keep them living rent free in my head long enough to grace them with even more attention.

What I will do is bind or death curse, specifically to remove a harmful person from my life so they get out of my way as fast as possible.

And then I move on to much more pleasant and interesting things. Life’s too short to spend it wallowing in pig shit.

That’s it, fast, efficient and done.

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For me, if someone would steal from me (I haven’t done this) I would have had protections in place and in the form a petition it would be like “May all who steal from me get ill/have pain/something awful” maybe something that reminds you of the one you stole from. Maybe Andromalius would be a good choice as DOM states he gives the people with ill intent(towards you) a horrible fear of you.

As for the people that are harassing me for too long now I have petitioned many baneful demons. I’m sure it works when I have the gut feeling of calling upon a spirit when I’m being attacked and I feel the attackers being confused and ‘thrown off’ I have a few instances of a petition doing it’s job but the what I think is intuition could very well have been a psychic projection of the attackers that know what I want to happen(to them) oddly… it feels like they pretend I’m attacking them sometimes, to make me possible less hostile towards them(not going to happen) but Weird and confusing anyways.
A peculiar instance in which I petitioned Forcalor I had the intuition this person(who belongs to a group, but I didn’t name a name) came close to having an unfortunate accident :face_with_peeking_eye:

I know this sounds like maniacal raving but just pray that this never happens to you.
Note: I am solving my problems with violence but I feel it is justified, maybe I should ask Bael to make them lose interest, definitely gonna do that, but that doesn’t satisfy my desire for their demise.

My own law, if you practice magick you’re never getting into heaven if that is ever what you wanted, both the Quran and Bible state this. Evoking a spirit is partially becoming the spirit(the energies mix) You think you can knock on heavens door with a)Demonic energy in you, b)The intent to curse people, or just revenge in general and c) practicing Magick? I’m just setting what I know off against what I have read to be the so-called word of God to come to this conclusion.

I just accept the consequences for my wrongdoing as I deem them very, very justified.

Just put ALL that energy and emotion in something less baneful/drastic?

Kill? no, severe itching! Severely ill? No, ruin their friendship :no_mouth:

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The real question is… “will this truly solve your larger problem?” If positively so, then by all means execute. Everyone has their own code and reactions to the world, the likes of which people may find agreeable or not.

For example. Controversial opinion here that I’ve gotten flack for. . .


Teenagers deserve to get cursed as much as adults. 16 y/o is old enough to know exactly what they’re doing, and should pay consequences as such. Literally everywhere outside the USA, 16 y/o is a grown ass young man, fully capable of adult decisions. Americans will even defend college students like they’re childen. It’s comical.

I WILL curse a teenager!

It takes a village to raise a child and hey if that village has a witch they’re maybe gonna learn their lessons harder

If you believe younare doing it for justice and its not your ego driving your actions then it’s okay… thats my view of point. And ofcourse i wouldn’t like to cause any death or disastrous result, just some kind of punishment or a break up for a couple if the girl came in between of me and a guy…
The thing is i do believe in karma and i dont want to cause my bad luck ( in this life or in a next one) because of any matter of ego or arrogance.

I haven’t cursed anyone yet, although a certain someone is really making me consider it. I don’t believe that there some cosmic reason not to curse, so it really comes down to a personal philosophy or my own laws as you put it. For me it is still an open question but here are some things I’ve been thinking about.

1.) Would you be willing to carry out the curse in the physical world? Assuming of course you’d be guaranteed to be able to do it and get away with it? Like you do a curse to cause someone suffering, would you be willing to cause that suffering yourself? I’ve seen people who would feel bad for so much as slapping someone, but think a disease curse is totally fine. In Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield there is a thought experiment about this to do before a curse, I recommend it.

2.) Maybe it would be better to not curse directly. Say you’re being harassed, just do a working to stop the harassment. Don’t add the restriction of do no harm, just let it play out however it happens. Magick takes the path of least resistance, so if a small nudge will make them stop great, if it takes them losing everything so be it. Whatever tragedy befalls them shows how intent they were on hurting you, thus the punishment will always fit the crime.

3.) Once as a experiment I decided to adopt the 5 Buddhist precepts for a couple months. One of which is no killing or harming anything. The very day I started I found a tick on my dog’s neck, and I immediately broke the precept. The next day a random neighborhood dog came to my door, it was covered head to toe in ticks. At that point I gave up on the precepts entirely and destroyed hundreds of ticks. Since then I never considered “do no harm” to have any sort of legitimacy, you have to be truly heartless to follow it.

4.) Don’t know where I stand on revenge. Like it doesn’t really accomplish anything, but if a person didn’t want to face the possibility of revenge they should have treated people better.

I generally do cute little jinxes and hexes and save curses for more serious offenses.


Today my coworker said something stupid to our salon apprentice that will cause her to fail a college exam (hair color can lift natural hair up to 4 levels of lift, and if the hair is orange after you color it then it’s because you suck at formulating color, not because the color isn’t working as it was intended) so I hexed her to have all her hair colors turn orange until she learns to formulate hair color correctly.

For the record, I’ve never had hair color turn someone’s hair orange unless they asked for orange hair.

Here’s another example:

My boss at a different salon threatened my job because she was insecure that I am a more talented hairdresser than she is. I placed a curse on her and she became very confused, very sick, and her hair started to fall out. She also got injured due to her own stupidity.

Jinxes run their course. They last about 2 weeks. Hexes last until you learn your lesson! And a curse lasts forever unless it is removed.

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