Your money spells will never work!

None of your money spells will ever work. You know why? You try to think of how it will look into the future without planning it out in the present. You see the outcome, therefore with your mind, you see it happening, but what you don’t see is how it gets to that point.

So how does that work?

Well, there are hundreds of thousands of outcomes as to what could happen, but with that spell you used, you opened up a new path which you have to learn to execute.

You must find that one path, then look at every variable of it.

This is where it gets extremely complicated.

You have to plan every event that will happen within that day. That requires you to have abilities you have not yet mastered; Abilities that if you had them, you wouldn’t have to have cast a spell for it to open, you’d be able to execute it perfectly.

This is why the chances of you hitting that exact path is next to nothing; It is pure luck you stumble upon it.

It is also what causes people to stop following a path; Giving up because they’ve tried hundreds of thousands of times and they haven’t hit that path.

What i’m saying is, learn of every variable within you as you are the microcosm. Learn what causes you to do things, things that cause sicknesses, unbalance, and etc. This will be through constant meditation, but through one pointed meditation on your gross aspects of your body in order to learn to control it.

You then go to more subtle aspects like voluntary breath control, stopping the heart, controlling the bodily heat.

After that, you go even further into the mental aspects. You learn to control your willpower.

Further on, access the powers of the chakras within your body to learn of the astral senses and use them as help to find variables and the right way of the right path.

I would give a rough estimate of 20 years for all of this to happen, of course, you would also have to be steady in practice.

This would give you the 100% chance of hitting every variable.

If you don’t want to take the time to do these practices for 20 years, you could foolishly keep doing your money spells for 20 years without a single success, or you could do them for 20 years and receive the success due to your own hard work.

It’s either your gain, or your loss.

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I will like to propose a better title to this as this title sound more a curse than advice or positive hypnotism
Why not something like “make your money spells work” or why your money spells don’t work.
As for me I can turn this into positive affirmation but what about the aspiring magicians

Having a plan as well as a realistic source of manifestation is critical to any spells success. I have yet to have a spirit stop by and pull a few notes out his billfold, give me a wink and be on his way when doing money magic. Take EA for example, he’s mentioned several times that he does a ritual for each project released. He does not need to be uber specific but simply work for the project to be a successful venture.

I don’t think you have to have every variable covered, at least I never have but you do need a plan of action. “Bring me money” is kind of vague and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. "Bring me increased hours/tips/sales etc " would be more focused but still leave wiggle room for spirit to work efficiently. Personally I’ve never had success with using exact amounts ornstiff time frames. Majority of the time I simply thank the spirit I’m working with for completing the task even before it is done and then once it is done I pay the spirit for the work completed.

As bank1 mentioned working through the affirmative is very effective, things like “I have what I need” works far better than “Bring me what I need”, time is not same to a spirit as it is to us so they hear you need and you stay where you are needing. Tell them you “have” and they bring what you wanted so that you have it. This method is nust as effective when working with spirits as it is when just pushing your will to deliver your desires.

Normally I’d be joining you on that theme, but just to be contrary, I’m also going to say that any decent spell will provide you, after the working’s done, with the plausible causal routes for the outcome to manifest, in fact I’ve had this experience a few times (not so much with money, I’m not that great at money magick yet) so anyway I think it’s worth mentioning. :slight_smile:

But yeah, usually doing work on existing pathways makes life easier.

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I do in fact have the plan of action (to be precise, you help me a lot when I buy those readings all the time from you TWF). Nowadays, I do affirm myself instead of doing spells, but I still do Yoga and hermetics.
I’m just an App developer and Computer science guy.

EDIT: I ment for this response to be In the “BACKFIRING” topic.


Money spells = true will = work.

You will make more money the closer you get to your “place” in life. I believe that the longer you wait to get to these places, the more “charged” the place will be. Much like “death”, the future should not be something obsessed with, but dreamed of, so when the time is right, especially utilizing Belial, ascension will be MASTERFUL.

I have had some thoughs on money magick tho…as the chaos/street magician I’ve always wanted to find money on the ground. The best luck I’ve had with this was that every car that drove by, I imagined myself coach robbing. After about a mile, I discovered a purse in the middle of the street. 10 bucks.

I find the karma in things aswell, having a basic disrespect for money is KEY to allowing a bountiful karmic surprise turn.

I do wonder tho, the real question…you know on TV you always hear about those people who find LARGE amounts of $, and they turn it into authorities. Could this possibly be MIS PLACED ENERGY FROM A FAILING MAGICIAN!!!

“Hi, lost and found”

“Yes, I saw the report on the news about the 600,000 $ found in upstate.”

“Yes. Can you identify the secret emblem on the bottom of the bag?”

“Yes, the lines and dots, moons and arrows”

“What color ma’am?”


“Yes, what color did you write the sigil in?”


“No, sir, I’m sorry the correct answer was blue. You were supposed to ask the demon to write the ownership title in BLUE.”

Thoughts? I’ve had amazing luck with street urchins turning up dollar bills. I think a key might be to leave a $20 or 50$ bill somewhere with a message, “I need to find more of THESE. Not pennies.”

Me, I’d hand in money I found because it did belong to someone and for all I know they’re really hurting from the loss of it - probably not a loose £20 or whatever, but definitely a wallet or anything identifiable.

All the people I know who don’t act straight round money tend to always be struggling, but maybe that’s just confirmation bias on my part?

I’ve definitely found that going out and spending money on a small non-essential item seems to “unclog” the flow when your income’s a bit tight, even though it’s counter to common sense that tells you to clamp down on spending, and that’s something I realised intuitively when I first left home and had to pay bills and rent etc., so there may be something to that theory! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been told this exact same thing. The theory being if you spend money on something frivolous when you’re a little tight on funds, you are in the mind set of having abundance (else you wouldn’t have spent the money, yeah?). This mind set of already having abundance will attract more abundance.

I must respectfully disagree, at least in part, with the OP. I don’t think we need to figure out every variable, which is impossible anyway. I do think we need to do at least some work to create a path for manifestation, however. If you do a spell to find a $100 bill on the sidewalk, then never leave the house, obviously you’ll not get that Franklin. Ditto with jobs. Do your spell, then send out resumes, fill out apps, etc. The Multiverse will find a way to make it happen.

i once evoked the goddess Santisima Muerte and asked her what money was. she swatted down and gathered some astral dust into her hands, picked it up and threw it up with a flourish and let it fall slowly to the ground. i remember hearing a sort of poof sound effect in my mind. “that’s all it is” she told me at first i thought it was the earth and earth energy…but no it was far simpler than that. the fact is money is BULLSHIT! its a thought form, make believe, we made it up. its just an energetic pattern in the collective consciousness. its by the actions of our society that we give it physical form. don’t see it as material at all, see only the spirit of the thing and evoke it at will.

Each one his path, and I don’t want to sound disrespectful or to deny your truth, but I’ve always been bothered by those sort of timeline. I don’t think you’ll need 20 years of practice, as you don’t need to vibrate mantras for X amount of time or to meditate for an hour per day to achieve what you are looking to achieve.

I’ve picked up Koetting books in April, before that I did energy work. It didn’t took me 20 years to learn to master the chakras, or my will. If you need it need hard work, dedication, I’m with you. But It shouldn’t be unrealistically hard. I think E.A did a video about this a few months ago.

Peace and blessings,

I didn’t do any money spells yet, I did however did a love spell and a curse and they both worked smoothly in less than 24 hours, and I didn’t even have any tools. It was just thoughts, feelings, visualization, and non attachment afterwards…why would it be any different with money?

I did not look at all of the responses to this post, so maybe I am reiterating what others have said. But here are my thoughts: Why on earth would I ever want to attempt magick if I need to invest all of that time that would be needed if the post is true? I would rather just spend my time learning a trade or going to school. I would just tell those so called “powerful” entities that I have better things to do than spend a millisecond thinking about them.

I have some insights lately.Not sure about if it’s from my self or from other entities,but this thought is hunting me and enters in my brain constantly.
I was searching for an answer about why money magic fails and if i’m missing something important.
The answer was to pour emotion over the desired goal.If you want to manifest money,feel the comfort and happiness that money can give you,and send the message to the entities or your spell…This step is important for your own self to be convinced that you’re asking for something positive to happen,and your heart is totally agree with it.
In simple words you project what you want,how you feel about it and the emotional connection between you and your object of desire.
I was commanding with rage entities for money,trying to push all my power in the visualization of the desired outcome failing almost everytime.
My own self was rejecting the magic because of my negative feelings and attitude i had about what i wanted
Now i’m working on it and i’m sure it’ll lead me to better results.Let’s see

I would disagree. Like attracts like. Hard work should be reserved for things that are worthy of such efforts. Money is a joke. It’s worth as much as monopoly money. Therefore… Do the spell until the million dollars lands in your lap. Or evoke a spirit to get it for you with a contract that you will… For example use a portion of that money to do something that benefits them.

As a person which i have practice,way to many money spells,frim Egyptian,to daemons,folk,witchcraft,brujeria,chant,sigil,i can say,dare,test,a,d go forward, try diferent rituals,spells,u spend ut comeback soin to u and trust me,ihave test a lit of them,and black maguc,never let me down,never,its fast,secure,