Your genuinely petrifying experience?

As practicioners of the arts of magick I’m sure all of us have had incredibly terrifying experiences that were completely out of the normal, so share yours in this thread!

I don’t want the whole “I heard a voice in my head” I’m looking more for like “I did a curse/hex I thought wouldn’t work but the target died the next day” style stuff!

My personal one was when I was a young teenager I got drunk and decided to walk home alone from the party I was at. I cried out for Lucifer to come into my life at some point in my drunk rambling, and then I began to notice an extraordinary amount of black cats around the streets I was walking. Im not talking 1 or 2 on each street, I’m talking 10-15 on each street and they all appeared to be staring at me.

My other one was on a camping trip with my uncle, he’s a youth worker in Australia and he had invited me out on an annual camping trip for the well behaved ‘bad’ and ‘troubled’ kids. Half way through the third night in the distance we all (and I mean all of us) saw a what can honestly only he described as a demon in the paddock roughly 600 metres away from us. The description of this demon is simple - at least 9 foot tall with giant red glowing eyes and it’s body was almost like it was cloaked in darkness. It appeared to be watching us. Needless to say every single one of us left our tents there and car pooled all the way into the nearest town and stayed the night.

As I’ve grown older and practiced magick and evoked entities beyond our world I realise now that this was all too real.

So there’s my experiences that don’t involve Evocations where the lights flicker and I talk to entities as many of us do.
Share yours! I’d love to hear them. (:


Many years ago my friend and I would go “ghost hunting.” There’s a park around here that’s super haunted and the challenge is to park and take the keys out of the ignition . So we parked, it’s dark, but I had a bad feeling and had her keep the car running. Looking around we see nothing until I look over by the slide and this huge tall shadow starts moving toward us and it’s about a foot off the ground. It split into 3 identical shadows and was moving faster and I said " go go GO!".

Another time we were driving past another known haunted house and I SAW a boy jump on the hood of the car and we hit him. Oddly, she heard the screams but didn’t see. There was no boy.

This is around the time I started seeing spirits on the regular.


My first experience was when I was at a friend’s house one night after we were using a Ouija board. I was about 15 at the time. One guy was operating the board and the rest of us were asking questions. The objective was to contact our guardian spirits.

The scary part happened after we retired for the night. My friend was in has bed and I was sharing the floor with another guy named Zeke. Zeke was a big guy. I awakened in the night by being physically lifted off the ground in a violent manner and held there several feet off the ground. I said “goddammit Zeke knock it off”. Zeke was the only one strong enough to do that

Then I happened to glance down and Zeke was laying on the floor. When I realized it wasn’t him i was thrown back to the floor. I glanced around the room and in the doorway i saw this huge black thing. I could see the outline of head and shoulders and the rest of it just completely obscured the open doorway. It didn’t move from there and I don’t think I slept for the rest of the night.

This was the experience that taught me that this stuff is real in a way I couldn’t argue with. While it was terrifying when it was happening, it sparked a fascination in me and set me on the path of magic. I have had other experiences since then where things got very physical but nothing has happened in several years. It is because of these kinds of things that cause me to laugh when people say that spirits are just archetypes or similar drivel.


I have yet to do any magick to truly terrify me, however I have been debating talking to crossroad demons and at the moment it’s been freaking me out.

If you want a ghost story I have a similar one to @Faustus where he got lifted off the ground. In short I was young, parents moved to a new house. I woke up in the night being levitated off my bed, but not nicely. I was being lifted up by a noose and experienced the feeling of hanging to death. Saw a dark figure in front of me, I started trying to fight. I was thrown to my bed and it was gone. Turns out the previous owner hung himself in my room, I found out a year later.


I also had a terrifying experience with a Ouija board when I was a teenager with my exgirlfriend. We were playing with it one night and contacted something that gave us horrific insight to the future (which I have yet to find to be true to this day–knock on wood). Afterwards the hauntings began…

First I felt something that I could only describe as like a rodent digging at my sheets near my stomach in the darkness. I knew it wasn’t her because I could see her shadow standing in the middle of the room under the moonlight and when I looked down at the sheets there was nothing there. I called her into bed immediately and we held each other tightly. Then there was tapping at the foot of the bed. I told her to stop and she said she thought that was me. We both curled our legs up and the tapping continued at the foot of the bed.

From where my bedroom was at the time I had full vantage point of the comings and goings of the whole house. No one else was up, it was long past midnight at this time. I heard keys jingling at the front door which I could see from my bathroom window. No one was there. There were so many other little haunting things that happened that night but those stuck out in my mind. Little things that kept us awake the rest of the night that shouldn’t have been there. Since that night I had several violent encounters with spirits that didn’t stop until I moved away from that place.


Maybe because of my innocence as teenager too, several years ago it happened:
I was talking with a middle age lady, and she is someone pretty dear to me…
During this time she was in a church, and the minister there had this conversation with her:

She asked help in how to handlle hes 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, all of them where teenagers and all of them where homosexuals.
The guy answered her it was her fault, and that they where all possessed by the devil, because she was not a good evangelist.:no_mouth:

She was back home this same morning,crying and i was there to take breakfast with her, i was only 15 years old.

I got so angry at this, that i have tell her: your minister will die smothered by his own words.
Several days later, the guy had a heart attack, he have no die, but i was like WTF? have i did this? along with the lady feelings?
She have quit her church after that too.


The night during a meditation I was nearly forcefully possessed by a spirit. It was about two years ago after conducting an exocrcism on a person which I now proudly call a friend, the spirit stayed and then when I “let my guard down” it attmepted to force its ways into me, it wasn’t a demon that’s for sure, it was not a ghost, I believe it is was some very powerful spirit somethign undead/demonic I cannot say exactly I know a little bit of the background of the spirit since I was able to force it out of it when it possesed my friend. That was in of itself terrifying.

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Sounds like my place on a Tuesday.

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This experience happened at a previous job of mine.

One of the guys from the back room was making fun of me. Commenting how my physical strength can’t match his, etc… I didn’t care and I brushed it off.

The next day, the guy didn’t show up for work, but his friend was in the corner. He looked confused and sad. The story from him was, the guy who made fun of me had an “accident”. A bizarre one at that.

The guy was walking home, his normal route for the past 2 years. Apparently, he was hopping over a small fence and somehow fell on his neck in a perfectly unfortunate way. Not only was he in a coma, but he was paralyzed from the neck down.

I’ve had several incidents where unfortunate, bizarre events happen to someone who was either: making fun of me, talking behind my back, or making me uncomfortable. It also happens to people who seem to get too close to me as well.


Demons are highly protective of their family so I know exactly what you are talking about. The only times they don’t completely smash anyone who offends me is when it’s another magician. Because at that point it’s a sibling dispute and they prefer to not get involved when they happen to love both parties. It becomes a sort of “if you want to slap him I won’t get in the way”. But they refrain from automatically destroying other magicians on my behalf. And good thing too because some of my best allies were former enemies, that’s always how it works out.
All the major military strategists will tell you the best Allie is a former enemy. They have more to prove and won’t expect forgiveness the way a friend would.


Around three months back I visited my sister and the guest room is notorious for giving everyone bad dreams. Despite many visits only during the last visit I had a bad dream that I was being dragged by hair and when I looked up the thing was laughing at me with black face and white teeth. Also when I opened my eyes still lying on the bed, I thought a hand would come from below, it felt very real. The next few nights I didn’t get any bad dream. My sis said when she slept once there she felt like someone was choking her, I told her it could be sleep paralysis but being a doctor she said she felt a distinct sensation. Also my brother-in-law’s cousin when visited them experienced a bad dream sleeping in that guest room. Almost everyone who slept there got some horrible nightmare.

It is a very old hospital and my sis lives in the quarters provided. I’m sure that there is something in that room which wasn’t there few years ago.