Your Experiences Working With Satan?

What are your experiences in working with Satan? Before I even got into magic I had a strange connection that makes me think in my past life I maybe worked with a being that was represented by him, maybe I was a dabbling pagan? I think that may be the case cause while I was a devout Christian there are two experiences with Satan I can remember.

1: I was thinking about how the devil was a murderer and I felt him communicating in my mind saying ‘you know I never actually killed anyone’ and I thought back ‘yeah but you encouraged people to’. This could just be some weird egregoric experience but it felt real.

2: One time I was being silly with my brother and I said ‘the accuser’ and I felt an invisible presence in the room which my brother didn’t notice. I just ignored it until it went away cause I was like fifteen. It stayed for a while though.

Anyway, prior to getting into magic I had this random dream where I was lying on the floor with my head under my bed and I engraved a pentagram into the underside of the wooden bedframe, and then later felt someone warm crawling up me and licking my face. Then I woke up feeling like there were entities around the room. I freaked out a little but mostly it felt erotic. Oh, I guess I should also say that when I was feeling kinky I thought about Satan while masturbating, cause you know, the depravity of doing that while being a Christian. So… there you go. Satan seems to be one of those entities that likes to be worshipped right? Do you guys agree? What are your experiences?


Maybe I should’ve started my own thread… but you know, eh.

It seems to me that he is indeed with you and paying close attention to you. What I have found is that they are around for a while just patiently trying to guide you and waiting for you to hear them and give them the attention they are wanting. I have had entities around me since I was young but they did not introduce themselves to me until I was finally ready. (I have a hard head. What can I say.) So he has been with you and talking to you. As far as what is he like? I think they are different to different people. He may be a jerk to me and nice to you. Ya know? I have found him to be very erotic and sexual. He is handsome and powerful but he does like to cause pain. He’s a little kinky so yeah. I’m kinky too. That may be it. If you are interested in getting to know him then evoke him and get to know him. Sounds like you two can have fun together. He IS a lot of fun.


Tread lightly… Evil laugh i was watching Adult Swim and saw the devil in a cartoon next thing you know a guy beats at my door. My exs boyfriend and he wanted to kill me havent talk to him in years after he left i saw another devil in a different cartoon. Maybe he was pissed because i confused lucifer and satan and a night before i did a ritual to satan but used lucifers sigil. So yeah…


Umm yeah that pissed them off! They are always fighting! lol! Using the wrong sigil was a real mistake! But we do it. Ok. I will tell you something I did the other day. I was evoking four of them so I was doing the circle calling them to their “corners.” (corner of a circle… anyway) I summoned Lucifer and he came but he was laughing and I thought why is he laughing? Is he just happy I called them all? So I just continue and when I got to the last corner it was supposed to be west but I was in the east and I thought wait! What? Something is wrong here and I went over the directions 3 times in my head and looked at the ritual 3 times and suddenly it clicked I had gone in the wrong direction and summoned him to the wrong place. They all had a good laugh at my blonde moment and seemed to be like “Wait for it! She’s gonna get it any minute!” I started over and did it right. At least they have a sense of humor! There. Does that make you feel better!? lol!


Yea thats loads better i could see lucifer having a humor but satan. Not so much

When you say the 4 corners you mean…

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Thank you Nikki! And yeah that story’s hilarious!

It’s cool, I gave this part its own topic because the other is about Kek and not everyone shares that UPG about him. :slight_smile:


Well kind of. I was working with the Luciferian Goetia and it was Azazel not Belial. And I have known them all for a while now so when I messed up, let me just say they were not surprised. I am basically comedy relief for them. I mean I am not an idiot but “the blonde is strong with this one.”

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I am trying to remember if I ever noticed Satan joking or laughing and to be honest… I don’t think I can. He may have been that night a little but I think he was more like shaking his head and facepalming. He has a slight mean streak but I like him.


Satan although i havent worked with him yet seems well his name. At first i thought them all to be the same now i love Lucifer but i havent touched grounds with satan or azazel yet? In dew time though :wink:

I love Lucifer too. We have been very close for a while now. But honestly, what is not to love!?


Is satan red with horns

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Here are the seal and key of Satan.


Wow thats a super sigil


Hahah that made my day. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Ouu! Nice sigil! I like that one! Thank you for sharing it.

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you should have totaly started this thread. the more threads about Satan, the better!

do more threads about Satan!!!


Lucifer manefested to me last week and I worked with him. While we were together we were always in a cave with a single entrance and Samael stood and guarded the doorway but never spoke.

Lucifer pierced his side with my astral sword and black blood trickled out. He said if I drank it I could never go back And be ignorant. I would experience his “current” so I could make a choice whether I wanted to walk his path or not.

Asked lucifer why sammael hasnt said anything to me. He said i should ask him for the truth. Sammael was standing at the entrance to the cave. He had long blonde hair died up in a ponytail and was dressed like a roman soldier with a sword at the hilt.

“all this time you havent spoken to me. Have I done something wrong ? Will you tell me the truth?”

Sammael began to turn to me. His presence heavy and bright as if i was caught in the gravity of a planet or a sun. He moved to face me slowly like he was moving through thick viscous fluid. He stared at me angry but curious his head at a slight tilt.

“and what will you do if I don’t tell you the truth? Call your neutered dog on me?”(he means my spirit husband)

I didnt understand. There was a short but agonizing silence. I was too frozen too respond as if an invisible force was pushing me down. Then before i knew it I was laying on my side on the ground. I tried to respond but I couldn’t speak. I could only lie there helpless and angry at my weakness.