Your experiences with possession?

Lets hear your possession experiences. I am possessed by Lucifer and have never felt this level of personal control, power, and a willingness to get things done.

What are your experiences like with possession?


I personally don’t like possession because I am in here. What lead to this decision?

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It’s a bit personal but after a while Lucifer gained my trust and vice versa and I offered to let him start acting as a copilot within my body. Everyone I know has said that I’ve “changed”. If only they knew the truth.


Im all for it myself I Had & Have multipul being’s of all nature’s present internaly & exsternaly.

My soul is still free to come & go as I please know & forever, I get time when I want & need it. & they all care of me the same & I them to ensure I am safe to contiue any work’s I have done or contiueing.

This is the process I use based on personal exsperiance & of the best teacher’s I have had over the year’s & last 2 decade’s.

“As long as you have your term’s of arrangement correct in any form, You are truely greatful for the aid, As well as acknolaging your own power of will & don’t over promise its very safe.”

But that’s my personal exsperiance’s without bringing name’s and arrangment’s into the convosation for reason’s.

I am still cautious who know’s how much of what though when it come’s to people I interact with day to day, The path’s we walk are not for everyone.

Grammer OCD, its back up

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I think only those who are sensitive to energy can really tell if there is a possession. Behavior changes can be explained away. If you can’t feel energy changes.

My Clarisentience is very well developed at this point.

My husband described his experience as feeling blackout drunk while being sober, he only remembers fragments, we also did rituals each time.

My ex got over taken, so it was random who or what would show up. He was also drunk most of the time.

My friend, says he gets thirsty and feels tired when it is done and while it happens.

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Any idea of what entities they were possessed by? For me it feels more like having a co-pilot.

Only my friend is a co pilot, but even then when he fully takes over for a short amount of time, it drains him because it takes a lot of energy. Both the person and the one that takes over describe great thirst.

When my friend is over possessed the messages are more in depth and riddle like. Lots of water metaphors.

Also when the person is taken over the Spirt/God/Demon always talk about how it such hard work to take over a body.

My husband wasn’t a co pilot, he got taken over to preform a task.

And my ex let a bunch of things over take him. He probably and might still need an exercism.

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I wasn’t talking about the person being possessed I was meaning the rest of the world. When interacting with the possessed person.

I know who they were possessed by, it takes me time to figure it out because they don’t give out names easy if they are anything or represent anything pretty big.

I’ve had really bad experiences with possessed people, and they weren’t parasites, it wasn’t a lesson, and I didn’t try to make them mad at me.

(Also only one 1 of the 3 possessed people I’ve interacted either even remember anything)

The one that remembers can only do it for a short amount of time, it takes a crazy amount of water, and they way he talks completely changes, but themes tend to be the same.

Damn, that’s a shame. Whatever is possessing them seems a bit controlling. I won’t deny that Lucifer can be very strict and controlling to teach lessons but when I agreed to let him use me as a vessel I told him we were going to do this together as equals and he agreed, so I guess I’m lucky in that regard.

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Ah, yes, it could be hard to detect if someone is possessed, especially for the mundane layman.

That is how I’ve seen most possessions go, even the co pilot ones.

I’ve also have seen people being able to channel them on a whim and tell them what to do or get advice but that isn’t a possession. That is more of a guide.

The Spirts/Demons/Gods always talk about how hard it is staying in a body controlling things and why they can only do it for short bursts.

I’ve lost complete control before but it’s usually only happened on the very rare occasions when I get drunk. Otherwise I’ve got a pretty good grip on my mind and body.

What’s your purpose for being possessed?

Imagine merging your soul with that of another. By allowing Lucifer to posses me I take on his traits which has been a transformative form of alchemy and a very positive, albeit sometimes demanding experience.

Would you ask him if he’ll help me if I evoke him? And if he’ll come cause I’m not sure if I’m mature enough

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Are you really in contact with Lucifer? Can you help me?

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I’ve been in a permanent possession with King Paimon for nearly 4 months now. I’ve had pretty much positive interactions with him the only draw back I could even remotely say is all the chattering day in and day out i’d guess you’d say. There is such an abundance of information from King Paimon that sometimes it feels like i’m having a conference call with about a hundred people at once: but over all i feel it has been a positive decision and driving force in my life…