Your experiences with beelzebuth

I wanted to know your experience with beelzebuth I have already invoked beelzebuth he came in a dream with lots of flying insect the 3rd time I invoked him I asked him to possess me and I was in my room and I was like drunk

I would like to work with him he had already owned me when I was little

He feels (for example by gazing at his sigil) mild at the beginning, then this impression progresses revealing a steadiness and, in that way, a force. This feeling also has a bit of similarity with Azazel’s one.
I channeled him a year ago, he told me for example that self knowledge helps to know problems too, and so how to face them; that it’s important to fight without surrender.

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He’s really like quiet until you notice him.

He likes to bring flies into my room. At one point there were 6 flies flying clockwise in my room

Def a strong presence but patient as I’m not ready to work work with him yet.

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Thank you for your answers

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This is actually a record of my experiences with Beelzebub