Your best experiences with Kabbalah Angels?

What are your best experiences -mainly wealth, money and success- with Kabbalah Angels?

I’ve had good experiences working with the Tree of Life, too many to be counted, yet I’ve done very few workings with specific angels or archangels (mainly healing and asking questions, and a massive curse)

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what are in your opinion the best sources -books and online- for learning about this subject?

This is a thread where I asked for book recommendations about angels

I learned Qabalah from Thelemic, Jewish and Draconian authors, none of them was focused on angel working as it is widely understood in this forum.

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All Angels working is considered white magick?

how you uderstand white magic?

Angels can do harm etc. they just tend to be lawful, no matter how harsh the law is.

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Angels are not the fluffy little cherubs many New Age “angelologists” seem to think they are. They are powerful warriors and can be just as wrathful as any demon. They can be called upon for destruction as well as benevolence.

Remember, in the Bible, whenever God wanted to punish someone, he sent an angel, not a demon. Turning cities to ash, and slaughtering the first born of Egypt were all the actions of angels.


ive worked with a couple in the past, they focus mostly on internal alchemy (spiritual and mental transformation) as far as i know, oh, and angels and Archangels are different in ranks, Archangels are generals of an army, Angels are soldiers, though you can consider an Archangel an Angel and work with them as well in Kabbalah and otherwise


Can you share which Angels or Archangels you deployed for a massive curse, and was the ritual out of a book?

Angels of Wrath by Gallery of Magick

look into that

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Yep I have the book, I was going to work with it this week. Which curse worked for you?

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i dont curse people any more, and have rarely cursed, much less used Angels in curses

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I understand how you feel about that. I see it as a last resort when all efforts to sort things out the civilised way with a narc have come to nil and the person won’t stop causing destruction.

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i get it, but id suggest you find a way to get out of the persons hair and build shields and defenses to avoid running into trouble and make your life better rather than bringing his or her life down, just my opinion, the option i give you is, in my opinion, the better one since no one gets hurt and you will ameliorate your situation.

but you do you.

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That is good advice. I have done all those things too and continue to do so. Protection, shielding, manifesting a better life. I don’t want to have anything to do with this person but am going through a legal battle and the bully is really bearing down and playing dirty.


The Gallery of Magick and the Power of Magick Publishing have the best books on angel magick that I’ve read. Not to shill for them too hard, but Magickal Riches, Magickal Cashbook, Wealth Magick, and 7 Occult Money Rituals are all very good if you’re looking for money magick. Even if you don’t use all the actual rituals, the ideas shared in the books are worth so, so much, and will help with any sort of money magick that you do.


have a talk with a Being you feel close to about what to do (if you havent already)

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Wealth magick is a very powerful book

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I haven’t been shown an answer yet, thanks I will keep trying

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This is kind of de-railing the thread here, but I just want to say that, for some, curses are sometimes essential. Even aside from the effects on the other person, curses can bring healing and transformation that mere protection magick cannot provide. There is a very big psychological difference between fighting back against someone who tried to hurt you and just running away from them.

It is also the case that some people have, for whatever reason, a need to dominate or cause suffering to others. Magick can provide healthy and useful outlets for these urges that people genuinely do have. If you let them fester inside you, at best they just bleed out into areas of your life where you do not want them, at worst they completely take over.

I don’t mean to say that everyone needs to throw around curses, but this is an important part of black magick that people should not be shamed for.