You naughty naughties

SO… if a ‘god’ started off as a virus very plausible. And you believe in your ‘gods’ - If it is also possible to move mountains if you have faith, and y’all have faith in your ‘gods’… which one of you prays to Covid19 with faith that it is indeed a ‘god’ when it is actually a virus. May I ask you to refrain from praying to your ‘god’…and highlight to you it that it should be clear by now it isn’t a ‘god’ at all but merely a Virus. Sigh…

May I ask you all to list which ‘god’, spiritual entity or being you have prayed to on experimental grounds or in the attempt to contact a ‘new’ contact. I might suggest it could well be someone attempting in some way a communication from bats or maybe the vampiric pantheon.

As the old saying goes - ‘You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.’




Accepting death is rather calming. It opens up more of my thinking, things i dont normally think about.

Edit - doesnt mean ive given up lol, ill do what i can obviously but sometimes life is 100% out of your control lol. Surprisingly, i feel loved, like very loved :slight_smile:

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Did you know that the virus itself has its own egregore called Corona-chan?

Long long ago in a time before the now, there was a small community of primitive humans that contracted a virus - though they knew it not as such. The Virus killed off the weak and the sick and then fell back asleep leaving the strong and the young alone in their misery. This continued year after year.

One day a particularly observant person, noticed that the ‘Virus’ appeared within the community about the same time that the moon shone between the two peaks and speckled the water surface under the oo goo tree, their special tree. The young observer ran to the chief whom immediately demanded that they build a shrine near the oo goo tree and adorn it with the special trees fruit. This they set about to do at once and when it was finished went back to the chief.

The chief after some deliberation carved an effigy into a piece of wood. He carried the effigy to the new shrine and bathed it in the moon kissed water after which he placed it on the altar and submissively fell to his knees. He cried out to the sky and beseeched the as yet unnamed sprit that his effigy represented, to treat his people well and take no lives that year.

That year the virus took no lives inflicting each person with merely a passing fever and the chief was pleased. He assigned two people, which they called the keepers with the task of keeping fruit and water upon the altar, and the new religion and the new god was born …!

Unbeknown to the primitive human community and in the shadows of the oo goo tree was a diminutive and very cunning demon who watched the procedural events with much interest. Hmm thought the demon maybe I can benefit from this in some way, maybe I can pretend to be the very spirit of the effigy and demand reverence and gifts and adoration and my name shall be ----- ! And so it was…!

Over many years and many moons - the community prayed and adorned their new spirit. Some years the spirit punished them badly and many died and some years the virus was mild and gentle.

One night on the full moon that shone between the two peaks one of the keepers of the effigy heard a whisper from the shadows under the oo goo tree. The voice floated gently almost imperceptibly into the mind of the keeper, and he heard the name ----- !

Many years later a sailing ship happened upon the community and with it some people from a far away land. These people recorded with sticks and on sheets strange symbols, often pointing and gesticulating at the shrine and effigy. Then one day they left as mysteriously as they had arrived.

One year the spirit was very very angry at the community of people and everyone died. In the shadows under the oo goo tree the cunning demon sighed. He leapt up from from the darkness and entered the body of a bat. He guided the bat to the ground and sank his teeth into the body of the last to fall. He then forced the bat to drink from the corpse the liquid blood, before it congealed and could no longer be imbibed. The virus was ingested and the bat was infected and the demon was seen no more.

to be continued……


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You can ask what you like, no-ones stopping you. If the post violates forum rules it will disappear.
I suspect, if someone thought it was a good idea to contact the deva of SARS-Cov-II, a random on BLAG asking them to stop that isn’t going to carry much water, sorry, but that’s life.
You haven’t really explained very well why you think they shouldn’t.

That’s not, imo, how spirit works.
While the physical vessel if an entity could be a virus, or for that matter, an insect, a rose, a mouse, a lizard, a chicken or a human, there can be a consciousness of either the thing or a collective of the thing. That consciousness is experiencing aspects of the universe through the limited lens of the physical vessel.

Nothing is really as it seems down here. Whether you call these consciousnesses gods, daemons, devas, aliens or djinn, I don’t think matters that much, the classification is secondary to thier effect.

Easy! None. I don’t pray, period.

This question is like asking me which postie I pray to. Wtf? She’s called Brenda and I just say ‘thanks for the mail and have a nice day’, that isn’t praying either. Same thing.

And what if we need COVID-19? If the esoteric assessment is correct, it’s very much needed. It is also fighting for it’s life right now. I think it can and will end up coexisting with us as most other viruses do.
How you handle that energetically is on you.


What? I am sorry this confuses me what are are you trying to get at?



Ok, maybe you want to take this to the Journals category. Journals have protections under the rules where you aren’t required to defend your ideas. You seem to be departing from debatable points here in order to tell stories.

There’s nothing wrong with entire species dying out. It’s how life works. The old makes way for the new. To have it otherwise is to stop growing and stagnate without progress. And Earth is all about progression. It’s a huge part of the game here.

If you don’t want to die out, adapt with change and become the new. Doing that by dying and reincarnating into a new body is a perfectly valid way to do that.

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Yeah I don’t get this either

The demon used the body of an asymptomatic carrier to house the virus, disappeared, and presumably used the virus to kill again many years later upon finding a new community that “disappointed” it. The Black Plague, Influenza, Spanish Flu, Ebola, and now COVID-19 - all the work of this demon. That is what you are inferring, correct?

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Correct almost but with a few complications missed…

A person came upon the manuscript as written by the sailors of the ship. The one and only manuscript, which contained within it the whispered name of the demon and whispered BY the demon to the keeper that fateful night.

The aforementioned person published an article about the manuscript and one dark dark night in a dark dark room, a curious little mind asked themself a question…! Upon seeing the name of the would be god the curious little mind decided to communicate over the ether and to see what god it be…!

Now unbeknown to the curious little mind in the dark dark room on a dark dark night, and having received what was thought was no reply. Setting aside the ritual, somewhat late for a prearranged date, all was forgotten.

Somewhere however, and in the dark-nest corner of shadow of a different tree - there was a stirring…most definitely NOT a mouse, hungry for pain, hungry for sufferance, hungry for fear…! Resting and roosting in a hole in the branches above was a bat, alone but not alone some might say, such a long long way from home, a sole survivor of a nefarious trade - a symbol of a certain dish been made…!