You guys ever seen a spirit in such a manifestation as if they had a physical body?

Happened to me with Azazel awhile back I had just woken up around 3 am when I just saw him looking at me while I awoke He looked like he was actually fucking their like I could reach out and touch him was crazy

He stood at about 5 ft
Wore a Black hooded cloak
Couldn’t see his face was pitch black
and his left arm was a Black Boa that stretched long enough to his knees
He injected me some kind of energy with this serpent at my neck
You wouldn’t be able to tell it was a spirit or a short guy in a costume was fucking awesome.
What about you guys? :thinking:


No but some where quite visible like a cloaking ship on star trek, they were like translucent waves

Some have looked like this

Like this

I know that not all these pics are ghosts , I am saying they looked like that


I’ve seen one of my spirits, similar to this:

I just woke up in the middle of the night, and there she was, in front of me and she “buzzed” on my waist area.


I had just spoken of this a couple days ago, I haven’t evoked anyone yet (at least not on purpose), but I have had two individuals visit me in a similar way as what you described. I saw them as solid and real as if they were regular people standing there…both times in the night in my room.

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I have had this with lucifer and azathoth

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yup- when I was 9 an entity claiming to be “Satan” walked through a wall into my bedroom,- long story short- i was positive when i through my first kicks and punches i would be hitting a full grown man— where it should really hurt! Other than confusingly spinning around and landing on my ass- the only thing more confusing was how did he pin me to the cieling from across the room after morphing into a serpent. i look at everyone really carefully, as they may very well not be solid as they look. enjoy the future.


About ten years ago my friend and I were "ghost hunting " and ended up at a park we would frequently hang out at. Evidently there was a rumor if you cut the engine you would hear knocking on your car. Well we went in the dark and I was too afraid to turn the car off but we parked. I was looking at the slide and there appeared a black figure like a human but cloaked. Well it split into 3 identical figures and was running toward the car. I freaked my shit and kept telling her to go - she didn’t see it.
Another time we were at a crossroads and the road ended where you could only go left or right. Dead center in the headlights a figure about 4 ft tall and a foot off the ground looked like it was doing the running man. Again she didn’t see it.
These are the only two times I’ve ever been afraid of an entity- I see ghost often and nothing ever remotely as scary as these.


The Archangel Michael swinging that fucking sword at me face after i got it in my head to ask him to teach me how to defend myself and show me what was up with whole “circle of flames around eden via the sword”

Was expecting a book, random links of into popping up, mayyybe a meditation… Nope first clear as day visual… Flaming sword comin at ya boy:rofl: and i didnt even ritually evoke the bastard least not in the conventional sense, just asked after i did the Lbrp and got the idea in my head… Be clear and careful what ya randomly ask for in mid ritual… :rofl: you may get it… Was useful as hell in the end though. :thinking:



jk lol


Lmao noooo it was more.

Me after diving to the floor to dodge. Wha Da fuck?!!?
Michael. Stand and defend yourself.
Me. Well shit…this will be interesting or end reallllly badly…


But seriously speaking was Reading about Raziel awhile back and when I got to his Prayer in this book by Damon Brand This HUGE ASS flash of light came out of the corner of my room almost felt like it blinded me! and when I went to check it came from an old pendant of Raziels sigil.


Titled this The Remover because he removed a blockage or darkness from 2nd chakra…it was then passed to another where it had changed into a bright light…the picture shows a sort of face but it was really in shadow


Yes, whit Azazel, but for some reason he laughed in my face and “disappeared”, and then I got very dizzy from way to much incense that I used (I think I went to an extreme whit it)

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Yeah with some that I have worked with most of my life. They are quite powerful and they either get full total possession and control of someones body or they bend reality to get a body temporarily. I’m not the only one that knows them either my close friend knows them too and has experienced them doing this to interact with him without needing to be summoned. Just come and go as they please.

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I was drifting to sleep and heard a cat hiss in my face. Not sure if this counts

A combination of these two. All black, without all of the arms, without the eyes. She wouldn’t let me see her face when asked. My life was turned upside down and the Kundalini fire was activated. Sounds like Kali.


Well I just went upstairs and glanced behind me to see someone that looked like that creepy kid from the omen but roughly 19. Whatever that was about…