Yoga Nidra vs. Theta/Gamma Sync

I come from a Kriya/Tantra Yoga background. I use numerous techniques of Yoga to quickly drop into deep theta states, and even delta states consciously. There are many side effects of becoming naturally psychic if you do this on a regular basis.

I access a state known as Yoga Nidra consciously. This is a state just between deep Theta and Delta. When beginners start accessing this state consciously, it will appear as if they lose time because they will not remember being in that state. The more often you access this state, the longer you will stay there and will eventually remember this “non-experience”, a state of no-thought.

When I first started practicing western magic, I would apply my Yoga training to ritual, and found out quickly they are a perfect match.

If there is an interest, I can elaborate much more on these techniques.


Yeah I’m interested

The body, breath, and mind are intimately connected. The majority of people have an imbalance in all three. Modern culture has succeeded in psychologically, spiritually, and sexually contaminating us to the degree that we are living with chronic tension continuously. It does not dissipate even during sleep. This tension will block any ability to sense the more subtle levels of existence.

One of the first steps to achieving deep states of consciousness is to learn how to affect the deep fascia in your body, which is also connected to emotions that have been frozen bio-physically in your body due to past trauma. Some types of psychology refer to this as ‘Character Armor’.

I have found that the practices of Yin Yoga and Yantra Yoga are very effective for this. Both are types of Hatha Yoga. Yin Yoga requires holding poses for longer periods of time, up to 5 to 10 minutes at a time. As where normal Hatha Yoga will affect your surface muscles more, Yin Yoga will begin to hit your deep fascia, and eventually will pull your joints apart. This has the effect of making you feel vulnerable because the tension that was there previously, was there to protect you from traumatic memories, mostly from childhood. It is not uncommon that long forgotten memories will come flooding up, followed by the emotion. It is best to not dwell on it but just allow it to come to the surface and release it.

Yantra Yoga is a type of moving Tibetan Yoga that synchronizes the breath. It is a complex system in itself, which I can cover another time. Lu Jong is another system of body movements designed to open up the Chakras that has a similar effect.

Once you can affect the physical body at that level, it is time to learn how to breath properly. States of consciousness are very much connected to your rate of breathing and how you breath. Most people in modern society breath with their upper lungs and shoulders. It is a shallow type of breathing, and the rate at which they breath is usually very rapid.

I have taught students how to breath properly by making three small sandbags. You can make these easily by filling a little sand in a ziplock plastic bag, covering it with another, and then duct taping it shut. Don’t make them too heavy, but enough that you notice the weight. Place one on your abdomen, one on your diaphragm, and one on your chest while lying in the Shavasana, or the corpse posture.

Practice by breathing and isolating each sandbag on its own. For example, breath only with your abdomen. The top two sandbags should be still. After you can isolate each one, then you should be able to easily take in a full breath starting with filling air in your abdomen (lower lungs), then your diaphragm, and finally your upper lungs where your chest moves. I can easily isolate each part of my lungs. Just showing people pure diaphragmatic breathing causes some confusion and disbelief at first.

When you can take full Yogic breaths like this, approximately 10 seconds on the inhalation and 10 seconds on the exhalation, you will notice an immediate shift in consciousness. This is enough to begin with. Eventually you can add holding the breath on the inhalation and exhalation, isolating the left and right nostrils. I’ll save this for another time.

So up to this point you have learned how to release muscular tension as well as tension in the deep fascia. And you have learned how to breath properly for about 10 minutes, inhaling and exhaling for a count of 10.

Now you can move on to practice Kaya Sthairyam in Shavasana, the corpse posture. Kaya means body and Sthairyam means steadiness. Your mind will remain one-pointed only when your body is completely still, like a statue. That means not even swallowing. Practice this until you can hold your body completely still for about 10 minutes. Eventually work your way up to 30 minutes. Consciously scan your body during this time and release any tension. When you can be completely comfortable and relaxed for 30 minutes without moving a single part of your body, then you’ll be ready to practice the techniques that will lead into the state of Yoga Nidra.

After spending time daily in the state of Yoga Nidra, you will be able to after a few months, just consciously enter that state with your eyes open, anywhere you are.

I will continue with the techniques that lead into Yoga Nidra tomorrow. Please ask any questions on anything that isn’t clear.


My understanding of Yoga Nidra (and some other states in other systems that are perhaps similiar) vs Theta-Gamma is that the first is more attention drawn Subjective (ie not outward-sensory, but sort of propels into the Mind-Space) vs the second seems more tied to the local-EnviroSensory input (although underlying “shift” affect is similiar) [?][/quote]

Very good point. Yoga Nidra allows you to enter a state of conscious deep sleep in order to be in a state of pure awareness, where there is no identification with anything. This is obviously not conducive to evocation and other magical practices. But by mastering the techniques that lead to Yoga Nidra you will become adept at entering states from alpha, theta, deep theta, and delta consciously. So then you can hover at any level you want.

So the process may be different but the results are the same in the end.


This is awesome and much appreciated

Are there particular asana that you would recommend for Yin Yoga?

Indeed- actually I was thinking how EA has written about the use of Ritual actions to achieve a result and then sensing that “internal movement” that occurs- one can then just activate that directly (An energetic-activation &/ or an aspect/lvl of mind becomes known then can be combined with others)…

  so as you mention:

(( Very good point. Yoga Nidra allows you to enter a state of conscious deep sleep in order to be in a state of pure awareness, where there is no identification with anything. This is obviously not conducive to evocation and other magical practices. But by mastering the techniques that lead to Yoga Nidra you will become adept at entering states from alpha, theta, deep theta, and delta consciously. So then you can hover at any level you want.

So the process may be different but the results are the same in the end. ))

** (the quote function doesn’t seem to work when I click it :slight_smile:

Thus as OP mentions “the results are the same in the end” I’d reference it more to the moments (longer or shorter- but that sustained shift) during which an Entity is appearing (or Evoked Form is materializing)- activating that shift and “directing it” at an area (Gateway Whorl) or the Consecration of a Tool/Space (marking something for a specific-defined Purpose, giving it a “will”) first learned via longer rite, and then that Twist so to speak summoned out-of-context.

So I’m not sure if my comment seemed to sound as if I was saying this wouldn’t apply- actually the opposite. And to learn a skill (which develops not only steps to a result- but the action becomes identified) the longer-way, and then quicker (often there is the thought of just jumping to quicker- but that doesn’t bld the foundation- more Gifted one is, more solid one could devel)… and occilating back and forth – but that is a diff step to isolate the esoteric-else

(if one can identify ah- feels like energy is doing this, or just a way of mind-thoughts doing that... I'd say that's not the really shift-twist.. the Magic-flow is something Beyond-outside our usual, its like wakingup an "arm that went to sleep"  Pins&Needles as well as flailing about as it is integrated/learn-how-to move it      - anyway, isolating these Tweaks, then sense how-if? they can be reCombined... and what that results...  I've implied-written too much in this, but that was the thought I had...  Y.G. facility activated while say completely awake (so not the state-changing qual, but once in that state- activate that in a diff state ie not "sleep"  etc.       -- As you seem to mean, ref in your response

The Rapture to Xrds question might be- what if you summon-generate that Y.G. E-flow/qual of mind (sense of that "part" that BeComes activated and involved in that deep Y.G. activity) and enfuse through your Physiology    & out into the Enviro  (and thus from the Enviro, it flowsFloods back into your Body and thus Mind)   What state might result.... how much can the Room alter..

once this is done- if you left and returned later- might there be an energetic-sensation still in the Room… changed from that? (again the cycle- ea time it BeComes more familiar more clear what Efacility is developed-activated by this… and thus more directly access)…

which can then circle back and feed into one’s Y.G. practice (as well as other Yoga SIDDHI, as this is like a Pratyhara -shakta, Feeling-See-Know “into” below the surface, and once ReVealed

          *gee my response be came a bit long, I don't mean to distract from the Original Posters thread-  Luck

I have a huge interest, I have been looking for an instructor, but here in my college town it’s some chick instructor and about 30 smoking hot penn state chicks lol, might be hard to concentrate with a bunch of tight ass’s in my face.

Hey looks like there’s a class not to far away from me, going to check it out this weekend

You really only need four poses that will give you the tension release needed. At 5 minutes a piece, you just need 20 minutes a day.

Check out which organs and meridians are affected.

Men tend to have more trouble with the saddle pose than women.

iRest is a modified form of Yoga Nidra for “westerners”. Many of the esoteric Tantric elements are removed, like the usage of psychic symbols, but it’s still very good and will enable you to gain control over your nervous system. I think they put out guided CDs/MP3s as well.

I can make some audio files for free though for people on this board, since I have a special place for black magicians in my black heart. :wink:

Sounds good, think I found a place that teaches the regular version here too

Also hatha yoga sounds interesting, bitteroot, do you know anything about hatha yoga?

What you see people commonly referring to as “yoga”, which is the physical aspect of it, is a vital component of hatha yoga. It is not the whole of hatha yoga, but if I could sum up hatha yoga, it would be the yoga of physical body. It is easy to see how this definition may just cause folks to start looking solely at the asana practice, and the asanas are indeed the hallmark property imo. However, the pursuit of hatha yoga also works to instill a process of generating control over the physical body, and providing it with the tools to become an optimal temple. SO pranayama, diet, sunbathing, sexual exercises (mulabandha/kegel for example)… all of this can be included in there. I’m not an expert, but this is what I have been able to draw from it at least.

Does anyone have an opinion on using Binaural or Isochronic tones to help enter states where we can sense the subtle body?

They can definately help assist you in getting into the right states, but you still have to do the correct meditation while listening. While listening I can experience the falling sensation (while doing meditation) but if I become too excited I lose the feeling, even though the tones are still audible. So in my experience I cant just listen and hope for experiences, I always have to do the work and use the tones as an assistance, not as the method… if that makes sense.

The good thing about the tones is that the brain remembers it all and after practice you can enter the states without using them.

When I scry or meditate I use binaular beats every time, shit works like a charm… For me at least.

There are eight limbs of Yoga. Hatha Yoga is considered the 3rd limb consisting of Asanas or postures. This is the part of Yoga most people know in the west and is mostly looked at as a form of exercise.

So, if you go to some Yoga studio and practice Asanas for an hour or so, you will of course reap the benefits of the exercise. The real purpose of Hatha Yoga eludes most people, even in India.

The true purpose of an Asana is to help prana flow unabated through the Chakras by affecting nadi channels, Sushumna being the main channel. Hatha Yoga helps you master the stillness of breath as prana, and allows you to redirect prana at will into areas of your body or chakras and hold it there. This also prepares the mind for deeper states of concentration needed in meditation.

In order to learn how to control the prana, pranayama and bandhas (locks) must be mastered.

Most modern Yoga schools are simply doing the postures and leaving everything out.

Interestingly enough, if you know how to direct and lock prana in the Manipura chakra (Solar Plexus), you can use that charge in rituals, evocation, manifestation. This is a key that is for some reason heavily guarded or just unknown by many practitioners.

Franz Bardon discusses it somewhat in Initiation into Hermetics.

The best book on Hatha Yoga out there is Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by
Swami Satyananda Saraswati. You just don’t usually see this kind of detail and information in a book. He discusses where you should be concentrating in the body for a particular asana, how bandha locks work, pranayama, etc.

I have a rare book from IGOOS called Empowered Visualization which discusses the techniques to load the Solar Plexus with Prana and use it in manifestation spells. I think it is one of the only books I have seen this mentioned outside of left-hand path Tantra teachings that go into artha and kama (wealth and sex magic).

Continuing from my last main post, I will now discuss the main part of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is not actually a technique, but a state of consciousness.

Yoga Nidra has many benefits. It is great for deep relaxation, it will begin to awaken the psychic bodies, will start giving you astral experiences very quickly. It’s intention is really to transcend behavior of the mind, but I figure magicians on this board will be more interested in using it to access the astral and jumpstart the awakening of the psychic senses. You can also access consciously what some of you might know as the acausal.

In the state of Yoga Nidra you can look directly into the unconscious. The more you practice this, the more it will begin to awaken the extrasensorial centers of the brain, which of course can be used for evocation, seeing spirits, etc.

Yoga nidra is considered to be a form of Raja Yoga, another limb of Yoga. Raja Yoga has eight stages. Pratyahara, withdrawl of the senses, is the 5th stage. Yoga Nidra would fall under this stage.

There is no concentration in Yoga Nidra, the mind will become one-pointed automatically. This allows you to completely bypass the critical mind. That’s why I say if you master these states, it is very easy to see spirits, sense anything astrally, etc. because your conscious critical mind is turned off momentarily and not telling you to question what you see, hear, and feel.

When going into Yoga Nidra, you will pass through the hypnotic state. With practice you can realize that Yoga Nidra goes way beyond any form of hypnotic state. I think it’s a good experience because you will pass through all states to get there, such as hypnosis, meditative states, and lucid dreaming.

I mentioned Sushumna in a previous post. Yoga Nidra will help to awaken the Sushumna channel by affecting the central nervous system.

Next post will cover the actual technique to lead you into Yoga Nidra.

I still want to elaborate more on how impressions are stored in the unconscious and how to manipulate them, but I want to actually layout a simple practice first. I could write a whole book on just this subject. For example, removing deeply embedded unconscious impressions, as well as embedding sigils of your own. I have never experimented with embedding spirit sigils via Yoga Nidra, but this could definitely be an interesting experiment.

NOTE: During Yoga Nidra when you are visualizing symbols, completely different images, many in excruciating detail, may form in Chidakasha, the black space you see when your eyes are closed. This space is connected to your Ajna Chakra (Third Eye). These are unconscious impressions being released that are made up of the ego in symbolic form.

On to the practice…

Lay down in Shavasana, the corpse posture. It is better to lay on the floor with a small pillow and not on your bed. Your unconscious mind associates the bed with sleep and you absolutely do not want to fall asleep.

Close your eyes and scan your body for any tension and release it. Make sure and maintain complete stillness for the entire duration of the practice.

Stay aware but do not try and concentrate too hard. You don’t need to concentrate but try and not allow your mind to wander other places. This is easier to do with a recording rather than memorizing it in the beginning. I will be putting an MP3 together soon.

What follows is a rotation of consciousness through your body. This takes advantage of the tendency of the mind to jump front one thing to another constantly, so you give it something to do and it doesn’t have time to wander off somewhere else.

Spend a few seconds on each part:

Become aware of your right hand. (pause)

Right side: Right hand thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, palm of the hand, become aware of your palm, back of the hand, the wrist, the lower arm, the elbow, the upper arm, the shoulder, the armpit, the right waist, the right hip, the right thigh, the kneecap, the calf muscle, the ankle, the heel, the sole of the right foot, the top of the foot, the big toe, the third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe.

Left side: Left hand thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, fifth finger, palm of the hand, become aware of your palm, back of the hand, the wrist, the lower arm, the elbow, the upper arm, the shoulder, the armpit, the left waist, the left hip, the left thigh, the kneecap, the calf muscle, the ankle, the heel, the sole of the left foot, the top of the foot, the big toe, the third toe, fourth toe, fifth toe.

Back: Become aware of the right shoulder blade, the left shoulder blade, the right buttock, the left buttock, the spine, the whole back together…

Front: Top of the head, forehead, both sides of the head, the right eyebrow, the left eyebrow, the space between the eyebrows, the right eyelid, the left eyelid, the right eye, the left eye, the right eye, the left ear, the right cheek, the left cheek, the nose, the tip of the nose, the upper lip, the lower lip, the chin, the throat, the right chest, the left chest, the middle of the chest, the navel, the abdomen…

Major: The whole of the right leg, the whole of the left leg…both legs together. The whole of the right arm…The whole of the left arm…both arms together. The whole of the back, buttocks, spine, shoulder blades…The whole of the front, abdomen, chest…the whole of the back and front…together…the whole of the head…the whole body together…

(Repeat from the beginning one or two times, slowing down the pace somewhat)

Become aware of the whole body. Visualize that image in your mind.

Breathing: Become aware of your breath. Feel the flow of the air going in and out. Just maintain awareness but do not change the rate at which you breath.

Now direct your attention to the movement of your navel area. It is rising and falling with every breath, expanding and contracting.

Now start counting the breaths going backwards from 33 to 1, like so: 33 navel rising, 33 navel falling, 32 navel rising, 32 navel falling, and so on. Say the words and numbers mentally to yourself. Try not to drift off and forget the count, but if you do, start counting from 33 again.

Stop counting when you reach 1 and direct your attention to your chest. Your chest is rising and falling with every breath. Start counting backwards like before, only with your awareness on your chest: 33 chest rising, 33 chest falling, 32 chest rising, 32 chest falling, and so on.

Then shift awareness to the throat and do the mental count there as well.

Same again but continue the counting with the awareness on the nostrils.

Images: Stop counting and stop paying attention to the breath.

There will be a number of images. Be aware of any feeling, emotion, etc. that comes up as best as you can and release it.

Imagine the following, 3 times a piece. A pause of a few seconds between repetition is fine.

Burning candle (3 times)
Endless desert (3 times)
Egyptian pyramid (3 times)
Torrential rain (3 times)
Snow capped mountains (3 times)
Greek temple at sunrise (3 times)
Coffin beside a grave (3 times)
Birds flying across a sunset (3 times)
Red clouds drifting (3 times)
Inverted pentagram (3 times)
Stars at night (3 times)
Full moon (3 times)
Smiling demon (3 times)
Wind from the sea (3 times)
Waves breaking on a deserted beach (3 times)
Restless sea (3 times)

Now direct your awareness to the outside, your breath, your whole body. You are laying on the floor. Visualize the room around you. Then start moving your body slowly and stretching. Open your eyes and sit up slowly.

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