Yin and Yang Energy:

What does yin and yang energy feel like and how does one know if they have an imbalance? I suspect I have way more yang then yin.

I ask how they feel because that is primarily the method in which I am sensitive to energy.

They’re not types of energy by themselves, they are descriptions of energy in relation to other types of energy. It’s a comparative indicator.

So, take a glass of water at room temperature, put your finger in it - feel that energy, it’s cool and damp.
Now take a glass of warn water that’s hand-hot, put your finger in it - feel that, it’s warm and damp.

The 2nd glass has energy that is more yang than the 1st glass. That’s it.

Take a third cup of hand hot water, and add say, salt. Now that glass is more yang than the 2nd glass, because salt is considered yang. (Sugar is considered yin in comparison to salt.)

So… in relation to who or what? Compared to a yin person, yes you will be more yang. There will also me more yang energy in others than you. This is normal and not a problem. Most men tend to be more yang than most women.

After that you can read the energy in your meridians. If your pulses in your wrist are hard and fast, that implies those meridians are more yang than they would be if they were balanced.

I recommend the book The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Yang for more details.


I’m female. That’s why I was asking.

I think this is true for me too despite the fact that I’m not a man. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Same answer - compared to who? I’m also female and somewhat yang compared to other females in some respects. I’m more yang than some males when they are very feminine.

It might affect the kinds of things you’re interested in, being attracted to more yang activities, but you may also find that in order to maintain balance you are more yin in other areas. For myself as an example, I’m quite introverted, which is more yin than extroverted behaviour. It’s different for everyone, humans are pretty complex and there’s thousands of aspects yin and yang find balance in.

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Compared to other women as a whole. So how does one balance this?

Well it doesn’t sound abnormal, everybody is different and it’s just your way. Imbalance is shown in sickness - are you ill?

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Overall, I am healthy. Maybe the problem is something different then.