Ye are gods ... Back to basics I guess

zhuangzi seems to be a mroe fun read… :thinking:

ifit’s for a beginner… The sigil/seal of Raziel. Some incense. Magickal Angels and/or Greater Magickal Angels books, also a book on pathwork. Step by step kabbalistic cross+LBRP+Middle Pillar. Robert_Bruce’s New Energy Ways book (or any book of his tbh)
Maybe the NAP book lol


My Starter Mage Kit hasnt really been constructed, let alone my anxiety kit.
Time to get paid and hit the Dollar Tree.

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:wave: What about a book of matches or lighter to light those candles?

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I use a bbq torch as a wand and lighter. Dollar store item.


To add to the Starter Mage Kit:


It just occurred to me, is that in Qabalah/Qlippoth, the Judgement/Shin path is Elemental Fire leading to Mem and Hod, Elemental Water and Water; while The Moon, Pisces - Water, is leading to Fire and Fire from Netzach and Peh leading to Hod. It seems the paths are switched, yet it is a finished product. Now wondering what languages has 22 to 32 letters, and how a kabbalistic system could be created on that language, particularly that of the ancient Celts, particularly with shamanism…
Just foubd out there are 32 runes, which means a Norse/Celt runic qabalah system might be interesting. Greek has 24, Arabic has 28, English has 26. Not sure on Phonecian or Indian.

I feel that this varies between types of mages.

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Looking for more items for my new mage starter kit, found a piece of chalk, dental floss, some coins, some testosterone RT gel packets, a packaged saltine for soup, and a piece of nicorette gum. Also have new weed. And a pulse/oxygen level reader. And a plastic eye shield/safety glasses. Alchemy, right?

Reading outside balg materials, and doing practices. Trying to anyway to my best ability. Also reading tutorials. I think a notebook with all balg tutorials would be a must have. Trying to replicate.

Add 1 pack saltines and 2 packs goldfish crackers, and a cup of tea or whatnot for an offering.
Also, the expired t packets could be used for an offering as well.