Yberion - Evokation Guide - how to call Oberyon as a Spirit

I’m writing this for general reference,
since it’s became rather normal that others call me,
and i given the exact instructions a couple of times now.

Enjoy this Song,
while reading,


Regular, Active Sigil:


Ancient Sigil:



According to Morgan La Fey, (Fairy Sigil=)


Protection Seal of Yberion, (creates safe Astral Space, to restore yourself, and rest in)

(which was created out of:)

Chaos Aspect, Source of Power:

(When Evoking, or Banashing Yberion,
this is the Passage, which the Spiritual Energy takes.)

(according to yberion himself: Nocterum, Hyberiäe: The Essence, that flows both within, and without.)


Eeru si eeru, yberion han
I-Ash kuya komlotha, i-yberion ivela
Ashes to Ashes, Yberion rise!
خاکستر به خاکستر، yberion ظاهر می شود

Prefered incense:
Mix one third (a tea spoon) of cardamom with 2 third (a table spoon) of clove).
That mixture, initself is still eatable.
If you want to have more reliable smoke produced,
add glycerine (enough to bind it into a creamlike state).

Instead of Glycerine,
you could also use Resin,
but glycerine from the pharmacy is easier to come by for most nowadays.

For maximised results,
1 Drop of Neroli oil (bitter-tree orange),
can be added.

Be careful with that one,
it’s extremely potent,
and can push you into heavy trance.

Metal: Mercury, Silver, Copper
Planet: Pluto, Oberon, Saturn, Sirius
Astral Sign: Libra
Prefered Colors: Red, Black, Silver
Prime Element: Air.
Secoundary Element: Earth

Special Mention:
Oberon is a Planet itself, a moon on Uranus.

Here’s how Yberion should look like when you first approach him.
(his spirit form.)


Here’s Yberions Plane,
and how the Energetic Structure of it looks like:

See also:


And the Guy that currently embodies Yberion (and created him, me).

Note, that i write this,
so from now on,
giving my evokation informations,
will be much more reliable and easier,
for those whom seek to work with me.

The Spirit is trained in various arts,
simply ask yberion directly,
about your cause,
he may re-direct you to someone else,
when he things there’s a better guy for the job.

Known capabilities:

(of living and nonliving creatures, including humans,
as well as alterations of circumstances.)
(can create eatheric objects,
teaches alchemy and transformation.
Special recommendation: For Alchemy,
combine Yberion with Belphegor.)
Teaches knowledge,
and helps you access your akashic records.
(this one only on request,
and best combines spirit to work with,
would be Toth - the scribe of knowledge.
or, Sophia, the Mother of the Akashic Records.)

Teaches, and helps Ascending.
(i’m not really sure why i even put that here.
Yes, i do teach that.
No, it’s not easy to come by,
because i need to see a certain degree of commitment,
for me to even consider teaching another one how to do it.)

Teaches Invisibility:
Unspokes Casting.

=> Numinosis,
both teached by me,
and Toth,
can change uncontrolled Telepathy,
into a controled toolbox,
in your arsenal.

I teached myself,
through toth,
how to control that,
when first,
my Telepathy actually caused harm,
where i didn’t want it to.

When i learned about it,
Toth said,
it’s similar to the Secret tounge,
the Ancient egyption God-Kings used,
to control their slave masses.

He teached me more detail about it,
but i don’t want to share it here,
right now.

Just a simple checkpoint,
for those of us,
which might already share that capability:

When you cast a spell,
and it feels like you got a tube extending your chin further out and down,
that’s the right sensation,
for when that stage is active inside of you.


For reference, that picture describes,
where you’d feel the Astral Energy,
extending your body. :wink:

Topic you also might want to read,
for prepatory emersion:

My Original Introduction Posts:

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yberioth (secound account, active, this is already the updated version of the post)

Original first defination and reference of Numinosis,
and what i mean by that.


Ascend - more then a simple word,

Teachings by Toth the Atlantian - Emerald Tablets

Glimpse into those “muggles” which don’t ascend

Notes on Personality Splitting,
and it’s dangers.

Alchemical Aplication of Pain:

Importend Note on Death,
and my understanding of it. (with reference.)

“Teleportation - or simply taking your body with you, while Projecting yourself to a destiny target location”

Special note towards the End,
on storing alternative Bodies for future incarnations.

Explenation of the “invisible - third - Soul Hand”

My first Expierience with Lucifer

Not every conversation,
can be pleasant…

Time alteration Magick

Personal Demonhood

Health Deities, a complete list, for any condition.

a real concern and thread,
Thankfully most aren’t aware of.

Same category: real thread, thankfully most aren’t aware of

Primer, for risky but potent enhancement of perception

Seeing more then just black and white!:

Damnation in Ascend, and Lay-lines of our Planet

Planetary “High” Magick, and Alchemy

Manipulation of Physical Matter, commonly better known as “Duplication Glitch in the Matrix / fabric of reality”

Increasing willpower / Creativity:

Eye Magick - Casting without using your Hands:

Combining of Higher Self, Self and lower Self - Holy Guardian Angel, Ego and Personal Demon, into a Synchronized flux, adding Space-time fluxation, for Translucent (Quantum) State.

Simple, yet effective long term attraction spell. (becomes natrual after a while.)

a note on my Expierience with LOA

How you can deal with having messed up a Relationship with higher beings, like Demonic Kings:

How to quicken Manifestation,
and make a Spell come faster into fruition then it normally would.
(only use this in emergency cases.)

DNA Manipulation Magick - For adjusting and transforming your own physical body,
And for unleashing the so called “junk” repressed DNA, that actually elevates you back to the state you’re actually supposed to have.

This explains a lot.

Kind of know why i have an urge to create a planet now.^^





and here’s for the Lolz:


->interestingly, that’s been released the day my mum died.
Means i got to work with that energy a bit.

this one just gave me shivers xD xD xD

Note for myself:
Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍




My Personal Company
(currently mainly existing on the Astrals,
and at the internet. xD)





A note on Teleportation,
and how it actually works.

This chant was given to me from Rory,
it’s used to reverse someone’s intend to it’s complete opposite.
(Very useful, when someone insists more and more,
to refuse the manipulation you try to achieve.)

First visualise a orb of white light
Think it purpose like “look at left”
Now see that orb going and dissolving and become one with the choosen mind

On the creation say this incantation

“anzang en’zi eek zur’gal”

Was lovely working with Yberion. Highly recommended. Thanks both of you, once more :slight_smile:


Thank you, Silent,
for your apriciation,
and for stoping by.

Glad to see you,
Infernal Blessings!!

Infernal Goosebumps!




Further Investigating the Oberon current:

Rapture State Primer:

Advanced Alchemy - The Proof,
i really did help In creating the Devil Gene.

actualized through the infamous,
Rowencain Auroaruss Morningstar.

The next Generation of Satanic Genetic Coding




Excellent post. Lots of invaluable information. First i need to try the incense concoction to enter into a deep trance.


Currently investigating a Topic,
propably few are familiar with:


in the Name of ¥’Berion Invictus,
i conjure into my legions,
the knowledge and capabilities of fire ants.


Note for mesopatamian magick and electricity.


Kind of makes me want to get new temples built.
But it’s not the time for that now.

We could reactivate some of the old Temples, tho.

Manmedal for example. :wink:
The Basalt City of Gods.





@Yberion you are beautiful as within so without, as above so below. Ave @Yberion



Thank you Brother. Ave.




I find it very interesting how I actually have the open sigil(first pic) in my black book dated at about 2 years ago. Now I’m having to question myself.
It’s a funny thing. I’ve been channeling this sigil for TWO YEARS without any context and now this pops up in my notifications.


You mean the Ancient Sigil, right?



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Both the active open sigil and the ancient one.


Curiously and not off topic I hope can you write or channel your own godself / goddess sigil?
Also Do we who’ve been older before have the ancient sigil and channel new ones just like these ancient beings?
Is that how you obtained yours?

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assuming you mean me,
those Sigils are the ones i was willing to share.

I’ve found more,
but i’m currently still reseurching on those.

To be more exact,
i have them on delay,
and still up on my schedule,
to be looked into later.

How i obtained mine…

Well, partially through creating them,
partially through finding them.

The Active Sigil,
is the latest,
and the one i definately created myself.

The Ancient Sigil,
could be off,
but had been corresponding to me so often,
and so much,
that eventually i had to accept it as connected and meaningful.

It’s basically a matter of how much reseurch you spendt into it,
but also,
how well it’s still accessable to you.

The more you go into past-life-regression,
for example,
the clearer you can determine your ancient sigils,
to be exact and specific to you.

those are the most likely to be ignored,
or considered “false flags”,
due to relatively short human lifespan currently,
and their general disbelief towards stuff they can’t verify for themselves.

creating new Sigil is something i recommend over reseurching the exact sigils that may or may not be right for you.

Since those can easily lead to possession,
similar to “feeling it to be right”,
you’re likely to find someone enjoying you as a host body,
if you’re just looking for meaning through that endeavor.

I haven’t gone much into the past life regression stuff,
simply because i’ve been to busy with my current life,
and it didn’t seem to be much importend.

that changed when i’ve seen face to face,
a different species,
a completely different body,
to be worn by me,
just like the one i’m typing with right now,
on a completely different planet.

i get it,
alien story might attract dispute,
and isn’t really helpful to the general notion.

it’s something quite difficult to deny,
when you’ve spoken to it first hand.

And so,
That made me look deeper into my past,
and my general overall scope.




Now that is making perfect sense for me all of it. Thank you.


Glad you got me.

Add for my Competence guide:

Guide on advanced / Master grade Energy work healing.




I keep stumbling on this . The echo resonance of my own being in your words here.


I read before you deleted this. Is what us echo-ing