X marks the spot?

Does anyone have any experiences with the letter X and the saying “X marks the spot”. The other day I kept hearing that saying and last night I had a dream where my house was covered in X’s and someone said “X marks the spot”. I don’t really know what to think about it. Any thoughts?

Sounds like you’re a target, maybe.

Dreams are all about symbolism. I’d say research the meaning surrounding x and that phrase (which comes from pirate treasure stories - x is where the treasure is hidden) and you might find something synchronistically occurs to you or happens.


Polysemy is the capacity for a sign to have multiple meanings.

Didn’t plague afflicted corpses get marked with an X on the forehead?
Also I think there is a Catholic Rite where they make an ash Cross or an X on the forehead.

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I think that Catholic rite is where they receive a cross marking.

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I was raised Catholic.
They made us do all types of weird activities.

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