Wow! What a Dream! My interpretations + Yours please

I’m on my laptop trying to safe keep it with anti-malware. I downloaded a program believing to be what I was looking for; and then I get Virus Alert Notice. I attempt deleting virus but I was distracted. Then I see my ID be leaked to the Dark Web. An intruder is trying to access a confidential room; police chase after him but they get destroyed. Four Men come after me saying “it’s your turn” . I run away for safety; along the way I ran into my mother. I tell her “We have to Get Out of Here” but she seems noncholent until bad guys assault her. I become enraged and go beserk on two bad men and destroy them. I know there were four so I go back to find the missing two; they were wrapped in the floor dead by ropes. I look for mom but could not find her, but I had a good feeling she was okay.

End of Dream

My interpretation

Don’t believe in Anti-Virus
Stand up for yourself and loved ones


Well I don’t even bother with Anti-Malware… it’s pretty much a scam, people profitting off of fear of malware.

Up until now I have stood up for myself once, and that was last year against an alcoholic roomate that woke me an everyone in the room. It’s not easy especially when you don’t practice martial arts every day to stand up for yourself…

To this day I struggle on that one.

What are your interpretations on such dreams? Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing that you can point out :wink:

Nice work on the interpretation! :slight_smile:

Might also say don’t download software from untrusted sources. Also don’t click phishing email scams, and that’s 99 percent of anti virus already.

That…seems a very unlikely interpretation, but hey, it’s your subconscious. :man_shrugging: