Wow, First Experience with Norath

A little background. For the past few weeks, I’ve been on edge, gut instincts telling me that my lover has been hiding things and seeing other women, not telling me the whole truth etc. Mind you, we are involved in a poly-amorous relationship. He is with another female and I accept that fact. Instincts and intuition tying my guts in knots, I know there is deception on his and her parts. I can feel the hostility coming my way from her. I know shes been trying to remove me from the equation (shes a witch as well, but more love n light treehugger bs)
Anyways, Ive had a really bad bout of inexplicable events happen and Ive been considering cursing them both for the grief caused.
I dont do things in half measures. I like to kill mosquitos with flamethrowers.
Been reading through the forums and Norath called out to me. His sigil scared me a bit, so I was hesitant. Last night at around midnight, another sleepless night of over 2 weeks, I just opened up his sigil from the pic here in the forums and sent all my feelings of hate and helplessness and yearning for things to be set right through the sigil and fell asleep with my phone in my hand.
333am I awoke from a dream that Norath had possessed me. I was laying in my bed in my dream and seeing shadows, couldn’t move. one of the shadows entered me and I rose, almost felt like I was floating into the living room where all of my family was gathered. this female and my lover were there as well. My body wasn’t in my control, I was trying to speak but couldn’t. I was looking out of my own eyes and watching myself vomit on this female and my lover, but it was an acid that burned and caught everything it touched on fire.
The odd part is I wasn’t afraid. Somehow I knew it was a possession of Norath in my dream, but it was so surreal.
upon awakening and noticing the time, it doubly confirmed that Norath indeed had been inside me in my dream.
I went back to sleep after looking around my room, then awoke again with another similar dream, having been given an insane desire to open his sigil yet again, this time more formally.
went out on my patio with a cup of coffee this morning, sigil on my phone and looked at it again for a long while. A breezy day, the winds started howling around me and my doors slammed shut in the house. from inside the house Several songs on my pc’s playlist set to random played back to back while this was going on. including FFDP Burn MotherFucker Burn, Avenged 7fold Sheppard of Fire and This Means War, Black Sabbath War Pigs, And finally Megadeath’s Symphony of Destruction.
I have NEVER felt a possession before and this was so strange to me, Id always feared it’d be something like from the exorcist movie, scarey as hell, but it wasn’t.
I’m sincerely impressed and much respect to Norath.


Amazing testimony. May all go well hey. Thats the guy that i wanna work with in the near future, though im fairly new.
Can you please dm me the sigil.

Before attempting anything, i would read this if you haven’t already. @NastyNice