Would you/how would you... indoctrinate a child

We needed some spicy convo up in hur, so as the title says.

Christians baptize
Other religions do other shit
Some cultures do rites of passage


I wouldn’t. I may teach them social contract theory at an early age as a base for right and wrong but that’s it.


Children are our replacements, so of course I would teach my child my ways.


I’m only 21 turning 22 and have a 4 year old child. She means everything to me. I was told being young and having a child was somewhat of a mistake In terms of reaching success.

I’ve completed my apprenticeship and my close friend and I own a security surveillance installation company. I don’t consider myself an old soul, I just understand that I can only allow my child to flourish and learn its capabilities and limitations. To teach them what I know will be in small bits, here and there; and in due time. :slight_smile:



I would wait a little bit, until about 13.

There is importance and significance for a child to be ‘normal’, or part of the herd, at least early on. At 13 I will begin study of different philosophies/religion and see how that goes. Assuming all the Tarot reads are right, the lil bastard will be occult-bound just like me, and eventually ill bust out all the secret shit.

If the child isnt occult-inclined, imma let that seed sprout in its own time and leave it at philosophy and knowledge of religion until they come asking weird shit


I think people have to come to their own conclusions about what road they want to travel spiritually. Children should be taught right from wrong but they need to discover their own spirituality.


Would any of you do some strange esoteric baptism (for the lack of a better word)?

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These topics omgosh…! :smiley: Why do you want to force your beliefs on others? Do you like it that your parents forced you into their beliefs and you want to do the same? For example, I don’t like the fact that no one freaking asked me what religion I want to follow or even if I want to follow any, they just decided for me.


I wouldn’t. I enjoyed freedom regarding this matter and I would like to grant it forth.


I think that if a child is receptive to learning about the truth, about reality, then at the appropriate age they should be slowly introduced to what one knows. It will help them navigate through this harsh world better. But they need to be old enough to understand what one is saying and mature enough to know whom they can share it with and whom to exclude.


I would not indoctrinate my children but I would definitely teach them about occult and most religions, especially about Abrahamic cults. And give them all the knowledge that I have and I would train them from a very young age.


We all indoctrinate our children. Not to speak with your mouth full, don’t lie, stand up for the elderly, friends don’t bite friends etc. We all teach what we believe is right. When it comes to beliefs, I think it’s impossible to not influence your kids but it’s important you let them know that it’s okay to disagree with you. Every morning when we get downstairs, the first thing we do is light incense on the ancestral altar, they see me do it so automatically they wanna do it too because whatever you do as parent is unquestionable to them. When they’re little, you are God. Last week my 4 year old wanted to go to the Our Lady chapel to light a candle because her friend went to do it too. I despise the church but still I took her because I want her to learn to be her own person and find her own truth. I will tell her my opinion but I hope to always let them know there’s room for theirs too. She also wanted to be a vegetarian so she has been for the last 2 months. I dont think it’s gonna last but still I support her choice to make her own choices.


Id make sure to have them embedded in what I do or if it was not what I do have a mentor or model to work with, I´d also be sure that my kid was around other kids with the same interest I wanted my child to have, I´d also be sure to do all this during the crucial developmental ages of a child 4 - 10, then have it reinforced again in their preteens and early teens. In order to prevent the child from departing from the ways, I´d explain the tradition more complex year after year expanding on the previous teaching but being open to more questions (in the early years it´d be more this is just the way we do things). My youngest baby sister is going to be raised vegan, I doubt she´ll try meat more than 5 times before she realizes both her taste-buds and philosophy dont match with that lifestyle.

I could also go the MK ULTRA route and give my kid D.I.D this way I could just program them into what I wanted them to be but thats harsher and not as challenging.


Lemme spicy shit up a bit.

Do you not consider the LHP the path to open mindedness, freedom, and expression?

If the answer is yes, but you wouldnt indoctrinate your kids into this path, then you provoke the likelihood of said child becoming closed-minded and restricted.



I’m so glad I just have a cat


I porbably would, but I also decided years ago I wouldn’t make a very fit parent and opted out of breeding 20 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing is that children don’t do what you tell them, they’ll do what they see you do. So you always indoctrinate them.


That this is the same logic as every other merry road to hell, trod with (mostly) good intentions. :laughing:

  • “You don’t want to indoctrinate your child as (insert religion) – what, you WANT them to be burned in hell for eternity?!”

  • “You don’t want surveillance cameras and mics in every room – what, you WANT women and children to be beaten and raped in their own homes, and terrorists to be able to plot without a care in the world?!”

  • “You don’t want to have (insert insanely restrictive law about what can be said) – what, you WANT terrorism/hate crimes/genocide?”

Etcetera… :roll_eyes:

You duty as a parent is first, stop them having access to phsyical things that are harmful, so no drinking bleach or having unrestricted internet to view porn that’s designed to warp people (to use just two examples), later when they’re old enough to understand you explain why these things are off limits, and what happens to people who consume them, and then you have to let them decide.

I also point out that true freedom arises from encouraging people to observe the truth for themselves; indoctrination implies so curtailing what someone is willing to accept as valid or worthy of study and examination, that they never seek truth because they have been given a deep filter, the doctrine you fed them, designed to keep it out.

And finally, that this is futile overall, though very harmful individually, because if indoctrination worked, none of us would be on here.

It just maims people by telling them whole areas of study are off limits, and provides nothing positive.

Teach them to see, to study, to research without sentiment or desire for approval, and to observe cause and effect. Those are the keys to freedom.

And @anon58416292’s answer is probably the most important practical advice on this topic. :+1:


You don’t.

Kids are natural magicians and are always creating cool things.

Every kid walks around, surrounded by an invisible universe. Don’t rob them of that. Let them play.

Respect children’s dreams and let them follow their own willpower.