Would this anger a demon?

Would it be considered “disrespectful” to a demon to call upon a second one for the same exact thing as well? Just for extra help? I’ve searched for answers but can’t really find anything specific to what I’m asking


no I don’t really think so more of if you give a reason why and don’t forget about the demon

Definitely not! If you call the second one and ask it to work together with the first one, that can get really potent results!


It all depends on how they go about the task you give them and the energies they use. Some energies can interfere with each other. An example is if the archangel Raphael and the demon Marbas were both evoked for healing. Raphael calls upon cosmic energy to effect healing and Marbas draws upon Earth energy. They both heal and do so in separate ways but their energies are compatible and thus one does not interfere with the other

It should be fine, as long as the first demon tasked agrees to it. It should also be noted that some demons have rivalries with each other. I’ve heard stories of Asmodeus and King Paimon and how Asmodeus keeps seducing Paimon’s wives because of a poker game or something…


No, just make sure you’re communicating what you’re doing with the spirits you’re summoning, as you’re doing it and make sure they agree with it

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Thanks, guys! Wonder who works well with sallos. I’ll do some searching

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That is what I would like to know.Would Dantalion work with Sallos?


I keep coming up with images of Baal, even though he doesn’t seem to deal with love, so I’m confused. He’s set upon the legs of a spider, which I had dreams of spiders last night… hmm.

I’m not finding anything good, ugh. I did find that Dantalian is a night demon, whereas sallos is a day. His element is water, while sallos is eArth… so I’m not so sure they’d be well suited together

Ok, I lied. Sallos is water as well, not eArth. Sytry is earth, but also a daytime demon like sallos.

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No. And besides, you can look at it one of two ways.

  1. They are entities that are under your control.
  2. They are aspects of a greater consciousness that you are tapping into.

So long as you approach it as such, either, then you’re fine.

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Cool! I asked sallos if he’d be cool with sytry as an added Help and he said yes, so I’ll try tomorrow :slight_smile:

King Beleth/ Prince Orobas
But that’s my personal experience, you can always ask Sallos he might prefer solo work :blush:

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I was thinking of asking Dantalion for help to make a guy love me,then I was going to ask Sallos to make the guy faithful to me.

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Hello, maybe this would help you understand how you can use multiple spirits to achieve the same goal.


I have same ques.can someone answer