Would Lucifer Be Offended If You Also Worked With Angelic Rituals?

I have never been a fan of pacts and covenants. I ask cooperation.

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That’s fine, you can learn a lot from that alone!

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Yea I sent a DM to see if I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you

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No. He couldn’t care less.

Demons and angels are actually a hop skip and a toss away from each other.


NOOO bro he doesnt care

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Lately, demons and angels have been working together a lot more than they used to. I seem to be more popular among the demons than the angels. LOL

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Demons and angels get along far better than most people realize. They’ve been working together since long before even our great grandparents have been born.


You could have actually looked this up, as this question had been asked before.

Depends on the demon and angels, some don’t get along at all due to a plethora of reasons. It’s not any sunshine and daisies as it’s made to sound. Some demons hold grudges about past things especially infernal demons when dealing with angels and some angels are stuck in their old ways of demons and things not of their creator being abominations. It really depends on the individual angel and demon but I assure you there is still some strong bad blood between some. As for Lucifer himself, he has angels under him that followed him so unlikely that he’d care.


No, he is a god of both light and dark and can use both sides of the force without conflict

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What makes you think I haven’t ?

If you haven’t got anything productive and useful to say , then refrain from doing so !

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If you looked this up, you wouldn’t have to ask.

It you haven’t found anything that matches what you’re looking for I believe it’s okay to then ask a thread on it.

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Thanks @Velenos , that was precisely what I was implying.

Shame some people just have a one dimensional mind.

Henry Archer and Gordon Winterfield’s books both describe how to work with Demons and Angels together so no, they are not imcompatible at all. have a look at my thread if you want to see my experiences with these methods…

How comes, theres war between them

Bro, you cant summon angels its against the rules of the heaven