Would Lucifer Be Offended If You Also Worked With Angelic Rituals?

Would Lucifer be offended if one combines working with Him and some of the Angelic Rituals e.g. 72 Shem Angels , in parallel ?

Or would working with the angels actually empower/boost both the angelic rituals & Lucifer workings ?



No, he won’t be offended. It would only be offensive if you tried to sic the angels on him.

I regularly work angelic rituals and demonic rituals, sometimes even in the same day. I try to put a few hours between them just to prevent any possible energetic interference though, but that’s just my personal preference.

You can even summon demons and angels together in combination. If you search the forum, you can read accounts of people evoking the archangel Raphael and President Marbas together for healing, and even evoking Lucifer and the archangel Michael together.


Thanks DK, that’s what I half-suspected :slight_smile:


I have personally done this. They get along fine really.


I ask for assistance from both angels and demons. (Plus old gods and goddesses also). Even this weekend, I did a ritual that called for assistance from Archangel Michael, other Archangels and Shem Angels, plus Lucifer and some favorite demons like Purson, Orobas, Bime (Bune), King Paimon. (Also Kali Ma, Ganesha, Hecate, Santa Muerte, Pazuzu, Papa Legba, Nitika (a genius spirit), Bethor (an Olympian spirit), Jesus Christ, and so on).
My personal theory is that if you don’t think some entities would work well together, there may be some interference pattern somewhere in the subconscious and consciousness mind that will inhibit the magick from working as well. I don’t feel any fear or clash from working with all the above and treat them with respect. But that’s just me. And I don’t claim to be the best magician to walk the planet, lol. In the long run, you have to do what seems best, feels best for you, after sifting through all kinds of different perspectives and opinions.


No, I don’t think he’d be offended. Also, I trust @DarkestKnight’s opinion on this.


I mostly ask him if I can evoke a certain Angel. He in some cases helped me with an Angelic ritual. And don’t be surprised that he and Michael show up at the same time. Lucifer has an Angelic side and a Dark side. It’s mostly dogma speaking when those questions arise.


We humans are more butthurt over various types of issues than spirits.


Angels versus Demons is a christian teaching. A true Demonolater has no issues working with either.


I actually have plans to not summon angelica beings in the same place. Instead I’ll be making two temples in the near future.

Depending on your experiences, things might turn a little ugly.

Good topic, I just feel the dark angels respond faster than the angelic angels…just my opinion and experience everyone is different I’m gonna keep a eye on this thread


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Yes of course. I am pretty good with healing/oils/herb Magick myself maybe I can’t help you with some things to try in the meantime too?

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