Would like suggestions on Dark Spirits to help

There is someone that needs to be dealt with. I won’t go into detail, but rest assured, if you heard what this man was guilty of, you’d wonder why he’s still allowed to be walking.

I’m looking at options for a destruction ritual. I’ve considered both Belial and King Paimon, because there will be some court involved.

I’d like to hear others’ suggestions for a spirit to work with in this regard. Justice needs to be served, along with a heavy dose of retribution.

Any ideas? (Thanks in advance.)

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Abaddon may be willing to help. I would also search for curses and/or retribution and see what previous hits have come up.


Great, I’ll check him out. I’ve never worked with him, have you? Anything you can tell me about him?

I have. He can be abrupt, to the point, and may seem put off that he’s been called, but he’s dependable. I get a lot of counsel/lessons from him. If he thinks I’m being foolish or that I’m not trying hard enough, he’ll lets me know. I appreciate it.


Santa Muerte, Baron Samedi, Hekate, Noctulius, Shugara (Raziel and Michael not necessarily the darkest spirits but extremely powerful)


Thanks. Not being a voodoo practitioner. I haven’t worked with the spirits you mentioned. I know Michael very well, but he’s not what I need right now.

Have you used any of these spirits for retribution yourself?

Ok, good to know. Abaddon seems a bit “larger” than I need, but then, I haven’t worked with him. What is his energy like? Is it overwhelming? I ask because some of the dark spirits I’ve worked with lately were a bit too much for me and caused some home life issues that I didn’t need on top of their work with me.

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-Santa Muerte: So i am saying a daily prayer to her and the first day it did this one of the people who talked crap about me was hospitalized and couldn’t breath

-Baron Samedi: No experience myself but heard great things

-Hekate: Did a rite which honors one of her aspects the target was plagued with nightmares and left the target I intended to protect alone.

-Noctulius: One of his familiar spirits ate the heart chakra of one victim, his relationship collapsed in a day. The girl he used to date didn’t even tell him the reason why she stopped contacting him.

-Shugara: No experience myself but from what I have read terrifying

-Raziel: Can literally take away the power to perform magick from your target

-Michael: Strikes really hard

An “entity” I forgot to mention is Saturn. Incorporate this planet in your curse and the target will surely suffer


Like the author of the seeder post, I’d like some help with a bad situation my wife is facing at her place of employment. She’s Catholic with a very open mind, and I’m Pagan, and you could refer to this as a mixed marriage.

The situation at her place of work has become intolerable, due to the fact that one of her co-workers has been abusing her emotionally, and has been “getting away with murder”, as she is quite incompetent, but never gets reprimanded, and continues to receive large bonuses. My wife was asked to be trained as a manager, but a week after that, this co-worker was tapped for this, and this person had been hired 6 months after my wife has. And as a manger, this person has proven to be much less than professional, including demanding a gratuity from customers who have lottery winnings, among many other related activities, and even though she has the highest number of complaints, little is done beyond giving her more bonuses. And this week, while everyone else there had their hours, this person gets more.

The reason for all this is because she records her conversations with higher ups, and uses those recorded conversations to extort what she wishes. These recordings were not made with the consent of those being recorded.

Now, while I am also in the process of doing legal research, I’d like to “prime the pump”, so to speak, by helping things go wrong for this person, but as for the years I’ve been a practicing solitary practitioner, I practiced white magick, and what I’m thinking of is decidedly not white, but darker.
In my mundane job, I am an airplane mechanic, so I have to work on appeasing Murphy, He of the Great Law that states that things can and will go wrong, but in this case, I’d like to invoke Murphy to help this person’s life go wrong, but this is not something Iam very sure about doing.
And since I’m here, I’d like to ask if anyone else might have a few better suggestions, including how I could invoke Lilith on this person, because she actually is a bully.

In other words, I’d like to use a “ton of bricks” to take care of this once and for all, because it really is causing harm to my wife.

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Oh, yes, I always use Saturn. I was born on Saturday at the hour of Saturn.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m going to look into all your suggestions. THANK YOU. :slight_smile:


GOOD FOR YOU for being so loyal to your wife! I would do the same. Just remember that there isn’t a hard and fast line between white magic and dark. In reality, it’s all the same.

I appreciate you sharing. Sometimes, certain people will only learn through being confronted with their own crap. I see nothing “negative” in this.

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I just want this person defanged and dethroned. I want this blonde blob to go back to where she belongs, deeply engaged in a long term relationship with an industrial size deep fryer all her very own, and living as the Magical Acres Trailer Park, where dreams have gone to die and fade away to oblivion.

And if you like, I’d like to discuss how to turn someone into (fill in the blank with your favorite disgusting life form), but first I’d have to explain something that I’ve learned myself(by looking at the whole idea of converting a human, not the practitioner, into another life form. In a nutshell, not possible. Perhaps if someone acquired the ability to directly tap into the quantum universe and begin altering elements, but generally speaking, not possible. Please bear with me.

I think that that fallacy is a lot older than even Disney movies or the popular print media.

However, like any lie, legend, fairy tale, what have you, there is a kernel of truth in all the horse manure.

What if instead of physically turning a person into a toad, what if the person has convinced themself that they have all the negative aspects of what a toad is perceived to be, and they see all of those in themself as a Universal Truth. What if, back in the day, when a “witch”(or whatever term suffices) has used applied psychology to have them convince themself that they are a toad, and everything they perceive of themself is that of a toad. What is it that Descarte is most famous for? O yeah, I think, therefore I am.


I would use the search function for this. The majority of my workings with him are towards learning baneful workings. It would take a while to type up and I’d have to summarize too much. He has a hand in my current Shadownomicon pathworking, which is why the answer isn’t simple.

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Based on the demons I’ve researched (most are goetic):

Marquis Amon to cause disputes in the person’s life.
President Marbas can make them fall ill.
King Paimon is amazing at manipulating emotions, dispensing justice, and binding.
King Asmodeus is one of the spirits of wrath and vengence (from my experience as well he is great with any type of baneful magick).
President Malphas is great at exposing enemies and destroying things.
Earl Raum specializes in helping take down your enemies.
Duke Focalor is a daemon who takes down your enemies swiftly (be very specific with him).
Prince Orobas is great at changing mindsets and binding.
Marquis Andras helps keep secrets and bring down enemies.
Duke Haueres (Flauros) deceives your enemies and brings them down.
Duke Amducius is just great with baneful magick all around.
King Belial is excellent at helping destroy power and make your enemies lost what they have.

Emperor Leviathan is a dispenser of justice.
Lady Lilith can help with any type of baneful magick (especially against abusers)
Lord Abaddon is the destroyer- enough said there.
Lord Amaymon is the daemon of wrath and sometimes revenge as well.

Please do a fair amount of research before deciding to work with any of these daemons. I wish you the best of luck bringing justice to this from the way you made them sound, awful person.


Gywnn Ap Nudd, God of war, death, and I believe fear.

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If you want to petition to spirits

Abaddon to remove any protection and can hurt the victim

Zaghurim from Necronomicon spellbook is a killer

Andras if you are very advanced

Apep the serpent of the Nile if you are doing poppet magick

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I would layer rituals with Raum for taking down a mighty foe and destruction of dignities and support.

I would then send Glasya Labolas after him. Dangerous situations and accidents will occur all around him.

If this guy has harmed a Woman (not read all of the comments) then Lady Lilith may also like to help


Perhaps Opfaal wouldn’t consider dark though but here’s a list!

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Hekate can really be severe, she was my matron for years. I have a friend whose matron is the Morrighan, and she will literally be just as severe and even cause a haunting in your targets life. My experience with her was terrifying.


My own patron is The Morrigan. Our relationship is not one where I would send her to do my bidding, though she often takes care of protection issues for me. No, I’m looking for a really mean sonuvabitch who can take someone out who is harming others.