Would an incubus even want someone like me

So, a bit of background. Since, i could remember I always been able too feel or sense spirits which elevated in college. Though it was rather low, I also predicted my Junior high school teacher getting arrested for a student/teacher affair. Now too me, i have always been the big girl. Im overweight, and tried too lose weight even in high school, college, and around my 3rd ex. Though i was big, i am sweet and affectionate and wanted too be normal and accepted due too my disability. Though, it painted me as a target for bullying.

I dated three guys in college; first one didn’t give a crap about me and cheated on me and lied too my back. Second, used me for sex though it was my fault since i wanted too know what sex was like. The third, abused me emotional and mental by making me feel worthless, hated when i wanted too cuddle, hated when i surprised him with lingerie, and etc.

Due to this, i felt like i was never going too be good enough even if i lost weight. I read stories about werewolves and incubus or roleplay with my friends about one of the creatures falling in love with my character who was big and was lonely. I do get depressed about it, feeling like i am absolutely monster all because i give love, affection, try too show i can be a good girlfriend or wife by cooking, cleaning, being by there side, helping them, etc.

I would have dreams about being given a relationship by a man name Erik who and shows me a real relationship i desperately wanted but i knew i will never have it.

So, would an incubus want too spend there unholy time with someone who is big that has never been accepted.


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i was never going too be good enough even if i lost weight

Everyone is perfect in her/his own way. Love yourself, and esteem yourself because you are a wonderful being just like anyone else. :black_heart:

So, would an incubus want too spend there unholy time with someone who is big that has never been accepted.

Demons able to see much more than a physycal eye can (so They can see more than just your body, for example your soul, your mind), and other humans in basic. Just because everyone sees only your apperance, it does not means that you are nothing more than a meat-bag (which does not fit in this plastic world), and have to fit to anyone. :woman_shrugging:

Respect your body.
Respect your soul.
Accept everything but never being lazy to change.
Accepting yourself does not = with denying change and evolve. If you love yourself, it will be easier to step the road of change, physycally and mentally as well, and I think you need both, and love for both side.

Demons anyway can be a wonderful partners, and They can help you with accepting and loving yourself. Naturally, every Demon have Their own way how They will help you in that, and if you finally will able to love your whole being, in every plane, you will see yourself shining.

The answer is your question is: Yes.
I already meet chubby girls who had sex with incubus’.

Friendly Advice: Attempts losing weight still a good goal, because your health. Always keep in mind your health. :leaves::black_heart:


First and foremost you should love your self and your body. Dont let some jackass string you up and make you feel like crap. Even if you were to have an incubus lover/ boyfriend its no excuse to shirk interacting with other humans and trying to start a healthy relationship. You cant have children with an incubus (to my knowledge) and if you find that one person he might not be ok with having to share you with an incubus.


You’re wrong. :roll_eyes:

Anyway it is easy to get addicted to having sex with Demons (it is better than humans). I’ve never felt lust toward humans, so my daily sexual life is with Them and Gods anyway from long years.

It’s depends on you, OP.
But yes, if you feel interest towards normal life stuffs, want family or normal bf later, still you can find an Incubus who does not want more from you just sex and does not wish from you loyalty.

And if you find a guy who does not accept your interest, fuck him. It is your life. :woman_shrugging:



Been in your shoes…well, technically still going through it. I’ve been alone for a long time, since 2009. No one wanted me, for various reasons, like being scary (well, being tall, and dressing black, who wouldn’t be scared?) and being obsess/fascinated with the Occult, Supernatural, and movies (mostly sci-fi, horror, and fantasy films), apparently that weirded out my first ex, she claimed I’m too obsessed with cinema, than I was with her, and so she broke up with me. The second gal, just wanted a trophy boyfriend, and when I spoke up, I lost my prom date.

So, all this time, I’ve learned to hate and distrust humans (well, except people on here, thanks to you guys, I’ve been unlearning to hate humans, don’t see myself opening up to anyone again), so I’ve been focusing on those that can out due human beings in love and loyalty, so I’ve thought of Succubus or recently been fixated on finding a Djinn to be my spouse and partner. And like everyone is gonna tell ya, or has already told ya, an Incubus will love, and be a better companion than your exes. Demons can do more for you, than what humans can’t, so take comfort in this, you’re not alone, and people on here can help you. I wish nothing, but my blessings and the hope you find love.


Hell yes, they see the inside of a person, spirits may occasionally push someone to get fitter as they did with E.A. when Azazel told him to make himself strong, but they’re not like humans who judge you by the fashions of the moment for body shape or anything.

Pro-tip, don’t just go looking for a generic “incubus” - seek out a high-level demonic King or one of the classical gods, and don’t over-commit at first, offer sex and request they mentor you, make sure you absolutely trust them and get their hekp in tangible ways before signing anything permanent, also if you want a human husband and children at some point, that can work right along with a spiritual partner/spouse, so keep your options open. :+1:


Spirits aren’t as superficial as people and who said big can’t be beautiful? I know it sounds like a horrible -eye rolling- cliche but it’s true. :black_heart:


Absolutely yes. But in my opinion you should not accept this relationship as an alternative or escape from having a relationship with a human being.

Don’t judge yourself by how you think or feel right now. Life is nothing but constant change. Enjoy your relationship with your chosen spirit. But keep an open mind and when the best man for you shows up, don’t hesitate. You can have both if you wish :slight_smile:

As Lady_Eva mentioned, don’t invite any spirit but pick high-level Demon or God. He will guide you, teach you, help you improve your life and sometimes kick your butt until you become the best version of yourself. Plus of course your wonderful sexual experience together.

Good luck,


Dude, yeah you can, they are called Cambion, however, the Cambion will be an Astral entity, not physical (in case you were wondering)


They absolutely can and will if you ask for one that desires a long term relationship. Please be specific in what type of relationship you want and what you are and are not willing to accept in one. I agree with @Lady_Eva about either directly known spirits or children they are willing to broker a match with.

Lilith has many children who are wonderful and for reasons I don’t understand, very open to a human mate. You can also approach any known spirit from any pantheon about wanting a relationship. A bit of a warning. Known spirits are more likely to push for change and mentor you to grow and evolve, part of their job description.

In my experience the typically female spirits have been way more agressive with me in all ways than the males. I still don’t know what to make of this. Nothing like being bum rushed by a whirlwind of fire, and pinned to a wall with sex, or having a pregnant woman drag you down the street by your hair.


Well being big isn’t an argument.
Lots of guys like girls who are abit more full.
As for an Incubus, i don’t really think that the physical part matters for them though.
For no entity i can imagine


I think that everyone answered, but an incubus doesn’t give a shit for your physical appearance.

Though I believe you’re just beautiful the way you’re. There’s nothing like “big”, “fatty” or anything like that, just an amazing and wonderful being looking for a perfection pattern imposed by society, which isn’t real! The only important fact about losing weight is that your health will improve greatly. The rest is bullshit.

So keep your head up, give yourself plenty of love and just take care of yourself since people will try to hurt you whenever you’re. Just make sure to love yourself so madly that will not seek for being loved anymore, and then love will come to you, simples as that.

Again, about the incubus, he doesn’t give a shit about things like appearance. Some people love the sex with them, for me, wasn’t that good, in fact I felt very disappointed. But again, it was for me. Everyone has their own experiences and, when both of you are on good terms, it can be a very enjoyable experience. So, why not?:man_shrugging:


They don’t care about your weight, height, race or appearance. They love you unconditionally. Recently I’ve been going to the gym to become fit and healthy but Cambion was saying that he loved me the way I was and he liked my slight chubbiness. :sweat_smile: So you don’t have to worry about it.



True and I feel the same way. I’m going to the gym just to look better naked even though I know my succubi companions don’t care. They are attracted to your energy signature i’ve been told, your spirit /
soul, the real you. But as a human male I take pride into looking good and dressing well.

I don’t see or hear them yet, but i’d bet I would be ashamed of my body if they would see me naked at this moment. I have thyroid issues and my bodyfat is too high. That’s why I don’t date and they know it. I’m too scared to connect and reveal myself but somehow they don’t care. I find it weird though as a human. They see right through all the bullshit and limitations we seem to have.


Hey there, I’m kind of in a similar situation to you, so my heart goes out to you. As for entity love, which ought to take place “in the astral” somehow (I mean, how else could they reach us?), I was always of the impression that in spirit, we can appear as our idealised selves. In my case for instance, that would mean someone similar to my avatar, who frankly is so far removed from my physical appearence in the world of matter you could possibly get. Not even the same sex! :grinning:

Wouldn’t actually mind the forum commenting on this idea, since come to think of it, I haven’t scrutinized it myself, and knock on wood, I might of course be dreadfully wrong! In other words, do entities actually make love to us the way we appear in the physical universe, or as we feel, want and desire to look in the spiritual?


I can’t speak to the “would an incubus love me” issue, as I have no experience with incubi worth sharing and/or no advise that doesn’t seem to have already been given to you by others who have replied.

My lens is from a cis-gendered, gay male who is 51 years old. I can tell you that I have experienced the sort of self-loathing of one’s appearance that you touch on in your post, OP. The gay community is probably every bit as shallow regarding looks as the “str8 guy seeking woman” community, so I know what it feels like to looked at as something other than you really are on the inside; so many can immediately dismiss your whole being just because you don’t fit into a preconceived notion of beauty.

Whether or not you seek out an incubus to sate your need for sexual, romantic, or physical release, I’d suggest finding a patron to help you with your physical body. I say this not flippantly, as this is exactly what I’ve done. Over the course of about 6 years, I’ve gone from 381 lbs to about 260 lbs, gaining a fitness level that is more in aligned with who I feel I am internally.

Find a patron that’s right for you and ask them to assist you in making positive changes regarding your health and physical activity. From a Luciferian standpoint, your body is the vehicle you use to operating in this material world, it should reflect your own internal power and beauty. Do what you can to align those two beings and your natural power will be increased accordingly.

Hope this helps and doesn’t come off like I’m moralizing. I have honestly been in exactly the position you’ve been in for many years before I came upon the solutions that worked (and are working) for me.

Good luck!



@SlickMonique I suppose we can, but often people will sexually interact with incubi/succubi while awake as well.

@Lady_Eva @PrinceX I actually wanted to have an “average joe” incubus so-to-speak. Cause to me, beings like Lucifer could be romantically involved with like a hundred magicians at once can’t they? I didn’t want my incubus romantically involved with another human or spirit. I just wanted to have him and I wanted him to just have me, and my vision was we’d grow together and forever. Being in a romantic relationship with a high-level demonic king sounds impersonal to me in that way.

@bunny4cam is married to Earl Furfur and I wanted to ask her about that too. You say that sometimes he’s busy. So it’s like they do have allotted time for interacting with people physically, and could he be married to other humans? Like who knows, some voodoo hermit in Zimbabwe?


Most known spirits have legions of lovers, as they have legions of students. It used to
bother me, I thought I wasn’t special or worthy of their time. To be honest I have no fucking idea why any of the spirits I work with are so interested in me. I’m grateful for everything and they always seem to have time for me.

While I’m not sure about a physical “type” I have had several let me know that they appreciate someone who puts work into themselves. Mostly because it effects everything else. If you don’t take care of yourself, feel some sort of pride or that you have worth enough to invest in. It makes it difficult for anyone else to really want this either. It’s more about loving and accepting yourself than anything else. Love of all kinds as cliche as it is, really does start within.


@Narsonix Yeah that does sound bothersome. But plenty of incubi/succubi can get jealous, though my incubus knows I want a human partner. I told him early on. Even with a human lover though, it will be my incubus that I spend forever with, out there in a nice retirement place in hell after I die, or whatever else we will do, since I don’t wanna reincarnate.