Worshipping To Get Things In Return?

@Lady_Eva what’s your opinion about worshipping to get something in return. Is it admiration or just meaningless ? Cause it’s seems that people here can’t take away their pride and admit essentially we all admiring each other for something in return. Either it’s Love, empowerment. Security respect it doesn’t matter. Hear this words and hear what’s genuine for you, “I love you because I need you” or “I need you because I love you” isn’t that admiration and respect. That’s how it supposed to be at least in my opinion I could be wrong so I’m not that of a big deal just a normal human bean.


I made this a new topic since it keeps derailing the other, keep replies civil please.

IMO we do everything we do because we get something out of it, everything is an exchange and flow of energy.

Sometimes that’s no more than the feeling of giving love or assistance to a person, thing, cause we care about, other times it’s more tangible. :man_shrugging:


So you don’t consider the exchange as admiration? You don’t feel any attachment to the spirit but to your porpoise? I see so that’s fine but you do opening their sigils do it can pretty much defined as admiration regardless of your feelings I would say I see if that’s your honest answer that’s fine. Have a productive day.

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The feeling of admiration is itself a positive reward, we look at great art not to give something in a zero-sum kind of way, we look because admiration, love, awe, all feel good. I don’t watch opera to think how bad my own singing is, I watch it to admire other people’s skill. Same with the spirits I like working with, there’s an admiration for their THEMNESS.

Iyswim. :smiley:


Ok. Point taken. Thanks for the answer.


Like I recall EA Koetting saying, you become like entities you call upon, so the way I see it even a ritual of pure worship inevitably has it’s reward of empowering yourself. I also have a genuine adoration for such amazing beings like Lucifer, it’s awesome that a force like that exists, and I am grateful they have given me wisdom that gave me something to live for, pursuit of knowledge and power. It all goes hand in hand.

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