Workings with the Qliphoth (my experience so far) - answers to question by a user

Hi there long time no see I guess to some of you.I recieved a PM today asking me about my experiences about the Qliphoth and also how to start working with the them. Below is pretty much how the convo turned out. The questions that were asked were things like:

  • What’s your experience with the Qliphoth and the sphere of the night?

To which my answer was:

No I don’t have any solid experience as of yet with the tunnels of set as of yet. But I do have some experiences with the first two spheres so far, as I have gone from sphere to sphere at this point, but I likely will have to walk or rather navigate the tunnels when crossing over from the sphere of Lillith to the sphere of Samael. However I do know based on heresay that it can take a while to move from one sphere to the next as the tunnel are very long usually packed with denizens of each sphere both the one you are traveling to as well as the one you are leaving behind. The journeying process through the tunnel is likely packed with lot of tests built in them and it can be confusing and hard to navigate them. Intuitively I get this so far, for I do have one experience traveling through a tunnel, if you have the sigil for the sphere then you should naturally end up in one of the tunnels as you are meditating on it one way or another it’s bound to happen that way or at some point.

  • You do have a journal about the Qliphoth don’t you?

I do have a journal about my journey through the spheres of the Qliphoth here it is:

I also have a journal in regards to some workings with Belial in one of my journal just search for my Belial Journal or my username and you should find it. It showcases a few things but not everything in terms of what it’s like working with Belial just putting it out there.

Enjoy and hope it helps.

  • How would you begin to work with them? And I’ll start using a magickal miirror in due time after a long time not using one [I though they asked, will it be of use?]

In regards to start working with them (the QliphothI, there are a few ways. I’ll gladly refer you to a few book that I use for this pathworking and those are: Qliphothic mediations by Asenath Mason or Enoch Petrucelli’s book - The Black Witch a Grimoire of the Demonic Tounge. The books complement eachother in a way. This is my opinions of the book (Qliphothic meditations) so far: In Asenath books she gives detailed information on how to work with the energies of the sphere and also get into contact with the entities that haunts them. She also goes through what the relam represents and such but not so much at times info on some of the terms like: lunar magick, what the hell was that I thought. It turns it means: working with the phases of the moon for one, as well as receptiveness of your spritual senses and intuition.
Enoch’s book moves beyond the relam of Thaumiel and has both evocations and poesession rites for each of the Qliphoth and provides simple methods to access the relams without telling as much what you will experience and also how to navigate the tunnels which Asenath’s books so far of the three most resent doesn’t tell you. So pros and cons to each. OR you can take the hard path and work through either: the book of Sitra Achra - not for the faint hearted and is like cipher (code) which you have to break in order to get access to the book so to speak or Mark Alan Smith’s work which does provide powerful workings with the Qliphoth but is very formal and cermonial and based around working with Hecate, Lucifer and Belial as the main patrons of the his current. It’s not streamlined and it can be difficult for beginners to get the point of what he’s trying to convey as most of the info is hidden between the lines, despite him saying more or less that is not the case in the beginning of the book.

You can take a sightly more unorthodox path meaning call on Lillith or Lucifer using their Enn in evocation, or you invoke them first by using the template provided the temple of ascending flame. It’s wise to start working either the patron or matron of the Qliphoth as they are present on every level in some way of each sphere. Then you read up on the sphere and one of them to guide your way without lookin up too much about what you’ll experience in there, and crossreference the gnosis you’ve received with either a book, or a person you know is working with the sphere’s or the Qliphoth.

Some of the offerings: I’ve found Lillith likes are - blood (animal or human doesn’t matter), wine, sexual fluids (semen or menstrual blood), red roses and wine (usually red), you can also make an offering in terms of offering jewels but that’s a bit much. But she mostly appreciates your time and taking part of your ecstacy as you release your inhibitions towards a lot of things. She’s kind but very stern and patient but you should if you she asks you to do something she’ll hold you to it and won’t let up until she gets what you’ve agreed upon. Show her respect and revernce but don’t be weak about it.

Lucifer is similar yet not - it depends what lense I’ve used worked with him, meaning he usually appears a male, either of middle origin or looks like a european entity but something is usually off, it’s either his eyes are pure white or golden, sometimes they are reptilian and sometimes very deomonic with a triangular shaped head.
Note: Belial and Lucifer according to me can be like Smith says a bit hard to tell apart as their energetic signature can at times very similar.

Lucifer baed on my experience prefers offerings like these: white whine, opium-or frankincense or dragonsblood and sexual fluids (same as Lillith).

He (Lucifer) like Lillith like to expose you to your inhibitions and stops that you have and watch you break them. Lucifer is pretty intense that he reveals everything at once, Lillith beging with breaking hurdle one by one but also makes sure you face the biggest one’s first which causes a chain reaction which unwides other blockages which she’ll then force you to face, so with Lillith the process more wild and unpredictable, with Lucifer it’s like opening the floodgates. Also depending which sphere you are entering or working with it’s a different set of blockages that will be unwinded, worked upon and then released.

I should say this to you working with the spheres is a good way to acclimate to the energy of the specific entity that haints that sphere, as their energies shines through in the energy of relam when invoking it. And also by invoking the energy of sphere you are attuning yourself to the energetic current thator those specific entity’s and thereby it will be easier evoking them later, as they will manifest in your life more quickly than if you hadn’t done that before hand. If you want to start working with the entities right away there’s no particualr order other than what you feel you need. I can’t tell you what you’ll face that depends on you just so you know.

* Do you astralproject for your works?

I have at times but not right now as I am mostly focused on working on my astral body a bit more, to become a more potent astral vampire, meaning mostly chakra work and also building a more solid relationship with Lucifer and Hecate before continuing the work in Gamaliel as you need have strong developed senses and mind before going in there. I hate to say it but I agree with some of the authors out there on these entities, they are really not for everyone it can be a grueling experience as they expose every one of your weaknesses and flaws and traumas one way or another so it can be really tough and you need be ready and expect anything. Sometimes it’s needed but according dream work one of the best ways to work with these entities, I’ll say and yes and no, for some yes but you can also induce a sleep like state while awake to work with entities it’s than how to learn to Lucid dream.

Also I am still going through Gamaliel at this point and it’s pretty tough for me as I have a lot of issues that I didn’t know about in this relam. I am currently trying to learn vampyrism and also soon to invoke an aspect of Lillith to Evoke her later. I have evoked and invoked Namaah, same with Belial and Samael before this journey and I have evoked other demonic enenties but not so many rulers of the Qliphoth as of yet but I will soon enough. Also entities in general really likes an offering of time, meaning you devote a time of a day to them, like an hour or fourt minutes even less to them, this show them that you are serious prospective student.

  • Can divination help finding out which Nightside deity suits best for a beginning?
    Who would you chose?

I’d choose Nammah she’s perfect for this. Nuff said, I recommend you look her up and you’ll see why. And yes Diviniation can help with twhat you want to know but Namaah teaches that as well, divination that is she’s really good at that.

One final note: you know that you can astral project through a mirror as long as you are able to visualize the sigil on the surface of the mirror, right?

I am not some guru I don’t have all the answers I can only relay based on what I’ve learned so far. And why I don’t post a lot on here anymore is because of this:

I am alot busier than I used to be both in terms of magickal undertakings and also mundane things like being a student, exams and such. It’s also to avoid developing an addictive behaviour to becoming addicted to social media and wasting my time on here and not focusing on honing my craft. And also the other regulars and members do an excellent job of helping newbies and everyone, so my input is rarely needed or ahave already been included in one of the asnwers for a post. Newmbies usually don’t sign up when I am online, hence why don’t see me post that often.

@Lukjanof and other who feel this resonates with them hopefully it will be of use.

All the best


When working with the first two (which are Lilith/Nahemoth and Gamaliel if I’m correct? At least those are the two I’ve interacted with thus far) Have you noticed any weird dreams? Roughly ones that involve sex, insect symbols of the spirits of those spheres, and things involving your past and how you dealt with rough situations?

I’m supposed to be taking a break from here but this caught my eye as I was about to actually message you.

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Correct and even in that specific order as it’s apparently for your benefit if you ascend a sphere at a time in a specific because each sphere prepares for you the next. And yes I’ve had those esepcially dreams relating to sex and even partial rape, yes you read that right.

Visions of blood and chalices are also common. I’ve had lots of symbology in my dreams about being chased, numbers of three appearing in terms of the amount of objects present in the dream like: grave and death imagery. The aforementioned is a very recent development, the dreams come and go and above all if they (The dreams) are related to this path you likely won’t forget them and they won’t be hard or fuzzy to recall.

Your question is hard to answer because The overall visions changes a lot. One example relating to the imagery and how I dealt with it - Was when I were shown a vision of me being sodomized by horned demons and it was explained that I was the victim because I allowed myself to be used to please other and not myself. Friends for example doesn’t all that much anymore I rarely interact with them and we rarely speak and that’s I’ve been friends with for years but I don’t feel we resonate much anymore and we are about to break off. I mostly cut off people or ideas that I thought were important but weren’t and also inhibitions, I thought crystals and vampyrism was sort of a joke but it’s overcoming that fear or inhibitions that’s the real aim of working throught Lillith for example as this leads closer and deeper into your subconscious mind which will help your magick grow as your kundalini will flow much easier through your system with each and every blockage that you thought you’d never do being relased.

So the summary: even if you think its nuts or its painful to do something you should probably tried it’s been brought to your attention in some way, ponder if it’s related to the imergy or symbolism of the Qlipha and the descide if you are going to pursue if you do, you’ll usually have dreams or visions when you meditate how to go about releaseing that blockage through ritual or some kind of action. So I guess: go against your built in no no:s.

Insects I haven’t seen so much, but I have seen sacrifices, chalices, draconian umagery and sexual imgery a lot. Esepcially imagery relating to blood. In Gamaliel that is.

In Gamaliel it’s more focus on receptivity and The element of water, lunar imagery especially and the magickal component of emotion, and how use those emotions and project them to casue a result. This means you’ll also work through things like jealousy, fear, worthlessness but also strengthening your self and working on your intrapersonal self, shapeshifting (astral), this will help you better manifest anything you want we sometimes emotional hurdles that we don’t even know about. In Lillith - it’s more astral travel and working with your astral body and also the astral body others to affect them or you in some way. How I dealt with this was working with my overall receptivty and my astral body as I thought I wasn’t worthy or powerful enough to rise to the task. This was really not the case the more you project or hone your astral skillset and tell yourself that what you matters and it works for example that what you do not just concocted thing of your mind this will help your mind and third eye to unwind. This was my main hurdle I didn’t trust my gut (intuition) or my overall abillities I thought just trhe visual aspects was the most important but it was not, vision is nothing without the other senses and esepcially that of your emotion and sense of touch. You need to feel your magick not just seeing it. IT might’ve been the same for you maybe not. I hope this answer your questions.



And I agree with your statement, that’s is very accurate regarding receptivity.

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Are you familiar with the tale of the holy Grail?

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Nope I am not. What is that?

Wait…I think I am. I know I’ve read it once. And even a comedy spin on the tale with Mine Python but that’s just comedy.

I know what the holy grail is though .

With the visions of the chalice, Lilith refers to hers as the “unholy grail”, usually forcing me to drink blood that overflows from it, which warps my astral appearance. But I was working with the symbol and energy of her unholy grail and I actually found this one day just after working with it. Synchronicity much?

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Interesting synchronisity indeed. Especially since the holy grail was the chalice used by Jesus Christ at the last supper. But you drank the blood of the goddess her life essence and that made morphed your make up, probably something akin to the denizens of her realm, correct?

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Wat exactly you win on the qliptho magic,? And wat is the the diference on tis and dracinian magic,? Thanjs for u time

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Self deification, realization of powers through various acts that could be seen as transgressions according to the Bible, that is if you for example regards hookups as sinful then that’s an act of transgression.

But overall self development and self realization into your personal apotheosis.

The Draconian Magick, if you use Asenath Masons books, goes hand in hand with working with the Qliphoth, especially if you use her books that deals with them. You can of course work with them by using the Draconian Ritual Book as a template. So in conclusion Qliphothic Magick and Draconian Magick is two sides of the same coin. As together the Qliphothic rulers represents the heads of the dragon of the void. At least that’s what I’ve been able to gather from reading these latest releases including the Draconian Ritual Book.

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Thanks so much, i was a litle confused on tat bcse both are similar gnosis except for names. Thanks so much

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Feel free to ask others that’s posted about the draconian path or the Qliphoth, this is just my take though so it doesn’t mean necessarily that I am right @zorrito , perhaps even @N.M.Ginnarr feels like weighing on the above post a bit. Meaning if he also views them as one system in a way like I do.

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Ok. Can you get rich using tis sistem,? Besides getting kwldge?and the templars knight, use tis sistem? Or tis is egyptian sumerian based, i tnk draconian is mostly british, sorry to ask tat,

I believe the Quabbala has its ancient roots
in Kemet and became popular through jewish
work and western occultists both writing about
it later but I can’t proof it yet.

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Yes probably that shouldn’t be the main reason for pursuing this path.

Probably not in regards to working with the Qliphoth since that would go against everything they believed in. I haven’t looked into the Templar’s at all. But I don’t think either the draconian path or the Qliphoth would be an option for them.

The Draconian Path I believe is Greek but of that I am not completely sure. I got to check…

Thanks, so much, now do u believe the draconian gnosis, is all waterdown from years pass by, or its the same model, such colombia country, were i tink Edgar kendar, a draconian author come,? Besides asenath aeuropean country, plus their original foundation .sumer or egypt,? Any difereces,? Us the eurocountries, emphasize dragon at many colors, but not too deep, i mean magic using sistems of dragons on colors. Such the grimoires red, dragon. Black etc,? Thsnks

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