Workings with Asmodai

So I gotta give a huge shout out and thank you to Asmodai, and also @Norski for all their awesome teachings. First off, I’ve been working closely with Asmodai for about 2-3 weeks now and he’s already vastly improved a shit ton of aspects of my life, but the one that really caused me to write this happened last night. I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail, but it was probably one of the top 3 fastest results I’ve ever gotten. So thank you Asmodai for all your help so far and I look forward to working with you more. And last, but certainly not least, to my best friend Norski, I can not thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, but especially for showing me the cheat codes to my universe. I highly recommend anybody who reads this to read his articles in here. His one about “Recess Mentality” literally changed and insanely improved my magickal abilities, workings, and results


Asmodai (I call him Asmodeus) is really cool, I love him


Hell yeah! Thanks for the shout out man, I appreciate you :metal:

Sharing results increases them. Mine get a bit wild on here and nobody seems to care much.

One person freaked out once when I expressed a soft side (of all things…) but that’s about it. Pretty sure they didn’t comprehend what I was saying and wanted to step into the role of victim in a context that didn’t apply

Asmodai, Asmodeus, Aeshma, all the same dude. Different cultural names. I like the hebrew roots myself but latin “Deus” is badass


I talked to Asmodeus yesterday by talking to his sigil and asked him to do something for me. I can’t see spirits unfortunately and also can’t hear them yet… although I thought I heard him yesterday for a short moment.
In the evening, I felt great all out of a sudden… so confident about my goal… a feeling of euphoria. I think this might be a sign that he accepted the deal and will help me. The feeling of euphoria is gone now but I know he will help me and I will see results soon!


Any update on results?? @Lunia

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can u share the link for Recess Mentality

I talked to Asmodeus again.
I am not sure about the situation now. I don’t really know anything. My ex talks to me more nicely… but just Smalltalk about things we had to talk about.
I don’t know what’s with this dumb other girl - but they unfollowed each other on Instagram. But the next day he deleted his profile so I don‘t know…
I hope Asmodeus helped me and they finally broke up!
Now I think about talking to Sallos and Amon again and ask them for help.

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please share your thread’s link i couldn’t find it. i want to learn more about "Recess Mentality’

I have some questions on techniques regarding personal rituals that I’d like to ask you in private message, is that ok? @Norski

Nice to know about your success with Ashmedai. I felt a strong pull to connect with him…he was warm, father like…exuding a lot of sensual energy, poise, charm and felt comfortable. All I did was… I would offer him a yellow flower from my garden… This flower would stay fresh for days on end while the other flowers I offered to other deities would wither away sooner. So that was quite a sign. Another thing that happened was…when he punished someone severely for treating me badly. I didn’t ask for it at all. I was just pouring out my feelings one day and cried like anything sitting in front of the sigil of Ashmedai…and all the hurt and pain I have gone through because of this person.I just shared with him…the very next day he was admitted in hospital. I was shocked…and I did feel Asmodeus’s anger toward him. Anyway…so what are the beat suggested ways to invoke and work with him.