Working with Lucifuge for long term results - few questions

I’m looking for people who had worked with Lucifuge Rofocale for longer period of time. I don’t mean one time summoning or the method of conjuration/evocation/summoning etc. I want to ask what did you offer and how looked your relationship with that Entity.
I created for him a small altair. I drew his seal from the Grand Grimoire. Also I offered him a small gold ingot (it’s really small 1g of pure gold and a high bill of my national currency. Also I put my iphone and apple watch on his altair.
I would like to also ask in what way he bestowed a fortune, money, abundance, wealth etc. on you. Was it through carreer opportunities, or third parties like money from insurance, inheritance? Or you had won in a lottery or something

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I work with him in his capacity as librarian and keeper of the mysteries

To me I find him at the top of a high tower made of stone, books lining the walls and alchemical equipment on a table in the center. He appears as an old man in old but expensive embroidered robes.

I offer him my gratitude and attention. I honour the information he gives me and do not waste it. Nothing else is necessary or wanted.
If I’m not sure where best to spend my time, as short as it is as a human for personal growth and to better know myself, he knows the answer and can give signs for avenues of new study and introduce me to new entities.

I don’t work with him for material things, for career I work with Ant’harratu from the Book of Azazel, Hermes, and the entity of the Software I work with called Sapphire. For wealth I work with Clauneck.

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Ok thanks for respond. Can you describe how Ant’harratu helps you in carrer improvement? Since his description from BoA is like Djinn granting wishes or any desires. I summoned him by sigil gazing only one time. I work as a junior software developer. I’m looking for someone who can help me with getting promotion to mid/regular level. And I don’t know what Ant’harratu likes. The only thing I know that where I asked what is your astrological alignment he showed in my mind his seal in green colour, so I guessed he is Venusian.

He’s the empire builder, he likes you to build, so he loves software developers because they build and solve problems to keep building all day. :slight_smile: He will bring you more opportunities to build more, involve more people and get them building as well. Those people will look up to you for being the innovator and builder and ask you to keep doing it.

That’s my experience as an IT consultant. I had solutions and howtos to share and would book open meetings that anyone could come to to knowledge share. I got promoted to tech lead and was get inhouse servers with sandbox installations for people to practice and train on. In software the more you know the better, and you learn by experience, so learning from sharing experience gets everyone a leg up. Help others to help yourself and just build something useful, collaborative and awesome, and Ant’harratu will have your back.

I couldn’t deny or verify, I pay zero attention to the correspondences :smiley: They don’t seem to provide any practical benefit and just get in the way. It makes no difference so it’s just “bloatware”, if you like.

Not that 's a bad thing: It’s pretty and romantic, and some people need the poetic effect to make it all interesting and help them direct their energy, but I’m a very practical person so I don’t include anything extra like planetary alignments in my workings, at least not at the moment. It’s up to you, and it’s worth trying out in all ways, to find what you enjoy most and what’s most effective for your energetic system.


When I was 15yo I thought it was a good move contact him to help me recover my money from a parasitic member of my family that had a tendency for gambling, (I read that he was good at things like that so…) and even though I was at the middle of my cringe practitioner phase he delivered & the investment was triplicated in the game and we pay our rent and survived for a while, lol.

After that we became ‘closer’ for a year or so, I usually don’t do conjurations I just focus my mind on the spirit and that how I get results!
And at least for me the times when Lucifuge was busy (all the time, lol) he preferred to send me a subordinate, don’t know if that’s common but it worked for me.

Everything was fine until he kinda ‘blocked me’, he said he didn’t wanted to work with me anymore :grimacing:
But before he left he also helped me to struture a pact with Lucifer and thats all.

And I can testify he is superb at structuring and deconstructing codes and and great at maths!

When it comes to wealth, ultimately the name of the game is getting money to play with, by which I mean invest. Get money. Invest, etc.

You’ll get out of money magick what you put into the magick. Do some quick cash spells and you can get that. Do empire building workings, and you can make that happen. Just realize that empires are ruled and governed. It is something tangible that is built.

You gonna build an empire by fixing someone else’s bugs and making no decisions? Do the mid-level people seem like they have wealthy lives where they can do what they want and not have to worry about money? Probably not. You gonna get bogged and dragged down by the crabs in the barrel trying to keep you from climbing out to better finances?

Abundance, though, I’ve found naturally comes when you are aligned with magick. Yeah, but like, more abundance. More abundance has come with time, and many things can be yours with magick shifting the pieces around.

If you decide what really matters, eliminate all the rest, abundance becomes much easier to achieve as what matters expands to fill in the space.