Working with Lilith

Its interesting you point out the competitive element to my pesonality or rather behavior in these threads. It was actually unconscious of the fact until you pointed it out which correlates directly to sime other things not occult in nature. That really was a big help- forcing me to see that. It helped me solve and realize something! (Cant get into the details of it). Im not mocking you by the way. I used to really hate an individual who could never see their own flaws or admit to them and constantly belittled others so I always promised myself that no matter the situation if someone brings up something Im doing in a negative fashion to genuinely consider and investigate it.


You do this all the time, @LaughingCoyote.

Has it ever occurred to you that we each have an individual experience of a spirit? Why? Because we’re all individuals who see reality very differently from one another … and we need an individual experience of the spirit.

Do you really think they are so limited that they are “THIS ONE RIGHT THING” you have experienced?

When you go back to the oldest teachings known to mankind, the oldest thing was the Primordial Abyss, the Formless, the Womb from Which All of Creation was birthed. A Field of Infinite Potential.

That Infinite Potential can become whatever the hell it wants to be. Including me. And including you. There is no competition, because the Self is an illusion.

It’s ok that we have different experiences.


Sorry guys. Im not arguing and beleive it or not I am working in it and appreciate your structure. Im even worse in person. Im quick to want to het physical over any altercation and I have enough training and backup in my sphere that it can get me into bad comsequences. Again forgive me for the behavior, im working on it.


@LaughingCoyote … we’re all working on something, brother. That’s evolution. Try to remember that, ok?


We’re not questioning your experiences, and I expect you to learn to do the same with others experiences. The “truth” might be out there, but there’s not a single truth to answer everything with a simple answer. Peel the layers and you will find more answers, the deeper you go.

But if you want the best solution for everything wrong in the world, LOVE is the power that could solve EVERYTHING. But since not everyone is succulent to give and receive love unconditionally to everyone and anyone at any given time, it’s an impossibility. The same goes with differences in experience of magic and spirits. We adapt to our environments, just as much as spirits adapt to our personalities and our perceptions of them. There’s no rules to follow, because as soon as you put down the books, you still have to experience the world from your own point of view anyway. In the end, the book was just nothing of real value, until you lived the experience outside of it. And it’s just as applicable when comparing my experiences with your own.


What’s your purpose for being here? To be part of things, or stroke your own ego by being obnoxious and brattish?

Be honest, because I’m asking honestly - if you want to be part of this community, cool, but you’re going to have to dial back the attitude, do an intro as requested, and stop acting like you get to stomp about putting people down and acting smug.

You could be some Justin-Beiber wannabe playing the hard guy, big words and hints at things mean NOTHING, the ONLY way you will impress people on here is the quality of your contribution, and right now that’s been ego, ego, hints of violence, and more ego.

Sort it out, please: this is one step short of a formal warning because I think you might have something useful to say, but this is a friendly forum, not a self-proclaimed “hard man” pissing contest.

And please do that intro asap, as requested. :wink:

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“Ascends through you and with you?” what does that mean?

It basically means that our spirits ascends together with us, learning from our own life experiences and through our point of view. This also means they don’t have to reincarnate to be a part of the “human experience”, which is sometimes referred to as the “toughest” place to be, when it comes to spiritual development and growth. Why would spirits be so fascinated with humans, if they were “all knowing”? Because there’s still a lot to learn, even for them.


That fascination is equally confusing to me. If I wanted to learn, I naturally would look up and not down. They would have a richer experience from reaching towards the planes of existence above the astral than spending time in a lower plane, interacting with lower beings.

What would you possibly learn by constantly remaining at the same floor with other beings sharing similar knowledge about similar areas? Not much but a finetuning of the frequency and knowledge shared.

Let’s say you are a master of a specific area, you have to revert that knowledge of the area beneath it, until you reach the bottom, right? That makes a ladder with knowledge of several areas to master. A succubus/incubus entity knows a lot about sex, right? Don’t you think it has to know a lot about physiology and psychology to better use that knowledge with humans? And they also need to know what to do so we can perceive them on a physical level, so they have to know the functionality of chakras and how to open it. That is just the basics of how these particular entities works. They also have individual areas of knowledge and expertise, which is just as varied as the amount of their own population.

Do you actually believe that their own development is finished because they are spirits, gods or goddesses? If the amount of knowledge and life experiences is limited, that would also mean that there is a limitation to how much we can ascend. If it is limited, what should the next goal be?


I was referring to how there are planes of existence above the astral. Causal, Mental and maybe a few others I’m forgetting. I do understand what you mean by expanding knowledge by examining all sides whether higher or lower, though. I was simply wondering why they don’t try those other planes too.

Nah, I don’t think spirits and gods are the end-all-be-all of things. Hell, I bet there are beings in other universes and dimensions that put our deities to shame. It is also rare for one of them to have the power to affect and shape the physical.

I got a question. Lilith usually brings out your hidden desires, right? I’ve decided to stay monogamous with one of her daughters and it would be really bad if that ended up intensifying the suppressed urge to have sex with other women.

Or would it be that she never unlocks the hidden you unless you ask her to? If so, I might consider working with her someday.

I believe that your repressed desires will eventually resurface sooner or later no matter what. So, you might wanna keep that in mind.

Lilith is awesomest of awesomeness


i have contacted her. she seems very sexual i have no idea why.

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Demon of desire old ones back then they were considered Angels Catholics turned her into demon but that means damon


If I ever decide to work with Lilith, I will avoid bringing up anything sexual into the conversation. I remember this thread about someone who evoked her and the latter said most people summon her for sex, completely overlooking everything else she is capable of.

I think Lilith probably would find it refreshing to meet a human who doesn’t do that for once.


Actually, i didn’t felt sexual at all, after i had spoken the words under the fullmoon.
*next time (today? a day after) will i bring also some incence with me…to throw it into the glowing red of the dying fire.
-The preparations were done in the dark and pretty hastily, and because the moon was first hidden behind clouds, my phone’s light had to do the job.

In addition to what was written in "dark towes publishing"s book: “lilith goddess of sitra ahra”, i used some chalk and sheets of black paper, to draw those two circles and the words

alash ta al-ash tal ashtu

I also spoke them a couple of times…

~And after all incantations had been spoken into the fading darkness, until the moon in all its beauty shined down to me, my handdrawn copy of that sigil with my blood on it, and my cirlce.

I felt peace.

~As i left, i did it because of the cold night, not because of fear (thanks to tyrosine)
I was allmost “high” -no, it was more like a happy ride back to home after an evening with a good friend.

I did those two invocations by Lucien von Wolfe, the ode to lilith and the invokation given from baal kadmon in his short “book” about lilith.

But i know, this was just the first baby step.

Hint: I would like to put incence every 50m on the path to the place which i used.
~i would put them into the sandy ground, and they would guide me and the dark ones to the place.

P.S.: I have an idea: some of the huge area -in use for open-cast mining,
will i use next *sunday at night, with tons of incense, and a great prentragram or circle in the sand… -or maybe even a ring of coals and spiritus, to BURN a fucking circle into the ground…a bus length in diameter.

*=the christians mixed it up long time ago: sunday is actually the day of saturn
~The real days in the week are: moon day, mercuy day, venus day, sun day, mars day, jupiter day and saturn day.


I know this is an old post. I just joined this forum and was wondering if you could message me. I saw you offered to suggest books to someone. I am at the beginning of shadow work and would like to incorporate Lilith. There are areas I feel suppressed, in and would like to do my research before diving in with her.

Welcome @Alexis_Torres. Before asking members to message you, please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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