Working with Lilith

Hey brothers and sisters :slight_smile:

It may seem strange but its not uncommon for me right now that spirits come to me on their own. Mostly demons. They usualy come to me when i meditate or sleep. 2 weeks ago Lilith has made contact with me during meditation. She has said that she will be faithfull onto me as long as i will be faithfull onto her. I told her that im not yet ready for her. Today after work i took a nap and she came to me again in my dreams. I keept seeing beautiful women and her sigil everywhere. I tried to wake up but couldnt. It wasnt forced or unpleasant in fact i liked it. Its just that im relatively new to magick i have been practicing for less than a year and im quite unfamiliar with demons outside of Goetia. I have decided to evoke her. I would like to know what she wants from me and why . I dont want to evoke her just to give her some questions i have too much respect for spirits to evoke them just to talk. I rather give them tasks. I would like to know more about her before i start to work with her. It would be great to know how to speak to her prior to evocation to know what she wants. Is automatic writting a ok method of comunicating with spirits? it feels right for some reason…Im interested in your experiences and if you can direct me towards usefull info about her it would be awesome.
I wish you all the best.


Automatic​ writing can be ok but I’d also advise the development of spiritual and psychic abilities. If you’ve any fears, expect her to help you stomp them in the ground. If you’re looking to do shadow work or qliphothic work, she can help you with that as well and teach spell craft and psychic vampirism. Overall she is very kind and sweet. I enjoy her presence.


I would suggest doing your home work Lilith is a complicated deity. Research as much as possible on her as you can. Take it slow maybe start with a few meditation sessions vibrate her name and see what she shows you. Also she loves all things red, green & black so great hint for offerings lol. Over time as your energies get in tune with eachother things will kick off.

As for methods of communication, maybe start looking into divination, tarot cards should be good to start with. As time progresses and you learn about chakra’s, channeling and automatic writting things will become easier.

Also PM me can get you started on some book lists lol


Well obviously the Lilith who contacted you is not the Ama Lilith I know or honor. 218 is vastly different to most currents though and regardless what idiots want to tell themselves not compatible with fuckery. Im not saying you Im talking about some of these peripheral wannabe orders that habe sprung up lately.

Yes it could not be Ama Lilith, but another facet of Lilith that could be working with them. As im sure your well aware there is more than one aspect of her.

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Yes, and that is one of the keys to know if someone is really working with a spirit or not. They would know the hidden names and faces. Its like how my Met Tet has given me things that everyone who claims to work with him still dont know. If they really know his deeper secrets then why dnt they know which aspects deal with what? Or the vebes for those different aspects? I dint know what theyre working with but its definitely not him. Forgwt what insiders and actual initiates say though, listen to white people in europe who read stuff online. Thats where real power is at.

There’s so many aspects within Lilith, so whether she’s manifested as Ama Lilith or not, shouldn’t matter at all. Her core energy is just the same, anyway. Lilith is individually adaptable to be a:

  • Queen
  • Mother
  • Lover
  • Spouse
  • Teacher
  • Sorceress

…and much, much more than that.

With all her different aspects and manifestations, her energy is just as varied to be within the light, dark and the middle. The energy in the middle is often regarded within a long term relationship with her, because that frequency is more stable than the top and bottom frequencies.

So, keeping her in the middle is always something I recommend to beginners, which basically means to treat her as your equal. That means you have to put the myths and legends aside, no matter how much you’ve read about her. That also means you have to remove her titles from your perception of her. Any myths, legends and titles, no matter who it is, will limit themselves in the long run. She’s a Queen, and a Mother with a lot of power and responsibilities to it. Does she want to live up to your expectations of her, or do you want her to be free to express herself any way she wants?

One of the greatest gifts to give, is the freedom to let anyone be themselves fully, and love them truthfully for that. That basically means that Lilith, or any other deity or spirit, ascends through you and with you.


The energy and manifestation are not the same. Also if you know her this well then you should know the names not given in public material specifically within this current. I doubt that.

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Also I wasnt talking about “reading about her”. Thats the very point Ive veen making about people readubg bogus shit in ATR spirits from white outsiders who literally make shit up as they go along.

[quote=“LaughingCoyote, post:9, topic:11057, full:true”]
The energy and manifestation are not the same. Also if you know her this well then you should know the names not given in public material specifically within this current. I doubt that.[/quote]

You can be how doubtful you want, because you have no idea of my experiences with her, over the years. I doubt you have experienced the things I have, either. But should that really matter? Are you one of these magicians that believes in the “power of names” to take their own power and control using it for your own selfish agenda? Does it really matter to you, if I know Lilith’s other names that’s not “public material”? And even if I did know that, what benefits will that give me, other than abusing it when shit hits the fan?

What bothers me with this, right now, is the mindset of competitiveness towards others experiences with the same deity. “I know more than you about - insert any deity name -, so your experiences isn’t worth shit!”.

Are you a competitive magician? I’m not, so why bother about unpublished names of Lilith? You might know her other names, and that’s totally fine with me not knowing that. I know energies and spirit energies, and know their differences and layers. Does that mean I have to question your own abilities to know the differences of energies and it’s capabilities? No. Why should I do that?

Are you suggesting that I’m an “armchair magician”, and that I “make shit up”? Why so competitive?


Its interesting you point out the competitive element to my pesonality or rather behavior in these threads. It was actually unconscious of the fact until you pointed it out which correlates directly to sime other things not occult in nature. That really was a big help- forcing me to see that. It helped me solve and realize something! (Cant get into the details of it). Im not mocking you by the way. I used to really hate an individual who could never see their own flaws or admit to them and constantly belittled others so I always promised myself that no matter the situation if someone brings up something Im doing in a negative fashion to genuinely consider and investigate it.


You do this all the time, @LaughingCoyote.

Has it ever occurred to you that we each have an individual experience of a spirit? Why? Because we’re all individuals who see reality very differently from one another … and we need an individual experience of the spirit.

Do you really think they are so limited that they are “THIS ONE RIGHT THING” you have experienced?

When you go back to the oldest teachings known to mankind, the oldest thing was the Primordial Abyss, the Formless, the Womb from Which All of Creation was birthed. A Field of Infinite Potential.

That Infinite Potential can become whatever the hell it wants to be. Including me. And including you. There is no competition, because the Self is an illusion.

It’s ok that we have different experiences.


Sorry guys. Im not arguing and beleive it or not I am working in it and appreciate your structure. Im even worse in person. Im quick to want to het physical over any altercation and I have enough training and backup in my sphere that it can get me into bad comsequences. Again forgive me for the behavior, im working on it.


@LaughingCoyote … we’re all working on something, brother. That’s evolution. Try to remember that, ok?


We’re not questioning your experiences, and I expect you to learn to do the same with others experiences. The “truth” might be out there, but there’s not a single truth to answer everything with a simple answer. Peel the layers and you will find more answers, the deeper you go.

But if you want the best solution for everything wrong in the world, LOVE is the power that could solve EVERYTHING. But since not everyone is succulent to give and receive love unconditionally to everyone and anyone at any given time, it’s an impossibility. The same goes with differences in experience of magic and spirits. We adapt to our environments, just as much as spirits adapt to our personalities and our perceptions of them. There’s no rules to follow, because as soon as you put down the books, you still have to experience the world from your own point of view anyway. In the end, the book was just nothing of real value, until you lived the experience outside of it. And it’s just as applicable when comparing my experiences with your own.


“Ascends through you and with you?” what does that mean?

It basically means that our spirits ascends together with us, learning from our own life experiences and through our point of view. This also means they don’t have to reincarnate to be a part of the “human experience”, which is sometimes referred to as the “toughest” place to be, when it comes to spiritual development and growth. Why would spirits be so fascinated with humans, if they were “all knowing”? Because there’s still a lot to learn, even for them.


That fascination is equally confusing to me. If I wanted to learn, I naturally would look up and not down. They would have a richer experience from reaching towards the planes of existence above the astral than spending time in a lower plane, interacting with lower beings.

What would you possibly learn by constantly remaining at the same floor with other beings sharing similar knowledge about similar areas? Not much but a finetuning of the frequency and knowledge shared.

Let’s say you are a master of a specific area, you have to revert that knowledge of the area beneath it, until you reach the bottom, right? That makes a ladder with knowledge of several areas to master. A succubus/incubus entity knows a lot about sex, right? Don’t you think it has to know a lot about physiology and psychology to better use that knowledge with humans? And they also need to know what to do so we can perceive them on a physical level, so they have to know the functionality of chakras and how to open it. That is just the basics of how these particular entities works. They also have individual areas of knowledge and expertise, which is just as varied as the amount of their own population.

Do you actually believe that their own development is finished because they are spirits, gods or goddesses? If the amount of knowledge and life experiences is limited, that would also mean that there is a limitation to how much we can ascend. If it is limited, what should the next goal be?


I was referring to how there are planes of existence above the astral. Causal, Mental and maybe a few others I’m forgetting. I do understand what you mean by expanding knowledge by examining all sides whether higher or lower, though. I was simply wondering why they don’t try those other planes too.

Nah, I don’t think spirits and gods are the end-all-be-all of things. Hell, I bet there are beings in other universes and dimensions that put our deities to shame. It is also rare for one of them to have the power to affect and shape the physical.