Working with king Zagan

Hello I took an interest with working with King Zagan, but I was wondering if working with him to stop a mass flow of gossip would be appropriate, if so what are the consequences ?
I’m looking to be very specific with him, in fact I’m all ready to call on him, but I just want to know if something like this would be worth working with him.


Corwin Hargrove recommends him for this in the Book Goetia Pathworking, and ime that book has yet to steer me wrong. I’ve worked with Zagan on other things.

He was “sent against me” once by another mage (not on here) because they didn’t like my posts but that didn’t work, probably because
a) I get on better with Zagan than he did, and
b) I wasn’t actually a “loud or obnoxious person” to “be subdued”, he was just wrong and didn’t like having it pointed out online, (all of twice)

So, if it’s gossip all well and good, but your other thread two weeks ago said it was bullying, and people recommended Michael more than once, not Zagan.

Maybe try both working as a team? I’m getting the impression Zagan alone isn’t going to have the right focus. And you said you’re suicidal because of it, so you want to pull the stops out on this one.


Thank you so much for your response and helpful insight. And yes this is true, I’ve tried to meditate and contact michael, I think it kinda worked but I’m unsure of any other effective way to contact him other than meditating up to my astral temple and drawing him in that way. I did it once and I hugged him, but the gossiping hasn’t ended and it kinda seems like it might be getting worse.
I’ve been chanting King Zagans ehnn but I will do as you recommend and try to get them to help me out as a team.

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I prefer sigil magick.
You can use exactly the same technique that you would use for Zagan, and in the same ritual. Get Michael’s seal and open it the same way you would a sigil, invoke or evoke Micahel, and then open Zagan’s and invoke or evoke him, so they both are present at the same time, and the three of you have a meeting.

When they are present, which you can tell by the very subtle changes in energy in the room, or you can ask for a sign and might get something like a noise or coincidental happening, then ask aloud for what you need.
Then thank them and tell them to depart when they are ready. Fold the seal/sigils and leave them somewhere safe and out of sight. Do not fear that it won’t work - doubt kills magick by forming magickal energy flows against your own working, also called lusting for results (see threads on here for how not to lust for results).
Then burn the papers when you feel the working is done, however many days or weeks later that is.

The other thing you can try is a freezer spell, which is a kind of binding, and more in the way of traditional witchcraft - there’s a few options on here for that if you search ‘freezer’ and ‘binding’.


Thank you so much ! I’m going to apply this working now, I literally just finished King Zagans sigil and now I’m on to Michael’s.
Could I keep these sigils on me like in my wallet? Or just store them some where and forget about them.
Again thank you, your information is beyond helpful.

I’ve receney started to really embrace satan and the joys of satanism, I always knew it would come but from lack of knowledge I always scared myself from immersing myself in the dark arts fully.
Thank you so much again.

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The Zagan rituals in the Magick of Angels and Demons book has another couple of options for you:

“To make employees more likely to make good decisions that benefit you” and another, “To make a stubborn or insensitive person see that they have harmed or hurt you and feel agonising remorse.”

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Oooh i really like that one, I’ll have to look into that one.

I just finished my first ritual, kinda felt amateurish but I called upon lord Lucifer for the first time, as well as King Zagan, and arch angel michael. I created sigils of all 3 with brown paper and then I stuck all three on a black mirror I created, I then listened to a video chant for Lucifer, I tried to chant along with it but it would hard to fully understand the words so I just listened. I then listened to a more clear audio of someone vibrating king Zagans ehnn, which I was able to clearly vibrate as I meditated, trying to draw in them through the sigils , and then I started to call upon michael
As I did all this, mind you I actually had to do this in the car because of lack of privacy in my house.I placed the black mirror on my steering wheel with the sigils on it which sat up perfectly. I also had an indent burning on the floor(yes it was burning on something) and I scryed into each sigil before gaziing into the mirror

My heart kinda dropped when I started to loose my vision and I quickly noticed my face started to change, I clearly saw a grey face appear, with beautiful facial features and white glowing eyes like a ware wolf. I saw this happen for Each one of them as I shifted my concentration to each one. I asked for a sign and quickly heard a noise outside my car, sounded like gravel crackling but it was loud so I’m taking that as a sign. The whole time I tranced myself in my astral temple, which I had 3 royal kings chairs for them to sit in and feel welcomed, I sat on the floor in the middle.

To whom ever read all this with patience I thank you, and I ask how do you think I did ?
I’m fully indulged in the joys of satan and I’ve never felt so liberated.

Also how often should I work with them? I’m willing to try and contact and get to know them at least every night or so


That’s what the set up looked like but it was propped up on my steering wheel. I should of cracked a window when the incense were burning bf my eyes were tearing and burning but I also felt like it was impairing my vision more to see them


I used dragons blood incense btw, I also heard I should dress these sigils in blood

Gossip is always excellent. Whenever you are in the mouths of people therefore you exist. They will talk a week maybe and afterthat will be someone else the center of attention.

King Zagan is powerful so tell him your wish and let him take care of it.

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This makes me more confident with working with him. So far so good. I went into a deep meditation and I met with him briefly, he kinda resembled Keanu reeves, very stoic, serious, but also caring and protective.

Tonight I’m looking forward to getting to know him more and I’d like to show him my appreciation.
Is King Zagan known for liking blood offerings, or wine/ food of any kind ?

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